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Informational Meeting For Prospective Board Candidates

Dr. Tom Armstrong, President at Eastern Wyoming College, has announced that he will be holding an informational meeting for individuals interested in learning more about serving as a member of the EWC Board of Trustees.  This informational meeting is free and open to the public and will be held on Monday, August 13 at 7:00 pm in the Dolores Kaufman Board Room at the main campus in Torrington.
The following terms will expire in 2012:
Area 1 – LaGrange, Iowa Center, Hawk Springs — currently represented by Julie Kilty
Area 2 – Huntley, Yoder, Veteran – currently represented by Lowell Kautz
Area 4 – Torrington, Prairie Center – currently represented by Mike Varney and Julene Asmus (2 seats available)
For more information on this informational meeting, please contact the office of the president at 307.532.8303.

EWC to host 2nd annual alumni reunion, Aug. 3rd

Eastern Wyoming College will host the second annual Alumni “Family Reunion” on Friday, August 3rd  at the College in Torrington.  The event will begin at 11:30 a.m. on the campus. 
“This reunion is an opportunity to bring people to the campus who have attended or graduated from EWC since its inception in 1948, as well as former faculty and staff, and give people a chance to meet former classmates, friends, teachers and staff,” shared Oliver Sundby, Development Director. “We have also heard from many alumni from the 70’s who plan on attending.”
Activities will begin with a cookout at 11:30 am in the student services area, followed by a welcome in the Fine Arts Auditorium at 12:30.   Informal or formal tours of the campus will take place from 1:00 to 3:00 pm, to give visitors the opportunity to see the many changes that have occurred on the campus over time.  
There will also be a book signing by EWC instructor and western novelist John Nesbitt.  Books will be available for purchase.
Questions concerning the event can be directed to the office of development at 532-8397.

EWC Students in Need of Housing

Eastern Wyoming College is experiencing enrollment growth and is in need of housing for students.   All on-campus residence halls are committed for the upcoming fall semester.  A number of students have been placed on a waiting list for on-campus housing and would like to live in the Torrington area.
Please contact the College if you have housing available for rent – houses, apartment, or rooms.  Your contact information will be shared with those students on the housing waitlist.  Please contact Deb at 307.532.8230 with any information you may have.  Thank you for your assistance with finding housing for EWC students.

EWC student wins national welding championship

Representing Eastern Wyoming College, Tanner Tipsword, from Cheyenne, Wyoming, has won 1st place in the SkillsUSA national championship competition in welding.  The SkillsUSA Championships was recently held in Kansas City, MO as part of the SkillsUSA 48thAnnual National Leadership and Skills Conference (NLSC), a showcase of career and technical education students. 
Tipsword graduated from EWC in May with an associate of applied science degree in welding and joining technology and a one-year certificate in machine tool technology.
EWC Welding Instructor and SkillsUSA Advisor Stan Nicolls shared the following about the SkillsUSA program at the College.  “The club worked hard to meet goals of community service, fundraising and competition.  It is about leadership and helping people be the very best at their trade.  This was a great group of students and we are all so proud of Tanner’s accomplishments.”
Top student winners received gold, silver and bronze medallions.  Many also received prizes such as tools of their trade and/or scholarships to further their careers and education.  The SkillsUSA Championships is for high school and college-level students who are members of SkillsUSA.    For more information, visit

