New students who submit an Application for Admission to EWC with current high school/GED and college transcripts by the March 15 priority deadline are considered automatically for many EWC scholarships (see first list below). Some also require ACT scores or FAFSA completion. Returning students may complete a Continuing Student Scholarship Application by June 1 to be considered for scholarships for the following semester. All students may submit a Continuing Student Scholarship Application by February 1 for Spring semesters. Students attending Summer classes should complete the Summer Aid Application.

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Black & Gold Award Application

New students for 2015-2016 should Commit to Complete and apply for the Black & Gold Award Application, which rewards you for making progress toward your educational goals!

The following scholarships do NOT require a separate application; students are automatically considered with completed EWC application package and meeting terms of specific criteria.

Please note: Items marked with  are EWC-affiliated scholarships; items marked with F are EWC Foundation awards, and items marked with  require completion of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

♠ F  Albert “Ab” Harris Memorial Scholarship
F  Alma Anker Memorial Scholarship
♠ F   Arlene Shindledecker Memorial Scholarship
F  Bloedorn Lumber Company Scholarship
F  Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming Scholarship
 F  Carl and Orma Oberg Scholarship
 F  Cecilia Casillas Scholarship
 F  City of Torrington – Wyoming Community Gas Scholarship
♠ F Clapp Family Endowment Scholarship
♠ F   David Eddington and Gertrude Poage Eddington Scholarship
 F  David Ludwig Memorial Scholarship
F  Downing-Reed Scholarship
♠ F   Dr. F.S. Brown Scholarship
  Eastern Wyoming College Division Scholarships   (requires ACT scores)
  Eastern Wyoming College GED/HiSET/TASC Scholarship
  Eastern Wyoming College President’s Honor Scholarship   (requires ACT scores)
 F  EWC Leadership Award
F ♦  Edward Lee Lynch Memorial Scholarship
F  Elizabeth “Betty” Kelly Memorial Scholarship
Farm Credit Services of America
F   Gail Branham Memorial Scholarship
 F  Goshen Cattlewomen Scholarship
 F  Goshen County Quilters Scholarship
F   Ima Lynch Memorial Scholarship
♠ F   Irv Larsen Memorial Financial Aid
F   Jeannie Wells Memorial Scholarship
♠ F  Jo Davis Memorial Scholarship
♠ F  Jo Davis Memorial Vet Tech Scholarship
F ♦  John P. Lenhart Agriculture Scholarship
F   John P. Lenhart Nursing Scholarship
 F  John Vandel Family Scholarship
♠ F   Jolovich Family Endowment
 F  Kathy Francisco Memorial Scholarship
F  Kellie Burden Memorial Scholarship
F   Kenneth Dill Memorial Scholarship
F   Kenny and Alice Youtz Memorial Scholarship
F   L.C. Atkins & Mary Lou Atkins Scholarship
 F  L.W. and Jean Maxfield Memorial Scholarship
F   Lee Seid Memorial Scholarship
 F  Lions Club Scholarship
 F  Lloyd and Marian McElhaney Scholarship
 F   Maffe Family Memorial Scholarship
 F  Margaret F. Tebbet Scholarship
F   Margaret Hageman Memorial Scholarship
   Mike Rafferty State Farm Insurance Scholarship
F   Molly Moss Memorial Scholarship
F   Neal and Lucille Willhite Memorial
F  North Platte Valley Board of Realtors Scholarship
F   Norwest Bank Scholarship
♠ F   P.E.O. Chapter AK Scholarship
♠ F   P.E.O. Chapter AU Scholarship
 F  Pinnacle Bank Agriculture Scholarship
 F  Pinnacle Bank Business Scholarship
 F  Platte Valley Bank
  Points West Community Bank Scholarship
  R. F. Tebbet Housing Scholarship
 F  R. W. Fullmer EWC Rodeo Memorial Scholarship
 F  R.W. Weickum Memorial Scholarship
 F  Ray E. Wilt Memorial Scholarship
 F  Rex Tebbet Scholarship
 F  Ruth and Glen Gorman Memorial Scholarship
F  Thaler Family Scholarship
F Torrington Telegram/Jo Davis Memorial Scholarship
F   Tucker Memorial Scholarship
F   Tuffy Dicken Agriculture Scholarship
F Wayland H. Cato, Jr. Foundation Inc. Scholarship
F Wesch Family Memorial Scholarship
 F  William and Edna Smith Memorial Scholarship
F  William W. and Beverly D. Hovey Memorial Scholarship
  Wyoming Border Scholarship
♠ F  Wyoming National Guard Endowment
F  Wyoming Pork Producers Scholarship

The following scholarships DO require a separate application process or information in addition to the EWC application package. Please pay attention to deadlines, as each scholarship may have different requirements.

