Lancers compete well at hometown rodeo

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Breakaway Roping freshman, Bailey Schaack, Hyannis, NE was 2nd in the first round with 3.7, 2nd in the short round with a 3.9 second run and 2nd in the average with 7.6 seconds on the two runs. Fellow teammate Allie Grant, freshman, Wheatland, WY also qualified for the short round in the breakaway roping.

In the steer wrestling, AJ Freeman, freshman, Dunning, NE, finished sixth in the first round with a 7.9 second run which qualified him for the short round competition.

Saddle Bronc rider Lane Hall, sophomore from Winner, SD, was 4th in the short round with 68 points and finished 4th in the average.

Tyler Thorson, sophomore, Towner, ND finished 3rd in the average in Tie Down Roping with 25.2 seconds on two head. Sophomore, Shane Suchy, Tyron, NE, finished 4th in the average with 25.3 seconds on two head and freshman, Wyatt Mann, Box Elder, SD finished third in the first round with an 11.4 second run which qualified him for the short round.

Freshman Trey Yates, Pueblo, CO, partnered with Brit Ellerman of the University of Wyoming in team roping. They were 4th in the 1st round with a 9.4 second run and 3rd in the average with 22.5 seconds on two head. The teams of Cody Colman, freshman, O’Neill, NE and Ty Sierks, of Brewster, NE and Kody Haas, freshman, Alt, CO, and Shane Friede, freshman, Johnstown, CO also qualified for the short round in Team Roping.

“We had great crowds and it was a great weekend of rodeo. Several of our team members moved up in the standings. I am looking forward to the next three rodeos,” said Coach Jake Clark.

The team will next travel and compete in the annual Colorado State University rodeo on April 11th-13th.