Posts from July, 2010

EWC See Enrollment Increase

July 20, 2010
The 2009-2010 annual enrollment report has shown an increase in the number of students attending Eastern Wyoming College. The annual headcount at the college increased to 3,692, an increase of 7.8% or 268 students over the 2008-2009 academic year. The headcount increased by 22% in summer 2009, 12.7% in fall 2009, and .04% in spring 2010.
The full-time equivalent also increased by 7.8%. Full-time equivalent (FTE) is defined as the total credit hours enrolled in a given semester divided by 12. This is adjusted accordingly for an annualized number.
The Eastern Wyoming College service area covers 16,000 square miles throughout eastern Wyoming. The outreach student enrollment is included in the figures above and represents over 35% of the total enrollment number.
Programs with the largest enrollments were Interdisciplinary Studies, Welding & Joining Technology, Pre-Nursing, and Veterinary Technology. Full-time students came from 25 states and three foreign countries. Most of the students came from: Wyoming, Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, and Montana.
“We are pleased to see this increase in enrollment for the last four years and hope that it will continue. We have seen the number of preregistrations increase over the last year,” added EWC Vice President for Learning Dr. Dee Ludwig.

EWC Students in Need of Housing

July 19, 2010
Eastern Wyoming College is experiencing enrollment growth and is in need of housing for students. All on-campus residence halls are committed for the upcoming fall semester. A number of students have been placed on a waiting list for on-campus housing and would like to live in the Torrington area.
Please contact the College if you have housing available for rent – houses, apartment, or rooms. Your contact information will be shared with those students on the housing waitlist. Please contact Deb at 307.532.8230 with any information you may have. Thank you for your assistance with finding housing for EWC students.

EWC Prevails at State and National SkillsUSA Competition

July 1, 2010
Eastern Wyoming College students recently traveled to Kansas City to compete in the National SkillsUSA competition.
At the national competition in Kansas City, MO, Brendan Edwards, Douglas, was awarded a gold medal in the secondary welding competition. Edwards, a recent graduate of Douglas High School, has changed his college plans and now will be attending EWC so that he can participate in the welding pre-trial competition.
Blake Parks, Douglas, finished 3rd in the nation for post-secondary schools and received a bronze medal. Parks graduated from EWC in May but will return to work under the tutelage of EWC welding instructor Leland Vetter as he prepares to compete in the welding pre-trials.
Both Parks and Edwards were concurrent EWC students in Douglas under the coaching of Henry Woehl, adjunct and concurrent instructor for EWC.
The welding fabrication team for post-secondary schools included Mitch Falkenburg, Douglas, Miles Fieiro, Cheyenne, and Sam Zalesky, Durango, CO, also competed at nationals but did not finish in the top three spots.
The welding fabrication team for secondary schools included Quentin McGuire, Skeeter Judd and Aaron Jamerman, all of Douglas High School. They are only second-year welders at DHS and placed second in the nation, receiving silver medals.
To compete in the national SkillsUSA competition, held in Kansas City, the students must be the first place finishers at the state competition. Parks was on the winning welding fabrication team for EWC at state but had to make a choice to either weld with the team or individual because they can only compete in one competition.
Both Parks and Edwards have been invited into the national pre-trials where 10 individuals will be given blueprints to construct; these items will then be mailed to judges by September 24. From the 10 competitors, the field will be narrowed to 6 who compete in Atlanta, GA, in November for the right to be one of the three to compete next June at nationals to represent the USA in the international SkillsUSA competition as Chance Pollo did in 2007.