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EWC Vet Tech Program Update

Eastern Wyoming College has received the final report of findings from the December 11, 2013 United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) inspection compliance visit. As reported earlier, the College received citations for findings discovered during the visit. The findings included items under various categories involving procedures, facilities, and protocols.

The college responded quickly and thoroughly in correcting the deficiencies. New processes have been put in place to help ensure full compliance with the USDA Animal Welfare Act and Animal Welfare Regulations. The College invested in extensive kennel improvements along with implementing stricter processes and enforcing protocols.

On July 30, 2014, the USDA issued their final ruling to the College which included an official warning for violations of federal regulations relating to only one of the violations section 2.33 (b) Attending Veterinarian and Adequate Vet Care. The College was not fined for this violation or any of the other violations.

In a letter dated, May 7, 2014, the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) has placed the EWC Veterinary Technology program on probationary status because the College did not have a current program director.

The College is pleased to announce the hire of two new co-directors, Ms. Cristi Semmler and Ms. Jamie Michael. Both professionals are certified veterinary technicians. Almost half of all AVMA accredited Veterinary Technology programs are directed by certified veterinary technicians. Semmler and Michael started work on August 4th and are working closely with administration and other faculty to get ready for the new academic year. In addition, EWC has hired Colleen Mitchell, DVM as a veterinary technology instructor.

“EWC will be fully staffed and looking forward to a good year,” shared EWC President Dr. Tom Armstrong.

Several subsequent reports are required to be submitted to the AVMA early this fall. It is unknown how long the program will remain on probationary status. The letter from the AVMA clearly states that “Graduates of a program with probationary accreditation are graduates of an accredited program.” The administration, faculty, and staff at EWC are committed to resolving any remaining issues and supporting the program.

The Veterinary Technology program continues to be one of the best enrolled programs at Eastern Wyoming College. About 30 new students have registered for the fall 2014 semester.
Dr. Armstrong indicated, “We are pleased with the thorough planning processes, improvements, and deliberation that have gone into correcting the deficiencies of the program. The Vet Tech program at Eastern Wyoming College is the only Vet Tech program in the state of Wyoming. Our enrollments have been strong and continue to be strong. We will work collaboratively with the USDA and the AVMA to ensure that the program continues to offer the quality experience that our students deserve.”

EWC Students attend SkillsUSA National Competition

Eastern Wyoming College students recently traveled to Kansas City, Missouri to compete in the National SkillsUSA competition. Team members that went to the competition were Amber Jerke, sophomore, Cheyenne, WY, Kyle Nicolls, sophomore, Windsor, CO, Tel Vineyard, sophomore, Otter, MT, and Aaron Wadhams, freshman, Mitchell, NE.

Individual welding competition, Tel Vineyard, sophomore, Otter, MT placed fourth.

The EWC Welding Fabrication team of Amber Jerke, Kyle Nicolls, and Aaron Wadhams placed 8th. These students had to win first at the state competition in order to qualify for the National competition.

SkillsUSA is the national organization for students in trade, industrial, technical and health occupations education.

Eastern Wyoming College student athletes receive awards

NJCAA headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO has released the names of the 2013-2014 NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards and All Academic Teams. Over 1,700 student-athletes met the requirements for individual academic honors.

The requirements for these NJCAA achievement awards are as follows:
Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence for 4.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale.
Exemplary Academic Achievement for 3.60 to 3.79 on a 4.00 scale.

Eastern Wyoming College student-athlete Kailee Duryea, women’s volleyball, Steamboat Springs, CO received the Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence for having a perfect 4.0 grade point average during her career at EWC. Holly Heil, women’s volleyball, from Ord, NE, and Brittany Cross, women’s basketball, Orlando, FL, received the Exemplary Academic Achievement award.

The 2013-2014 season marks 31 years the NJCAA has recognized the success of its student-athletes in the classroom. With minimal changes, the NJCAA academic awards program has been in place since 1983.

Goshen County Beet Growers scholarship matched and doubled at EWC

IMG_2552 A gift of over $43,000 has allowed The Goshen County Beet Growers Association to boost the Association’s Eastern Wyoming College scholarship endowment to over $110,000. The gift of $43,000 will be matched dollar for dollar by the State of Wyoming Endowment Challenge matching program, and will be added to the amount already in place from a gift made by the Association in 2005.

