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College hosts Grant Training Session

Renée Bovée from the Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund and Jenny Ingram from the Wyoming Humanities Council will offer joint grant workshops in eastern Wyoming on Monday and Tuesday, March 12-13.  The sessions are free and open to the public and will include information about grant opportunities from both agencies.  Participants are welcome to bring lunch to the noontime sessions.  Dessert will be provided.
The schedule includes: Torrington, March 12, noon, Eastern Wyoming College, Room 131; Lusk, March 12, 7 p.m., Niobrara County Library; and Newcastle, March 13, noon, Weston County Library.
For more information, please contact Anne Hilton, 307.532.8286.

Eastern Wyoming College Hosts Academic Challenge

Ten high school teams from around the state of Wyoming competed at the Wyoming Academic Challenge, hosted by Eastern Wyoming College, Saturday, February 18.  The three to four-member teams participated in four rounds of competition and answered questions ranging from current events to mathematics and literature.  Schools participating were: Big Horn, Campbell County, Sheridan, Cheyenne East, Evanston, Riverside, and Tongue River.
First Place was Sheridan with a total of 765 points.
Second place went to Big Horn with 700 points.
Third place was Riverside with 575 points.
Plaques and medals were presented to the winning teams and students on the first place team were presented scholarships to attend EWC for the 2012-2013 academic year.

For more information, please contact Becky Lorenz, 307.532.8210.

EWC, Wyoming Youth Challenge Program find success in partnership

A partnership between Eastern Wyoming College and the Wyoming Youth ChalleNGe Program evolved into an effort by both schools to help the at-risk students and high school dropouts at ChalleNGe find success after graduation, said Dee Ludwig, EWC’s vice president for learning.

ChalleNGe, a voluntary program for teenagers wanting to work toward a diploma, partnered with EWC in 2011 to offer advanced cadets a chance to experience college.

“I wanted to be able to provide a challenging educational arena for cadets who are ready for college level coursework,” said Don Smith, the director of the Wyoming Youth ChalleNGe Program. “The cadets have benefited by having a more diverse learning environment which allows for personal growth educationally along a much broader spectrum of learning.”

Those initial nine cadets from ChalleNGe’s classes 11 and 12, and the bridges built during their classes, turned into a relationship which allows the community-oriented college to reach out to potential students who are learning to be community minded.

“It’s a 180-degree about face from beginning to end,” said Diane McQueen, the college’s Adult Based Education Program director, of the cadets she meets.

“It is absolutely what we should be doing,” said Ludwig.

ChalleNGe completed the initial testing of Class 13 cadets, Jan. 25, to determine if they qualify for courses at EWC this semester. Smith said once the results are in and the students’ interests are gauged, ChalleNGe will approach the college to discuss what courses and programs are available and best meet the needs of the students.

With ChalleNGe’s campus at the Camp Guernsey Joint Training Center, less than an hour from EWC’s Torrington campus, a multitude of programs and opportunities are available.

“Our cadets spend a day on the college campus, and the college staff provides a great deal of information on every aspect of college life, from registration, to financial aid, to dormitory life and the classroom experience,” said Smith of the students’ introduction EWC.

Cadets in classes 11 and 12 who were enrolled in the college had differing experiences. Class 11 took courses at the campus involving basic computer knowledge, improving study habits and a few technical courses. Their course options were limited due to the timing between the start of EWC’s spring semester and the start of the ChalleNGe course.

Class 12 had three who enrolled in degree-seeking courses like biology, introduction to business and introduction to corrections, said Theresa Smith, recruiting, mentoring and placement coordinator for ChalleNGe. Those courses were web-based.

“The online coursework offers additional flexibility and versatility that lends well to the environment at WYCP,” said Smith. “Our cadets experience a very active and busy lifestyle while enrolled at WYCP, and sometimes there are requirements within the program that cannot accommodate attending classes at the community college.”

The three cadets who enrolled in the online courses were not the only beneficiaries of the partnership with EWC.

McQueen said she worked out scholarships with the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services to test cadets for the National Career Readiness Certificate. The certificate is a way to recognize the ability levels for skills job applicants possess. Ten cadets in Class 12 earned a certificate.

“I would like to see (the cadets) work toward a career readiness certificate along with a GED,” Ludwig said. “The career readiness certificate is the future and I would like to see them have that.”

The problem is funding. There is a cost for taking the certification course, just as there is a cost for taking the GED exam. EWC and ChalleNGe both said they are working to find scholarships and ways to help the cadets, many of whom don’t have ways to pay out of their own pockets. Smith said since he has not had a chance to speak to EWC about the specifics of the current class of cadets, he cannot speak to the scholarship requirements yet.

