Posts from May, 2009

EWC to Host Nontraditional Career Fair

May 26, 2009
Eastern Wyoming College is pleased to be hosting the 4th Annual Nontraditional Career Fair on October 8, 2009 in Torrington, Wyoming. This fair is for high school girls in eastern Wyoming. This conference is sponsored jointly by the Wyoming Council for Women’s Issues (WCWI) and Eastern Wyoming College. The purpose of this event is to show young Wyoming women well-paying, nontraditional careers that exist in the state.
This event was launched in 2006 in response to a report indicating Wyoming has the largest wage disparity by gender; Nontraditional Career Day is coordinated by WCWI’s Education Committee and the state’s community colleges on a rotating basis. The event not only addresses the wage gap, it provides information about training for and employment in careers in which women are under-represented, including the trades, technology and science fields.
Participants will hear from keynote speaker Jill Tietjen, a Colorado-based electrical engineer, consultant, community leader and co-author of the well-received 2008 book Her Story, which documents the stories of American women and their achievements since the 1500s. Tietjen is also the author of the Setting the Record Straight series, a history of women in accounting, engineering and professional achievement. She is considered on the nation’s top historians on women in science and technology fields.
According to Mike Durfee, EWC’s community education coordinator and the 2009 nontraditional career day chair, the 9 am – 2 pm event will also feature 8-10 breakout sessions led by successful women in nontraditional careers and will highlight some of the College’s successful programs.
“So far we have invitations out to a number of successful women. I think we will end up with a great slate of programming for these young ladies,” Durfee stated.
The Nontraditional Career Day is free of charge and will also feature relevant exhibitors and lunch will be provided. Lunchtime entertainment will be provided by the popular a capella group Moosebutter, known for its comedic parodies as well as its award-winning singing. Campus tours, door prizes and more are also planned for the day.
For more information about the Nontraditional Career Day, contact Durfee at EWC at 307.532.8323 or visit the WCWI website

EWC Receives Gift of Historical Maps

May 18, 2009
The family of Jack Rosenthal of Casper has gifted two historical maps to Eastern Wyoming College. The maps are original creations of the Colton Map Company of New York, and are of the Dakota Territory in 1867, and the Dakota and newly created Wyoming Territories in 1869.
Representatives from the College recently visited Mr. Rosenthal to pick up the gift. “Spending part of an afternoon with Jack Rosenthal was educational and uplifting; a wealth of knowledge and history, he generously shares an energetic, thoughtful spirit,” shared EWC President Dr. Tom Armstrong.
A letter from Mr. Rosenthal to the College stated the following, “We wanted you to have two original framed antique maps from our collection that would be particularly appropriate for Eastern Wyoming College. (On one) note the presence of Fort Laramie, the routes of the Fremont, Stansbury and Warren exploration parties, among much else, right in Torrington’s backyard.”
Mr. Rosenthal was a successful businessman in radio and television in Wyoming and Montana, and is an avid western historian and collector. He is a native of Buffalo, Wyoming. He has developed major stamp collections of historical value, as well as maps such as these that have been given to the College. He has worked on several major projects for the Smithsonian in cooperation with the US Postal Service, he has also designed a number of stamps that highlight Wyoming’s natural scenery and its history – including the design of the Wyoming Centennial Stamp which is based on his knowledge of and long time friendship with Wyoming artist Conrad Schweiring.
“The College is delighted to receive this generous and thoughtful gift from Mr. Rosenthal,” added EWC Director of Institutional Development Oliver Sundby.

EWC Foundation Announces 2009 Distinguished Alumni Award

May 5, 2009
The Eastern Wyoming College Foundation has announced that the Craig Alford has been named the 2009 Distinguished Alumnus.
Alford first came to Torrington in 1991, at the age of 16, from his native Australia as a Rotary Exchange Student. He was hosted by John and Judith Maier.
“We quickly decided he was a keeper! He was bright, fun, loving, respectful and not afraid of work,” added Mr. Maier.
Following his exchange program and a quick trip back to Australia, he returned to Torrington in the spring of 1992. He then earned his general education diploma (GED) and entered as a student at Eastern Wyoming College. In 1994, he earned an associate degree in agriculture from EWC.
Since his graduation at EWC, Alford has gone on to earn a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and a doctorate degree from the University of Wyoming where he graduated with honors.
He and his wife Felicia has two children and live in Lincoln, Nebraska where he works as a Range and Portfolio Manager for DuPont Crop Production.
“EWC provided me with an excellent knowledge base to allow me to continue my education at the University of Wyoming, which has allowed me to get where I am today,” added Alford.
Alford will be presented with the Distinguished Alumni Award at the EWC Commencement ceremony to be held in Torrington on May 8 at 7:00 pm in the Fine Arts Auditorium.
For more information on the EWC Foundation, please contact Oliver Sundby, Director of Institutional Development at 307.532.8304.