Students will benefit for years to come from the generosity of the Goshen County Beet Growers Association. Three endowed scholarships will be available in 2015 for students from Goshen, Platte and Laramie counties in Wyoming, from Banner, Kimball, Morrill, Scottsbluff and Sioux counties in Nebraska, and any county currently raising sugar beets to be processed by the Torrington factory. Additionally, students must be pursuing academic programs in agriculturally related areas. Scholarship support will be available not only for students coming to Eastern Wyoming College, but for those who plan to transfer to a four year institution, again based on academic achievement in programs related to agriculture. The EWC office of financial aid has full details on the current and new Beet Growers scholarship criteria and application process.

The Goshen County Beet Growers Association was formed in 1926, and was merged with the Platte Valley WyoBraska Beet Growers Association in 1995. The initial intent of the Association was to provide scholarship assistance for students coming to Eastern Wyoming College as well as to provide an award for community projects. Members of the Goshen County Beet Growers Association who have provided the impetus for this scholarship and its growth include Dennis Eisenbarth, Gary Maul, Galen Herdt and Steve Feagler – all of whom have had years of experience in the sugar beet industry and a desire to ensure the scholarship’s ability to serve students on a permanent basis.

Feagler noted that “over the years, the Goshen County Beet Growers Association played an important role in the evolution of the sugar beet industry. We are proud to continue that legacy through this contribution.”

EWC director of financial aid Susan Stephenson added, “With college costs continuing to rise, donors such as the Goshen County Beet Growers are an increasingly crucial factor in students’ ability to attend and complete college.”

Contracted acres for sugar beets in Goshen County were expanded from 17,000 acres prior the early 1990’s to 35,000 acres after that time, all of which were to be processed by Holly Sugar’s Torrington factory. The growers’ contract with Holly Sugar ended in 2002 with the sale of the factory, however the Association has continued its support of students in agricultural programs since that time.

Endowment funds are established for various purposes. The EWC Foundation requires a minimum of $5,000 to establish a permanent endowment. Proceeds from investment of endowed funds are used to support programs and activities such as the Goshen County Beet Growers scholarship.

EWC Foundation Golf Tournament Winners Announced

The Eastern Wyoming College Foundation would like to announce the top golfers from the recently held annual golf tournament. Tied for first and second place were the teams of Tom Gardner, Kay Gardner, Toby Gardner and Vanee Simonsen, and Roger Feagler, Mary Feagler, Rick Stapleton and Rad Smith. The third place team was Doug Haught, Marilyn Fisher, Jim Fisher and Lucas Moore. The fourth place team was Dick Yates, Dick Harvey, BJ Malm and Dave Zimmerer. Rounding out the top teams were the fifth place team of Mark Mattis, Tina Mattis, Matt Mattis and Dan Dominguez.

This annual event raised $9,000 to support student success at Eastern Wyoming College. For more information about the golf tournament or the EWC Foundation, contact Oliver Sundby, Director of Institutional Development at 307.532.8304.

Eastern Wyoming College Announces the President’s and Dean’s Honor Rolls

Eastern Wyoming College is pleased to announce the honor rolls for the spring 2014 semester. There were 211 students receiving recognition for achieving high scholastic grades.

The President’s Honor Roll recognizes students that are full time (12 or more credit hours) and achieve a 4.0 grade point average. To qualify for the Dean’s Honor Roll, students must also be full time and achieve a grade point average of 3.5, but less than 4.0. The Associate Dean’s Honor Roll recognizes those students who have at least six credit hours but not more than twelve with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

President’s Honor Roll

Torrington, WY- Eric Avila, Hannah Chapman, Nicole Donbraska, Crystal Munoz, Dimitri Nesbitt,
Shaylyn Reichert, Dusty Southworth, Seren Umbenhower, Alyssa Vollmer

Afton, WY – Tyler Banta

Casper, WY – Nathan Pieper

Douglas, WY – Zane Bull, Latina Carr, Christopher Harris, Darcy Hoffman, Morgan Pagett,
Morgan Praska, Alexandria Rhoads, Logan Soto, Heather Townsend, Joshua Walmsley, Nita Werner

