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Employee Name Title Number Email
Travis Ackerman Custodian 307-532-8254
Tami Afdahl Director of College Relations 307-532-8206
Steve Akright Grounds Supervisor 307-532-8356
Adriana Aleman Cook 307-532-8241
Joel Alworth Instructor-Welding 307-532-8275
Tom Andersen Instructor & Coach Women’s Basketball 307-532-8330
Tim Anderson Instructor-Welding 307-532-8380
Aaron Bahmer Director of Instructional Technology 307-532-8284
David Banville Instructional Technologist Specialist 307-532-8379
Lynn Bedient Instructor-Welding 307-532-8274
Ed Bittner Instructor- Vet Tech 307-532-8267
Jamie Black Residence Life Coordinator 307-532-8341
Shawn Boisse Custodian 307-532-8254
Holly Branham President’s Office Executive Assistant 307-532-8303
Lori Britton Instructor- Science at Douglas 307-358-5622
Judy Brown Director- GearUP 307-532-8269
Debbie Butorac Custodian 307-532-8254
Donna Charron Instructor- Cosmetology 307-532-8363
Marisol Chavez Senior Administrative Assistant- Admissions 307-532-8230
Jake Clark Instructor & Rodeo Coach 307-532-8337
John Cline Instructor- Art 307-532-8291
Rex Cogdill Vice President for Student Services 307-532-8257
Patricia Colby Technical Clerk, Accounts Recievable 307-532-8205
Craig Corley Douglas Building, Grounds Manager 307-358-5622
Bob Creagar Instructor-Math 307-532-8298
Ellen Creagar Instructor- Social Science/Business 307-532-8345
Larry Curtis Instructor- Criminal Justice 307-532-8297
Muriel de Ganahl Instructor- Early Childhood 307-532-8377
Casey Debus Assistant Director-Library 307-532-8375
Michael DeMers Instructor-Music 307-532-8368
Sondra Dent Graphic Designer 307-532-8318
Ray DeWitt Instructor- Math 307-532-8281
Mike Durfee Associate Vice President for Institutional Outreach 307-532-8346
Heidi Edmunds Instructor- Psych/Sociology 307-532-8296
Pat Eilert Maintenance Technician 307-532-8254
Dixie Elder Cook 307-532-8241
Andy Espinoza Instructor- Workforce computer 307-532-8262
Debbie Eustler Cook 307-532-8241
Linda Evans Graphic Designer 307-532-8282
Amanda Fear Instructor- Cosmetology 307-532-8362
Kellee Gooder Director of Residence Life 307-532-8336
Brandi Graybill GearUP Technician 307-532-8347
Teri Griffin Academic Coordinator, Adult Learning Center 307-358-5622
JR Gutierrez Custodian 307-532-8254
john Hansen Instructor- Communication 307-532-8367
Rick Harold Cook 307-532-8241
Sandra Harold Administrative Assistant- Instruction 307-532-8260
Terri Hauf Financial Aid Specialist 307-532-8326
Cindy Hiegel Custodian 307-532-8254
Brandy Horejs Technical Clerk, Accounts Payable 307-532-8306
Keith Jarvis Director- Physical Plant 307-532-8255
Casey Jones Instructor & Men’s Basketball Coach 307-532-8246
Kim Jones Senior Administrative Assistant- Marketing/PR 307-532-8217
Jo Ellen Keigley Testing Center 307-532-8288
Chuck Kenyon Information Tech Coordinator 307-532-8302
Peggy Knittel Instructor- Biology/Science 307-532-8266
Dixie Kroenlein Senior Administrative Assistant- Information Center 307-532-8211
Ron Laher Vice President for Financial Affairs 307-532-8218
Holly Lara Administrative Assistant- Office of Development 307-532-8397
Jan Lilletvedt Instructor- Physical Education 307-532-8358
Becky Lorenz Assistant Director-Library 307-532-8210
Dee Ludwig Vice President for Learning 307-532-8221