American Welding Society scholarships
Adeline Neilson Scholarship   April 19 deadline
Basin Electric Power Cooperative Scholarship  
Check with local rural electric cooperative for deadline date
Black & Gold Award Application
  Bob and Martha Erickson Memorial Scholarship   June 1 deadline
Clara E. Muehlberger Scholarship (Oregon Trail Community Foundation)   April 1 deadline
Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation Scholarship  October 31 deadline
Community Hospital Auxiliary Scholarship 2015   March 20 deadline
F  Cody McKinney Memorial (Goshen County Rooster Boosters) Scholarship  August 17 deadline
Craig & Susan Thomas Foundation Scholarship  May 1 & November 1 deadlines
Daniels Fund Boundless Opportunity Scholarship   January 23 deadline
DARE/Bob Asbury Book Award   January 30 deadline
Dave Neider Memorial (Goshen County Rooster Boosters) Scholarship   August 17 deadline
Douglas Lions Club Scholarship   April 22 deadline
♠  Eastern Wyoming College Activity Grant – Debate/Forensics
  Eastern Wyoming College Activity Grant – Golf
  Eastern Wyoming College Activity Grant – Livestock Judging
♠  Eastern Wyoming College Activity Grant – Men’s Basketball
  Eastern Wyoming College Activity Grant – Music
  Eastern Wyoming College Activity Grant – Rodeo
Eastern Wyoming College Activity Grant – Women’s Basketball
  Eastern Wyoming College Activity Grant – Women’s Volleyball
 F Eastern Wyoming College Employee-Sponsored Scholarship  May 15 deadline
Eastern Wyoming College Outreach Incentive Grant
  Eastern Wyoming College Part-Time Student Grant In Aid
♠  First-Generation College Student Scholarship
Gates Millennium Scholars Program  January 14 deadline
General Federation of Women’s Clubs of Wyoming Paulina Hayes Scholarship Fund  April 15 deadline
F  Goshen County Beet Growers Scholarship   April 1 deadline
F  Goshen County 2Shot Michael Olson Memorial Scholarship   June 20 deadline
 F  Goshen County 2Shot Scholarship   June 20 deadline
F  Goshen County 2Shot Trey Redder Memorial Scholarship   June 20 deadline
Great Lakes National STEM (science, technology, engineering, math) Scholarship Program  April 5 deadline
Hawthorn Foundation Scholarship Program 
Helen K Maier Memorial P.E.O Scholarship   June 1 deadline
Hispanic Scholarship Fund Scholarships
 International Student Scholarship
F  Janan McCreery Teacher Scholarship   June 1 deadline
 F  Jim Wiseman Memorial Scholarship
Kappa Kappa Iota – Tau State, Wyoming   May 15 deadline
 F  Kathryn Winship Scholarship   March 15 deadline for high school seniors; May 15 for current college students
F  Kaylie Haun Memorial Scholarship   June 1 deadline
F  Kenyon Family Scholarship   priority March 15 deadline
Laurie Haugen Educational Scholarship (Oregon Trail Community Foundation)  April 1 deadline
Lawrence and Pauline Lemons Scholarship (Oregon Trail Community Foundation)    April 1 deadline
F Marian Ayars Memorial P.E.O. Scholarship   Deadline is end of spring semester each year
F   Mildred Kidney Scholarship – Continuing Students
F   Mildred Kidney Scholarship – Freshman
North Platte Valley Artist Guild 2014 Scholarship  deadline April 18
Oregon Trail Community Foundation Scholarships   Various scholarships available; see applications for deadlines
F  Pepsi Scholarship  March 10 deadline
 F  Sagebrush and Roses Scholarship   May 1 deadline
 F  Tom Lowry Memorial (Goshen County Rooster Boosters) Scholarship   August 17 deadline
Torrington Rotary Club Scholarship   August 15 deadline
Tri-State Generation & Transmission Scholarship  Check with local rural electric cooperative for deadline date
F  Union Pacific Corporation Scholarship   June 1 deadline
Vicki Carroll Memorial-Business Scholarship (Wyoming Chapter of ARMA)  April 1 deadline
West Nebraska Blood Center Scholarship   May 15 deadline
Wyoming Scottish Rite Foundation Scholarship  June 1 deadline
Wyoming Trucking Association Transportation Education Scholarship   February 23 deadline
Wyoming Veterinary Technician Association Scholarship   Deadline is 60 days prior to semester start
Wyoming Water Well Richard A Stockdale Memorial Scholarship    January 1 deadline
Wyrulec Company Scholastic Scholarship   February 6 deadline 
Wyrulec Company Trade Scholarship   February 6 deadline
Yoder Woman’s Club Scholarship   March 1 deadline

Students intending to graduate from EWC and transfer to a four-year college or university should check out the following transfer scholarship opportunities:

AAUW Scholarship   March 28 deadline
F  Goshen County Beet Growers Transfer Scholarship   November 1/April 1 deadline
Phi Theta Kappa/Chadron State College Transfer Scholarship   March 1 deadline
Phi Theta Kappa other transfer scholarships   deadlines vary
Jack Kent Cooke Undergraduate Transfer Scholarship    December 2 deadline
University of Wyoming Alumni Association Community College Transfer Student Scholarship   March 6 deadline