Ft. Laramie, WY – Jordyn Ellis

Glendo, WY – Cally Collins

Glenrock, WY – Karie Moulton

Hulett, WY – Alicia Cornett, Zoe Penning

LaGrange, WY – Sarah Cline, Joshua Fellows

Laramie, WY – Kylie Christopherson

Lingle, WY – Stacey Cruth

Lusk, WY – Teresa Hamilton, Robin Macera, Kathryn Randich, Ian Zerbe

Moorcroft, WY- Ryan Baker, Savanah Richter, Emily VerBurg,

Newcastle, WY – Angela Holliday, Marni Hossfeld, Hannah Williams,

Rock Springs, WY – Amanda Daugherty

Rozet, WY – Tyler Jones

Sundance, WY – Tonia Johnson

Wheatland, WY – Alyce Bowman

Yoder, WY – Crickett Volmer

Steamboat Springs, CO – Kailee Duryea

Orlando, FL – Brittany Cross

Mitchell, NE- Aaron Wadhams

Ogallala, NE – Dakota Clough

Whitman, NE – Logan Macomber
Dean’s Honor Roll

Torrington, WY – Shelby Burroughs, Josh Davison, Phoenix Durrant, Murphy Haun,
Savannah Kearns, Patricia Martinez, Kyle McDonald, Iziah McGee, Brooke Miller, Darlene Reich,
Bethany Sanders, Molly Weglin, Blake Wisroth

Beulah, WY: Brooke Ingalls

Buffalo, WY – Matthew Misslin

Casper, WY – Devin Williams

Cheyenne, WY – Cori Bagby, James Fossett, Amber Jerke, Cody Preston, Lindsey Semler,
Jared Wolf, Braden Woods

Cody, WY – Daniel Eckardt

Deaver, WY – Zacharria Wight

Dixon, WY – Shelby McKee

Douglas, WY – Chris Bolinger, Shannon Brown, Daxa Chaudhari, Bradly Edwards,
Bobby Eggleston, Tanner Gamble, Hunter Haman, Jamie Matthews, Rhian Miller, Shania Rich,
Scott Shuler

Etna, WY – Travis Gilliam, Josi Nelson

Gillette, WY – Charlene Pfaff

Green River, WY – Dean Dawes, Debra Erickson

Hartville, WY – Ross Walker

Laramie, WY – Alexandra Cook

Lingle, WY – Preston Hunt, Stacy Norton, Malia Shipley

Lusk, WY – Dylan Boltz

Moorcroft, WY – Brandi Essen, Callie Robinson

Newcastle, WY – Alondra Munoz

Oshoto, WY – William West

Pine Haven, WY – Colton Richter

Riverton, WY – Douglas Eicke

Rock River, WY – Everett Summers

Upton, WY – Jacy Grieves, Kristine Lehrkamp

Wheatland, WY- Maria Kauffman, Charles Maike

Yoder, WY – James Barton, Zachary Eisenbarth, Karlyn Najera

Haxtun, Co – Steven Seybels

Littleton, CO – Clay Schafer

East Helena, MT – Shawni Hamilton

Otter, MT – Tel Vineyard

Bayard, NE – Kacy Buskirk

Crawford, NE – Clayton Serres

Kimball, NE – Spencer Teasley

Lyman, NE – Jacob Ramirez

Morrill, NE – Austin Ford

Mullen, NE – Clara Vinton

O’Neill, NE – Cody Colman

Oshkosh, NE – Tori Vineyard

Scottsbluff, NE – Alexandra Miller, Haleigh White

Tryon, NE – Shane Suchy

Halliday, ND – Sadie Gjermundson

Sentinel Butte, ND – Derek Weinreis

Towner, ND – Tyler Thorson

Belle Fourche, SD – Chelsea Olson

Pierre, SD – Jacob Etzkorn

Murfreesboro, TN – Jacob Black

Austin, TX – Kara Babola

Moab, UT – Catrina Howe


Associate Dean’s Honor Roll

Torrington, WY – David Abernathy, Scarlett Alvarado-Ruiz, Kimberly Apple, Madison Bloodgood,
Nicholas Brower, Elizabeth Chavarria, Vanesa Chavez, Caden Coffelt, Jill Cronk, Anthony English,
Danielle Feagler, Levi Freeburg, Jamie Hackbarth, Kelsea Herriman, Kylie Korell, Avery Madden,
Allison Marsh, Lilly Martinez, Kylah Meyer, Abby Moore, MacKenzy Paschich, Callie Pearson,
Joann Robbins, David Somsen, Brett Spencer, Joseph Steele, Ryan Urbanek, Andrielle Walsh,
Wyatt Winget, Brock Youtz