The outreach program to ChalleNGe is also reaping benefits in continuing education. Not all cadets are able to pass the GED exam or complete their high school diplomas during the in-residence portion of the program.

“Even if the kids aren’t successful getting their GEDs in the program, they’re going out and getting it from somewhere else,” McQueen said. She said she has at least one student from Class 11 enrolled in a GED program through EWC’s Lusk outreach.

“We’ve seen them in welding and we’ve seen them in cosmetology,” Ludwig said of former ChalleNGe cadets who enrolled in college. She said she’s also found two former ChalleNGe-EWC students who enrolled in other Wyoming community colleges; Western Wyoming Community College, in Rock Springs, and Central Wyoming College, in Riverton.

“We have had some cadets that have continued with their college work post graduation from WYCP and they are doing well at it,” said Smith. “There are a few who did not continue, but have told us that they intend to return to college.”

Smith said he’s hopeful the introduction to college will generate interest in gaining a degree or vocational certification. “A bigger core group of college bound cadets will allow for better peer support, and it will be helpful to have greater numbers from an administrative standpoint.”

EWC also became the last place many of the cadets see as ChalleNGe cadets. The campus hosted the previous two graduations, something Ludwig said she is proud to be a part of.

“There are so many tears in that audience,” Ludwig said of the reactions parents have watching their children graduate.

Annual School Partnership held at EWC

The annual school partnership was held at EWC on January 26, 2012. This meeting allows Eastern Wyoming College to present information to all service area Superintendents, High School Principals, Counselors and EWC Outreach Coordinators. This also gives the area service personnel an opportunity to ask questions and discuss new ideas. 

Registration now open for CDL class in Douglas

The Workforce Development Center at Eastern Wyoming College is now accepting registrations for a CDL course to be held in Douglas.  This course will begin March 26th and run through April 13th, Monday – Friday, 7 am – 5 pm at the Douglas Branch Campus located at 203 North 6th Street.
This course is designed for those individuals who need a CDL license for their job or those who are seeking a job.  Workforce training grants are available for individuals and businesses who qualify.

The registration deadline for this class is March 12th.  To begin the registration process contact the Workforce Development Center at EWC at 307.532.8365 or by email at

Eastern Wyoming College Announces the President’s and Dean’s Honor Rolls

Eastern Wyoming College is pleased to announce the honor rolls for the Fall 2011 semester.  There were 260 students receiving recognition for achieving high scholastic grades.

The President’s Honor Roll recognizes students that are full time (12 or more credit hours) and achieve a 4.0 grade point average.  To qualify for the Dean’s Honor Roll, students must also be full time and achieve a grade point average of 3.5, but less than 4.0.  The Associate Dean’s Honor Roll recognizes those students who have at least six credit hours but not more than twelve with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

President’s Honor Roll

Torrington, WY- Molly Bloodgood, Teal Deen, Lucas Kaufman, Rebekah Mertzweiller,

Peggy Mortensen, Steffie Sandlian, Stacy Smith, Amber Stitt, Courtney Swanson

Casper, WY – Mandy Irwin

Cheyenne, WY – Tanner Tipsword

Douglas, WY Daryl Barnett, Calista Gresick, Trent Kirchhefer

Guernsey, WY- Sarah Van Natter

Lusk, WY Lisa Brown, Ursula Brown, Maren Drake, Kaycee Foster, Heather Hetrick, Amber Jones,

Ciara Kosut, Chrystal Lopez-Scott, Stacy McLaughlin, Melanie Rossi, Miranda Watkins, April Williams

Moorcroft, WY- Trevor Gray, Eric Waliezer

Newcastle, WY – Kurtis Wood

Powell, WY – Royal Duneman

Veteran, WY-  Amber Sauer

Wheatland, WY – Amy Welsbacher

Glennallen, AK – Jubilee Sutherland

Preston, ID – Amanda Firth

Victor, ID – Matthew Evans

Alliance, NE – Drew Applegarth

Wellfleet, NE- Jeffrey Clark

Panguitch, UT – Jordon Cottam

Dean’s Honor Roll

Torrington, WY – Jerry Ash, Ashley Bryan, Jeanette Ellett, Mara Garcia, Samantha Garza,

Nicholas Gompert, Matthew Hickman, Jane Hommel, Haylee Hornbeck, Kylee Jeffers, Daniel Lira,

Michael Martinez, Waylen McKnight, Dawn Mickle, Joshua Minter, Raysha Newell, Luke Newsom,

Jeremy Ochsner, Caleb Posten, Selina Reichert, Carrie Spurgin, Colby Sturgeon, Shanna Vargas,