Greg Martin Information Tech Specialist 307-532-8236
Rebecca McAllister Financial Aid Specialist 307-532-8327
Sue McBride Director- Douglas Campus 307-358-5622
Josh McDaniel Instructor- Math 307-532-8256
Diane McQueen Director- ABE/GED/ESL 307-532-8399
Court Merrigan Coordinator of the Center for Tutoring and Learning 307-532-8378
Jamie Michael Instructor- Vet Tech 307-532-8376
Jennifer Minks Instructor- Business 307-532-8285
Lori Moore Manager, Payroll 307-532-8307
Laurie Mueller Food Service Manager 307-532-8342
Stuart Nelson Director-Human Resources 307-532-8330
John Nesbitt Instructor- English & spanish 307-532-8292
Stan Nicholls Welding Lab Coordinator and Instructor 307-532-8370
Kate Norton Veterinary Technician 307-532-8333
Michele Ogburn Director of Counseling Services 307-532-8238
Mai Lee Olsen Admissions Coordinator 307-532-8237
Debbie Oschner Instructor- Social Science 307-532-8384
Karen Parriott Director- Business Office 307-532-8264
Richard Patterson Interim President 307-532-8202
Lorna Pehl Instructor- Chemistry 307-532-8287
Lance Petsch Coordinator- Intramurals and Activties 307-532-8338
Karen Posten Senior Administrative Assistant- Outreach 307-532-8349
Henry Prado Supervisor, Evening Custodian 307-532-8254
Patricia Pulliam Instructor- Business Computer Applications 307-532-8372
Tracy Rodgers Custodian 307-532-8254
Elaine Rush Assistant Manager Food Service 307-532-8314
Kim Russell Director of Institutional Research 307-532-8251
Susan Schaefer Senior Administrative Assistant- Community Education 307-532-8213
Robert Schmalzried Instructor- Math 307-532-8295
Sue Schmidt Administrative Assistant- Registration & Records 307-532-8207
Marcella Schwietzer Cook 307-532-8241
Cristi Semmler Instructor- Vet Tech 307-532-8331
Julie Sherbeyn Instructor & Head Volleyball Coach 307-532-8248
Amy Smith Senior Administrative Assistant- Records 307-532-8334
Jamie Smith Cook 307-532-8241
Zach Smith Director of Enrollment Management & Head Golf Coach 307-532-8232
Don Snyder Grounds Assistant 307-532-8356
Vonda Soester Clerk, Copy Center 307-532-8212
Kaitlyn Steben Instructor- Agriculture 307-532-8271
Catherine Steinbock Instructor- Early Childhood 307-532-8339
Susan Stepheson Director of Financial Aid 307-532-8325
Monte Stokes Instructor- Agriculture 307-532-8273
Jamie Sullivan Administrative Assistant- Douglas 307-358-5622
Oliver Sunby Director of Institutional Development 307-532-8304
Chris Urbanek Information Tech Specialist 307-532-8259
Tyler Vasko Software Specialist 307-532-8235
Antonio Velasquez Bus Driver/Custodian 307-532-8254
Patsy Velazquez Senior Administrative Assistant- Athletics 307-532-8245
Rick Vonburg Instructor- Agriculture, Economics & Statistics 307-532-8299
David Vondy Fitness Center and Athletic Director 307-532-8244
Susan Walker Instructor- Vet Tech 307-532-8279
Lynn Wambolt Administrative Assistant- Institutional Effectiveness 307-532-8220
Sherri Warren Instructor- Math at Douglas 307-358-5622
Chris Wenzel Instructor- Biology 307-532-8293
Holly West Technical Clerk, Financial Aid 307-532-8224
Donna White Community Education Coordinator 307-532-8323
Clyde Woods Purchasing Coordinator 307-532-8359
Georgia Younglove Instructor- Agriculture & Livestock Judging Coach 307-532-8374
Gwendolyn Yung Instructor- Health Tech 307-532-8247