Aladdin, WY – Monica Fowlkes

Albin, WY – Crystal Rooney

Alpine, WY – J. Bryan Dulco

Beulah, WY – Giovanna Julian, Brendon McGirr

Cheyenne, WY – Jesse Grimm, Trenton Vonburg

Douglas, WY – Aleecia Aikey, Alex Back, Logan Barker, Emily Bartling, Ciara Blain, Courtney Blain,
Caitlin Boe, Bayley Bratton, Annie Case, Jaise Depietro, Megan Dick, Eric Eckenrod, Shailey Esquibel,
Tera Fackelman, Marcus Frye, Savannah Graham, Dianna Hale, Justin Hancock, LaSonya Hancock,
Megan Hansen, Darla Harrington, Morgan Hays, Brittany Henry, Haley Hight, Lateesha Hiser,
Nicholas Hiser, Kelsie Jamerman, Tyler Jones, Celine Larson, Chance Leach, Madison Lehner,
Devon Logar, Brooke Marcus, Brock Oliver, Chase Oliver, Britta Paris, Baylee Parks, Timothy Parks,
Tori Parks, Cabot Peden, Jessica Perala, Amber Petersen, Tretia Pikula, Chase Quin, Tanaya Rohrer,
Tatum Seebaum, Echo Sonesen, Catherine Stock, Jessie Underberg, Lauri Walmsley, Blayn Watson,
Sydney Werner, Austin White, Ashlee Wilcox, Shayla Williams, James Willox, George Wortham

Evanston, WY – Robert Day

Ft. Laramie, WY – Jeanne Cato

Gillette, WY – Austin Bennett, Dane Clemetson

Glendo, WY – Kandace Meier

Glenrock, WY – Rachel Cotton, Morgan Downs, Ashley Eldred, Ivy Engel, Alexandra Hawkins,
Kaylee Montgomery, Sharlie Nissen, Veronica Oria, Jesenia Orozco, David Parkinson,
Devon Parkinson, Steven Ritter, Josie Sewell, Paige Steinmetz, Gideon Williams

Guernsey, WY – Melinda Kelley, Allison Rhodes

Hulett, WY – Wyatt Bears, Jarrett Bush. Morgan Cummings, Melissa Maddison, Stacy Penning,
Allison Preuss, Alisha Roberts

Jay Em, WY – Wyatt hageman

LaGrange, WY – Emma Brudlo, Carlie Enns, Lindsey Miles

Lance Creek, WY – Jessica Bruegger

Lingle, WY – Zachary Anderson, Joseph Jackson, Orrin Kinberg, Alexandra Sutherland

Lusk, WY – Amy Bergstrom, Kristy DeGering, Collette Graham, Jessica Leetch, Rishell Lizasuain,
Rhiannon Polen, Bryce Sturman, Matthew VandeBossche, Willow Waldock

Moorcroft, WY – Hyrum Burger, Joseph Clonch, Bailey Donaldson, Dace Graham, Dalton Robinson,
Edward Robinson, Lorena Robinson, AshleySams, Samantha Weymouth

Newcastle, WY – Steven Barela, Jodi Barker, Jesse Benson, Keriann Bissey, Nikolas Bock,
Jordan Brooks, Christopher Carey, Merritt Crabtree, Madison Crawford, Layne Crisman,
Sidney Douglas, Dillon Ehlers, Agapito Flores, Abigail Gettinger, Jade Haggerty, Kolton Hall,
Lynnell Hanson, Joshua Harper, Zakkery Higginbotham, Kianna Hobbs-Dye, Carlotta Holland,
Kalyn Houser, Phillip Jagelski, Melvin Jefferson, Tanya Jingleski, Todd Johnson, Bailey Karp,
Brandon Leddy, Megan Logan, Courtney Munger, Melanie Oakley, Lyle Ortega, Christina Rushton,
Christopher Spain, Amelia Stewart, Colton Thomas, Troy Tanner, Shane Toth, Ryan Westendorf,
Tracey Whetsell, Scottlyn Wiggins, Dylan Wimber, Shawnee Wrage, Lane Zerbst

Orin, WY – Courtnee Vialpando

Osage, WY – Robert Buffington

Pine Haven, WY – Cullen Swaney

Rozet, WY – Toby Reynolds

Sundance, WY – Cayla Adams, Chevy Blakeman, Cindy Hansen, Kacie O’Connor, Eden Valdon

Upton, WY – Rose Anderson

Van Tassell, WY – Jayci Shoults

Wheatland, WY – Dominic Cancino, Miah Fonder, Katherine Kernan, Aya Mistica

Castle Rock, CO – Harrison Hallmark

Mitchell, NE – Marika Hampton




EWC Announces Candidates for Graduation

Eastern Wyoming College held the 65th annual commencement for candidates on May 9, 2014 in the Fine Arts Auditorium. There were a total of 184 graduates this year. The graduates from the Fall 2013, Spring 2014 and Summer 2014 semesters are as follows:

From Torrington, WY: Kent Albert, Scott Allison, Steven Babcock, Jonathan Bittleston, Nicholas Brower, Elmer Candelario, Hannah Chapman, Jesse Clark-Rice, Josh Davison, Nicole Donbraska, Douglas Donelson, Chad Dubry, Michael Emery, Lane Hall, Jimmie Hill, Nickolas Johnson, Aubree Jones, James Jordan, Cameron Kelly, Jeremiah Lindsay, Arnold Link, Samuel McGehee, Basil Medina, Sahara Owens, Michael Patterson, Victor Perez, Jonathan Phillips, Shaylyn Reichert, Lawrence Rice, Stephen Romero, Bethany Sanders, Karl Schmitt, Shelby Schreiner, Justin Seilaff, Matthew Shaw, Clinton Smith, Tony Snowden, Byron Spoonhunter, James Stacy, Kendal Stafford, Cody Sylvester, Ryan Urbanek, Roman VanBerkom, Shanna Vargas, Austin Verhasselt, Alisha Watt, Molly Weglin, Tarah Werner

From Burns, WY: Duane Martin

From Casper, WY: Faith Banks

From Cheyenne, WY: Jonatan Balsiger, Bradey Burns, Robert Burns, Nicholas Haller, Carolyn Jackson, Amber Jerke, Jill Jones, Nathaniel Lund, Ryann O’Donnell, Lindsey Semler, Ryan Van Duine, Fawntana Welch, Braden Woods

From Dixon, WY: Shelby McKee

From Douglas, WY: Starla Brownlow, Christopher Harris, Robin Hilbird, Patrick Marin, Laci Scheehle, Amy Stokes, Anna Sulzbach, Lauri Walmsley

From Fort Laramie, WY: Jacob Anderson

From Glenrock, WY: Kaillee Koltiska, Karie Moulton, Tani Thomas

From Guernsey, WY: Dixie Bartow, Brittany Holtz, Cheyenne Schultz

From Hartville, WY: Ross Walker

From Hawk Springs, WY: Brittany Schaffer

From Hulett, WY: Kristen Clausen

From LaGrange, WY: Joshua Fellows, Michiko Bergman

From Laramie, WY: Shelby Page

From Lingle, WY: Joel Kerns, Tia Orr, Julie Potratz

From Lusk, WY: Amy Doerr, Joseph Kinchen, Darcy Matlock, Darla Rouse

From Mills, WY: Erin Hauge

From Newcastle, WY: Steven Barela, Kayla Bergstrom, Jennifer Bohn, Christopher Carey, Christopher Dichard, Courtney Dixon, Tristin Dollison, Agapito Flores, Justin Francis, Mark Hitz, Carlotta Holland, Melvin Jefferson, Todd Johnson, Alondra Munoz, Scott Slater, Troy Tanner, Michael Velos, Gus Weed, Ryan Westendorf, Dylan Wimber, Wayne Zeller

From Rock River, WY: Everett Summers

From Sheridan, WY: Trenton Kelly

From Wheatland, WY: Kaycee Cordingly, Jacqulyn Johnson, Maria Kauffman, Charles Maike, Xaviera McClain

From Fountain Hills, AK: Allison Boettcher

From Seward, AK: Stacie Tarpey

From Deer Trail, CO: Brady Cox

From Fruita, CO: Alexander Padgett

From Ft. Collins, CO: Jason McClellan

From Haxtun, CO: Steven Seybels

From Hereford, CO: Adele Cass

From Holyoke, CO – Sergio Santos-Legarreta

From Littleton, CO: Cindy Schafer

From Longmont, CO: Dugan Tomczak

From Steamboat Springs, CO: Kailee Duryea

From Windsor, CO: Kyle Nicolls, Courtney Peterson

From Orlando, FL: Brittany Cross

From Round Lake Beach, IL: Mark Hall

From East Helena, MT: Shawni Hamilton

From Otter, MT: Tel Vineyard

From Alliance, NE: Haley Alvarado, Nicole Dunovsky-Shankland

From Brewster, NE: Mardee Sierks

From Chadron, NE: Courtney Bustillos

From Chappell, NE: Colby Harms, Jeffrey Sherman

From Elyria, NE: Molly Welniak

From Gering, NE: Jordan McAllister, Autumn Pierce

From Harrisburg, NE: Charles Hoover, Brady Lind

From Kimball, NE: Spencer Teasley

From Lyman, NE: Cody Peachey

From Mitchell, NE: Dalli Cross, Marika Hampton, Jennifer Hill, Kodie Landers, Jesse Young