Alcova, WY – Dean Jackett

Basin, WY – Christopher Kampbell

Casper, WY – Jordan Dick, Samuel Dunnuck, Jason Locke, Zachary Waxler

Cheyenne, WY – Jeffrey Hayes, Mason Rose

Chugwater, WY – Kristine Hilger

Cody, WY – Jedediah Ehlers

Douglas, WY Luke Andrews, Starla Brownlow, Kathryn Chase, Cady Halverson, Darcy Hoffman,

Nicole Jackson, Sarah Japuntich. Randi Jones, Richard Jones, Rachel Nickell

Glendo, WY – Sterling Eller, Morgan Peden

Granger, WY – Ronald Nelson

Guernsey, WY – Mellissa Anderson, Allison Martin, Abby Moore

Jackson, WY – Clinton Lemienx

LaGrange, WY – Nancy Ibarra

Laramie, WY – Tyler Christopherson, Matthew Hartsky

Lingle, WY – Daphne Bahmer, Joel Kerns

Lyman, WY – Amanda Swab

Moorcroft, Wy – Stefan Swaney

Newcastle, WY – Elyzabeth Fligge, Kaitlyn Umphlett

Powell, WY – Mary Hetzel

Riverton, WY – Cyla Fife

Rock Springs, WY – Keri Kerney

Rolling Hills, WY – Christine Davis

Saratoga, WY – Austin Patzer

Thermopolis, WY – Shawn Milek

Upton, WY – Jill Medlen

Van Tassell, WY – Samantha Holmes

Veteran, WY – Janelle Wilson

Wheatland, WY- Sergio Lopez, Tyler Tillman, Tiffany Whinery

Yoder, WY– Brandi Graybill, Kristen Weglin

Chandler, AZ – Alexandra Chmulikova

Julesburg, CO – Jill Lingbloom

Lakewood, CO – Brianna Pittman

Yuma, CO – Kirsten Jacobsen

Wesley Chapel, FL – Jeileen Mas

Minier, IL – Elena Merrick

Denton, MT – Garrett Bronec

Alliance, NE – Augustus Wilkinson

Elyria, NE – Abby Welniak

Gordon, NE – Michael Nelson

Harrisburg, NE – Shianna Frye

Henry NE – Kelsey Michael

Ogallala, NE – David Swick

Layton, UT – Ryan Wilson

Associate Dean’s Honor Roll

Torrington, WYMikayla Brower, Christine Campbell, Jessica Eisenbarth, Grace Fluckiger,

Joshua Gauze, Ronda Haas, Shelby Hatten, Korinne John, Paul Metevier, Dimitri Nesbitt,

Ashley Posten, Jennyfer Rife, Stuart Short, Donavon Valentine

Beulah, WY – Raena Bush, Brooke Ingalls

Cheyenne, WY – Allison Anderson,

Cody, WY – Justin Dollard

Douglas, WY Jennifer Adelman-Baran, Tianna Aikey, Kimberly Anderson, Cynthia Barrett,

Taylor Bayne, Laura Boner, James Brown, Kelton Brown, Christine Cuchine, Matthew Curley,

Andrew Dameron, Taylor Dick, Ty Etchemendy, Steffany Henson, Morgan Hight, Robin Hilbird,

Desirae Hobbs, Kyra Hubbard, Tyler Igo, Makenzy King, Celina Leman, Caitlin Marcus, Emily Marlin,

Brooke Mason, J. Steven McBride, Braidy Parks, Shelbi Pollard, Alexis Romero, Laci Scheehle,

Tiffany Smith, Leah Steward, Alyson Thorsell, Tammie Tjalma, Barbara Williams

Evanston, WY – Andrew Kopp

Glenrock, WY – Emily Engel, Jessica Grant, Aspen Hanks, Katey Humbracht, Alexis Kidneigh,

Erin Shadrick, Toni Thomas

Glendo, WY –   Amanda Kornegay, Bailey Peden, Ashton Roggenbuck, Gabrielle Wilhelm

Hulett, WY – Ramsey Cummings, Mary Dorsett, Cooper Letellier, Austin Snook

Jackson, WY – Kristen Lemke, Jesse Willcox

LaGrange, WY – Robin Boyd

Lander, WY – Shannon Haag

Lingle, WY – Patricia Colby, Alisa Hill, Jane Kinberg, Taylor Wollert

Lusk, WY – Amanda Hickey-Gaukel,

Moorcroft, WY – Kelsey Fiedler, Cora Fitzgerald, Justin Jones, Kortney Lovett, Irma Macias,

Trever Nelson, Levi Petersen, Andrea Selfe, Kyle Verburg, Rachelle Verburg, Kelsey Williams

