Posts from March, 2009

EWC Trustee Wins State Award

March 27, 2009
EWC Board of Trustees President Sherri Lovercheck receives her award from John Kaiser, President of the WACCT and LCCC Trustee, as the 2008-2009 Trustee of the Year.Eastern Wyoming College Board of Trustees President, Sherri Lovercheck, was recognized as the Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees (WACCT) 2008-2009 Trustee of the Year. Lovercheck received her award at the WACCT Community College Conference recently held in Cheyenne.
Fellow Board of Trustee’s member Carl Rupp included the following in her nomination packet, “I have served with Sherri the past eight years. Seated next to Sherri, I was impressed with how she studied all material presented at the meeting and how she highlighted what was important. She asked pertinent questions and drew discussion from other board members.”
Lovercheck also brought the Association of Community College Trustees (ACCT) to campus to facilitate an objective review of the challenges confronting the trustees. She then successfully led two presidential searches. Working with fellow trustees and administration, several enrollment targeted initiatives were adopted. A women’s basketball team, a livestock judging program, and a second recruiter were all added.
Other EWC employees were nominated and received recognition at the conference. Ron Laher was nominated in the college employee category; Richard Patterson in the faculty category; Todd Peterson, foundation member, in the volunteer category; and Josie Davison in the student category.

Eastern Wyoming College, Eastern Wyoming Fine Arts Council in Conjunction with Community Drug, Inc. Presents Face in Concert

March 16, 2009
Face, an all-vocal rock band, will be in concert at the Eastern Wyoming College Fine Arts Auditorium on Friday, April 3, 2009 at 7:00 pm. Face brings a new edge and attitude to one of the purest forms of musical production: the human voice. Using the full range of sounds that the voice can produce, including vocal percussion or “beat-box,” Face sounds more like an instrumental rock band than a choral group. Done completely live, with no backing tracks, special effects, or other instruments, a performance from Face is an experience.
Composed of six young men from Boulder, Colorado, Face provides raw entertainment from original arrangements of rock, pop, funk and upbeat jazz. The six members are Jayson Throckmorton, Forest Kelly, Mark Megibow, Ben Lunstad, Stephen Ross, and Ryan Driver. Jayson Throckmorton provides the rockin’ power-tenor solos for Face. Before moving to Colorado, Jayson sang with and directed the venerable University of Virginia Gentlemen. “For me it’s more than just singing – it’s the audience that I love. I like finding those people who are really getting into it and singing to them. It’s more fun for everyone when everyone feels involved.” Forest Kelly has been the band’s bass and crooner from the beginning, equally at home thumping the low notes as singing the silvery tones that make women melt. “It is awesome to make the stage rumble, the walls shake, and people actually to feel the bass.” Mark Megibow provides the heart-pounding beats for Face. Unlike many beat-box artists, he has a background in instrumental percussion, and has been playing real drums since the third grade. Ben Lunstad’s baritone voice ties the bass and tenors together and gives a distinct richness to the Face sound. Stephen Ross brings a wealth of musical experience as well as blisteringly high tenor vocals to Face. One of Face’s arrangers and songwriters, he received his music degree from University of Colorado. With his amazing vocal range and intense musical arrangements, Ryan Driver is responsible for much of the raw power that Face fans love. Together, these six frequently leave first-time audiences with a feeling of “How do they do that?”
Adult tickets (13 and up) are $10, children twelve and under are $5. For tickets or more information please call Susie Schaefer at 307.532.8213 or Mike Durfee at 307.532.8323.
Prior to the performance by Face, Pat Kikut, Assistant Professor, Painting, University of Wyoming Art Department, will be presenting his work from his show entitled “Points, Mixed Media Drawing and Painting” at an artist talk at 5:00 pm at EWC Fine Arts Lobby. A reception will also be held during this free event. The public is welcome and encouraged to view the art and attend the talk before the Face performance.