From Morrill, NE: Austin Ford, Kasandra Gomez, Bret Hoover, Paula Rector

From Ord, NE: Holly Heil

From Oshkosh, NE: Tori Vineyard

From Scottsbluff, NE: Alexandra Miller, Vanessa Sherlock

From Sutherland, NE: Nathaniel Miles

From Whitman, NE: Lacy Holthus, Logan Macomber

From Whitney, NE: Travis Johnson

From Garrison, ND: Kylee Jeffers

From Halliday, ND: Sadie Gjermundson

From Mandan, ND: Amanda Houser, Jessica Zinke

From Mohall, ND: Levi O’Keeffe

From Towner, ND: Tyler Thorson

From Walcott, ND: Trae Kautzman

From Belle Fourche, SD: Chelsea Olson

From Colome, SD: Rebecca Kartak

From Spearfish, SD: Jason Lungren

From Springfield, SD: Shayna Nagel

From San Antonio, TX: Belen Priest

From Moab, UT: Catrina Howe

From Kettle Falls, WA: Heather Payne

From Milwaukee, WI: Jamon Jackson-Wilson

EWC GEAR UP designs transition support team

GEAR UP staff and students

GEAR UP staff and students

Eastern Wyoming College GEAR UP (GU) program has designed a transition support team with our Torrington High School (THS) GU staff to introduce upcoming 8th graders to the GU high school program.

The THS GU staff attended a GU monthly meeting at Torrington Middle School to talk about the major changes in academic and social expectations that the students will experience next year and how the staff will be there to assist students with academics, GU meetings and support.

“Developing a relationship with the GU high school staff will help prepare those 8th graders when transitioning. The students will feel more comfortable asking for academic assistance and will learn valuable information about graduation and college education opportunities at the monthly GU meetings,” said Judy Brown, GEAR UP Director.

The upcoming school year, these 8th graders will meet the current GU high school students that will aid them through the differences and challenges of high school.

The EWC GEAR UP Program is planning to implement this transition program throughout EWC’s outreach area beginning fall 2014.

For more information about the EWC GEAR UP program, please contact Judy Brown, GEAR UP Director at 307.532.8288

EWC announces Candlelight Dinner Theater bus trip

logo_200x200_000031The Community Education office at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington announces tickets are still available for the Candlelight Theatre bus trip to see Damn Yankees on June 7. The cost of this trip is $ 60 and includes meal, beverage and tip.

Faust, fly balls, and devilishly good fun all meet at the home plate of this 8-time Tony Award Winning Broadway musical. A middle-aged baseball fanatic who trades his soul to the Devil for a chance to lead his favorite team in the pennant race against the New York Yankees, only to realize the true worth of the life and wife he’s left behind. Filled with hit songs like “Whatever Lola Wants” and “You Gotta Have Heart”, this show is a musical comedy home run! Book by George Abbott and Douglass Wallop, Music and Lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross.

To register for this trip or classes, contact the EWC Community Education office at 307.532.8213 or 307.532.8323 or stop by to visit them at 3200 West C Street in Torrington.

EWC Introduces New Online Course: Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013

Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013

Eastern Wyoming College has a program that makes it easy to take high-quality, noncredit online courses. EWC has partnered with ed2go to offer hundreds of online, instructor-led courses and is pleased to announce the launch of “Advanced Microsoft Excel 2013.”

Participants in this course will master advanced features that most users don’t even know exist. They’ll become adept at advanced features and functions of Microsoft Excel 2013, including analysis tools, data tables, PivotTables, and conditional formatting.

This course is part of EWC’s growing catalog of more than 300 instructor-facilitated online courses. Through well-crafted lessons, expert online instruction, and interaction with fellow students, participants in these courses gain valuable knowledge at their convenience. They have the flexibility to study at their own pace combined with enough structure and support to complete the course. And they can access the classroom 24/7 from anywhere with an Internet connection.

New sessions of each course run every month. They last six weeks, with two new lessons being released weekly (for a total of 12). The courses are entirely Web-based with comprehensive lessons, quizzes, and assignments. A dedicated professional instructor facilitates every course; pacing learners, answering questions, giving feedback, and facilitating discussions.

To learn more, call Eastern Wyoming College at 307.532.8323 or visit them online at