Newcastle, WY – Jodi Barker, Kaylynn Carter, Laura Christiansen, Dustin Colvard, James Cook,

Ricky Dougherty, Jeremy Feist, Jennie Francis, Alexander Hokanson, Carlotta Holland,

Emily Jarboe-Knight, Jesse Lax, Michelle Lewis, Blake Maddox, Peyton Messmer, Caleb Munger,

Timothy Rysell, Carson Shoop, Justin Wermers, Susan Wiggins, Brandon Williams, Nikolas Winter

Osage, WY – Taylor Tavegia

Pine Haven, WY – Brady Blakeman, Siera Richter, Chance Sullivan

Rolling Hills, WY – Britney Bartz

Sundance, WY – Jeremy Adams, Brianna Bankenbush, Adam Croft, Tracey Jundt, Allison Kerkvliet,

Ashley Klocker, Katie Wagaman

Upton, WY – Danielle Booth, Jaspper Burckhard, Christen Paul, Dylan Sharkey, Weston Silbaugh

Wheatland, WY – Keri Ashenhurst, Allison Boettcher, Amanda Borton, Rebecca Eaton, Kim Graves,

Erika Hranchak

Alzada, MT – Jessica Watkins

FAFSA Frenzy offers free FAFSA help

Completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid is a vital step in getting help to pay for college. By attending FAFSA Frenzy on February 12th  students and families can get free, expert help in filling out this important form.
FAFSA Frenzy will take place from 1-4 p.m. February 12that Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington and at the EWC Branch Campus in Douglas.  At the FAFSA Frenzy, financial-aid professionals — primarily from Wyoming postsecondary institutions — will provide assistance in completing the FAFSA. College-bound students must complete the FAFSA to qualify for federal and state financial aid, as well as scholarships and grants offered by many colleges, universities and vocational/technical schools.
Students 23 years of age or younger should attend the FAFSA Frenzy with their parents or guardians and bring their parents’ and their own completed 2010 or 2011 Internal Revenue Service 1040 tax returns, if available, or W-2 Forms or other 2010 or 2011 income, asset and benefits information. If parents cannot attend, students may attend alone, but they must bring the same income information. Students 24 years of age or older may attend and bring their own completed 2010 or 2011 IRS 1040 tax returns, if available, or W-2 Forms or other 2011 income, asset and benefits information.
Everything else — including pens, pencils, FAFSAs and snacks — will be provided. This event is free and open to anyone seeking assistance with the FAFSA.
For more information about the FAFSA Frenzy, call the number for your local site, for Torrington call (307) 532.8325 and for Douglas call (307) 358.5622.  

EWC to offer Business & Leadership Classes with an Early Childhood Focus

Eastern Wyoming College will be offering a wide variety of business and leadership classes that focus on the childcare industry.  These sessions will be held over the Wyoming Equality Network (WEN Network) and will be available in Torrington, Douglas, Glenrock, Guernsey, Lusk, Moorcroft, Newcastle, and Wheatland.
Participants may choose individual sessions or attend several sessions during the Saturday workshops.  All presenters are STARS certified and workshops have been approved for providers seeking STARS training credits.
Courses offered are as follows:
               Roles of Supervisors and Staff, Monday, February 13th, 7-9 pm
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Program Management
               Business Planning: Revising and Improving Your Plan
               Saturday, February 25th, 8-10 am
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Program Management
               Preparing Financial Statements and Analyzing Profit/Loss in Your Business
               Saturday, February 25th, 10 am – 12 pm
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Program Management
               Leadership Skills for Working with Families Today
               Saturday, February 25th, 12 pm – 2 pm
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Family Relationships
               Drafting and Implementing Written Parent/Provider Agreements
               Saturday, February 25th, 2 pm – 4 pm
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Program Management
               Recognizing and Referring Children with Developmental Delays
               Monday, March 12th, 7 pm – 9 pm
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Uniqueness and Cultural Awareness
               Personality Styles in the Workplace
               Saturday, March 31st, 8 am – 10 am
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Professionalism



               Recognizing and Referring Children with Developmental Delays
               Saturday, March 31st, 10 am – 12 pm
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Uniqueness and Cultural Awareness
               Using Effective Communication Strategies with Co-Workers and Parents
               Saturday, March 31st, 12 pm – 2 pm
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Professionalism
               Healthy Conflict Resolution Skill Building
               Saturday, March 31st, 2 pm – 4 pm
               STARS Credit:  2 hours Professionalism
Classes are $10 per session which includes the class and all materials.  To register please call Janan McCreery at 307.575.3553 or email her at