Eastern Wyoming College expects that its graduates will have an educational foundation that prepares them for a complex and rapidly changing world. The curriculum offered allows the development of general education competencies necessary for participation in society as well as the development of specialized knowledge necessary within a given discipline.

Eastern Wyoming College offers a diverse array of majors leading to degrees and certificates. Our graduates leave EWC with an educational foundation that prepares them for a complex and rapidly changing world. Our curriculum allows for the development of core competencies for participation in society, as well as development of specialized knowledge in their program areas that will serve them in upon graduation in the world of work or additional academic study.

EWC graduates demonstrate competence in communication skills, analytical and quantitative reasoning, technology skills, social awareness and information literacy.

Associate of Science (A.S.)
Associate of Arts (A.A.)
Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

*Certificate programs are subject to Gainful Employment information disclosure. Please see individual certificate programs for details.

Degree Programs Certificate Programs
Accounting (A.S.) Beef Production
Agri-business: Farm & Ranch Management (A.A.S) Aquaculture Technician (Only offered at Wyoming Women’s center)
Art (A.A.) Hair Technician
Biology (A.S.) Nail Technician
Environmental Science (A.S.) Skin Technician
Business Administration (A.S., A.A.S., online) Corrections
Business Education (A.S.) Business Office Technology
Business Office Technology (A.A.S.) Business Records
Communication (A.A.) Computer Applications
Cosmetology (A.A.S.) Child Development (online)
Criminal Justice (A.A., A.A.S, online) Early Childhood Education (online)
Elementary & Secondary Education (A.A.) ESL/EFL Teaching
English (A.A) Entrepreneurship
Interdisciplinary Studies (A.A., A.S., online) Machine Tool Technology
Foreign Languages (A.A.) Plate Welding
Mathematics (A.A., A.S.)
Music (A.A.)
Physical Education, Health & Recreation (A.A.)
Pre-professional (A.S.)

(Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Veterinary Medicine, Pre-Medical Technology, Pre-Nursing, Pre-Pharmacy)
Social Science (A.A.)
Statistics (A.S.)
Veterinary Technology (A.A.S.)
Welding & Joining Technology (A.A.S.)
Wildlife & Fisheries Biology Management