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This program offers students an opportunity for a broad-based degree rather than focusing on any one major area. Specific courses listed meet the general education requirements for Eastern Wyoming College. It is suggested that you work with your advisor to select other electives. Degree requirements vary greatly at four-year institutions, so the student should consult the catalog of the college or university of his/her choice for information on specific program requirements. Also, the student should be aware that the Associate of Arts degree is considered the traditional “transfer” degree, so it may be a better choice for students. 

Degree Options
Interdisciplinary Studies A.A. Degree Plan
Interdisciplinary Studies A.S. Degree Plan


Thoughts from Former Students
testimonial_logo_iconWhile attending Newcastle High School, I had the opportunity to obtain my associates degree in Interdisciplinary Studies through the Eastern Wyoming College Concurrent Enrollment Program. This opportunity benefited me in several ways including saving time and money. Most of my general requirements have been met, so I can now focus on the classes for my major. I am currently considered a college freshman; however, I am projected to graduate with my bachelor’s degree in two and a half years. I would highly recommend this program to any student who plans to further their education beyond high school. ~Madison F. 
  testimonial_logo_iconThe Interdisciplinary Studies program through Eastern Wyoming College is a flexible program that allowed me to take a variety of courses that I found interesting. The professors, staff members, and my advisor were all willing to help me with any questions that I had. It was a great experience and prepared me to transfer to a four-year university. ~Heather O.


Mike Durfee
Assoc. VP for Learning & Outreach
John Hansen
Communication Instructor