Elementary and Secondary Education

Start your journey toward becoming a teacher with the staff and students at EWC.  Our background and experience will give you a solid start on your career in a small and supportive setting as you work toward your Associate’s degree.


Small classes, fun teachers, and an education that will really stick –that’s EWC in a nutshell. Mimi Womboldt

The classes are small and the people are friendly!     Tori Vineyard

I love EWC.  The campus is beautiful, everyone is friendly, and all the instructors know you by name.                                                      Kaycee Cordingly

Need to find your path?  EWC is a great start.     Maria Garcia

It’s never too late to start your future at EWC.  Diana Garcia

I like how they make you feel so comfortable and welcome.  I was nervous to be a student again, but all that fear has gone.       Lisa Kappus

EWC is a small campus with great classes and friendly people!  Kailee Koltiska

Feel free to contact Muriel de Ganahl or Kate Steinbock if you have questions

Classes Offered

 Practicum Experience

During your second semester here at EWC, you will already be working in a nearby school.  Your practicum experience will be your first adventure into the world of teaching, and a chance for you to get hands on practice with an experienced teacher.

Foundations of Education

This course is the first course you take in education here at EWC and gives you a chance to learn about the field of education, teach a sample lesson, and work together with other aspiring educators to bring your dream of becoming a teacher to life.

Children’s Literature

Learn all about the kinds of books available for your students and how to use them in your classroom.  Opportunities to participate in reading nights at the local schools add to the excitement of this fun course.

Teaching with Technology

This course provides an introduction to a variety of technologies and attempts to simulate the conditions under which educators typically work with technology in their classrooms.  We will discuss issues, engage in activities, and complete assignment related to the use appropriate technologies in the classroom.

Lifespan/Human Development

This course is intended as a foundation class for those students pursuing careers in healthcare, human service, and educational environments.  Combined with Educational Psychology students will understand the ways in which development impacts teaching and learning.

Educational Psychology

Unwrap the mysteries of the mind in this fascinating course about the way we learn.

Introduction to Special Education

Learn more about your own learning style and how to develop lessons and structure your classroom so that everyone experiences success.

Hands on Math

Math courses for teachers include hands on math labs that prepare you for the real world of teaching.

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