Eastern Wyoming College announces candidates for graduation

Eastern Wyoming College held the 63rd  annual commencement for candidates on May 11, 2012 in the Fine Arts Auditorium. There were a total of 150 graduates this year. The graduates from the Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 semesters are as follows:
From Torrington, WY:   Boyd Derr, Jessica Eisenbarth, Marie Garner, Nicholas Gompert,
Patrick Guth, Ronda Haas, Alaria Hainline, Blake Herbst, Keith Jarvis, Lucas Kaufman,
Heather Kilmer, Megan Kuhnel, Joseph Lake, Daniel Lira, Blake Maddox, Eric Martinez, Michael Martinez, Jewel McBroom, Rebecca McFarland, Dawn Mickle, Peggy Mortensen, Heather Neideffer,
Leslie Nichols, Derek O’Garro,  Jeremy Ochsner, Joshua Osmotherly, Matthew Parker, Steffie Sandlian, Michael Shields, Carrie Spurgin, Casandra Spurgin, Chelsea Stellpflug, Colby Sturgeon,
Abel Escamilla-Tabullo, Dylan Wisroth, Erin Yeik, Michael Yost
From Beulah, WY: Cindy Stoddard
From Casper, WY:  Maren Drake, Zachary Waxler
From Cheyenne, WY:   Jonathan Gordon, Heather HetrickJamie Janicek, Michael Krasovich,
Cory Morgan,Luke Newsom, Erinn Riney, Melanie Rossi, Tanner Tipsword, Jose Vasquez,
Danielle Wilson 
From Chugwater, WY: Kristine Hilger
From Devils Tower, WY: Ty Conzelman
From Dixon, WY: Kalen Ready
From Douglas, WY:  Brenda Alexander, Cynthia Barrett, Athena Cook, Robin Hilbird,
Aaron Jamerman, Sarah Japuntich, Brandon Johnson, Raegan Pierce, Michelle Resendiz, Tiffany Smith
From Encampment, WY: Joshua Simmons
From Evanston, WY: Tammy Ibarra
From Gillette, WY: Kaycee Foster, Amanda Nissen, Miranda Watkins
From Glendo, WY: Morgan Peden
From Glenrock, WY:  Mary Kay Kindt, Deborah Van Scoten
From Guernsey, WY: KristaLee Raffaelli, Sarah VanNatter
From Green River, WY: Casey Campos
From Horse Creek WY:  Casey Perdue
From Hulett, WY:  Doneen Drushel, Heather Gonzales, JoEllen Parsons
From Lander, WY: Shannon Haag
From LaGrange, WY: Alice Hovis, Nancy Ibarra
From Lingle, WY:  Kylie Bremer, Joel Kerns
From Lovell, WY: Natalie Watson

From Lusk, WY:  Lisa Brown, Ursula Brown, Harlee Cushman, Amanda Hickey-Gaukel,
Brock Hladky, Chrystal Lopez-Scott
From Newcastle, WY: Jennifer Bayne, Michael Carver, Kendy Curren, Nicole Doell, Ricky Dougherty, Vanessa Gerlosky, Megan Gordon, Karma Rysell, Lydell Thunder, Michael Ward, Susan Wiggins
From Riverton, WY: Traci Rockne
From Rock Springs, WY: Amber Jones, April Williams
From Saratoga, WY:  Austin Patzer
From Sheridan, WY:  Shelby Brewer
From Sundance, WY: Kathryn Cluff
From Van Tassell, WY: Samantha Holmes
From Veteran, WY: Janelle Wilson
From Wheatland, WY: Brady Cochran, Erika Hranchak, Tessie Laffitte, Tyler Tillman,
Brittany Turk, Amy Welsbacher
From Worland, WY: Britney Kapptie
From Yoder, WY: Katrina Eisenbarth
From Glennallen, AK: Jubilee Sutherland
From Mesa, AZ: Carolyn Foster
From Scottsdale, AZ: Jarett Upchurch
From Phoenix, AZ: Mak Boskailo
From Yuma, CO: Kristen Jacobsen
From Colorado Springs, CO: Kyle Gaddie, Ciara Kosut
From Grover, CO: Jessica Pevler
Holyoke, CO – Rich Anderson
From Preston, ID:  Amanda Firth
From Victor, ID:  Matthew Evans
From Cimarron, KS: Mackenzie Batman

From Boulder, MT: Shauri Lyon
From Kila, MT:  Ashly Anderson
From Miles City, MT: Jaramie McLean
From Red Lodge, MT: Satcy McLaughlin
From Alliance, NE:  Drew Applegarth, Jana Franklin, Augustus Wilkinson
From Bridgeport, NE: Caleb Wiggins
From Chappell, NE:  Gregory Sherman
From Curtis, NE: Dillon Mortensen
From Gering, NE:  Christopher Blanco
From Gothenburg, NE: Elizabeth Matthies
From Harrisburg, NE: Shianna Frye
From Lyman, NE: Kasey Peterson
From Morrill, NE:  Alexander English
From Ogallala, NE: Dakota Clough, David Swick

From Scottsbluff, NE: Shelby Winchell
From Wellfleet, NE: Jeffery Clark
From Elko, NV: Ryan Klekas
From Bellfield, ND: Kayla Sanders
From Edgemont, SD:  Susan Button
From Faith, SD: Brandi Donovan
From Red Owl, SD:  Troy Wilcox
From White Owl, SD:  Tee Hale
From Waco, TX: Danny Rejda
From Escalante, UT:  Chad Cottam
From Panguitch, UT: Jordon Cottam
From Madison, WI: Sarah Japuntich

EWC Announces President’s & Dean’s Honor Roll

Eastern Wyoming College is pleased to announce the honor rolls for the Spring 2012 semester.  There were 296 students receiving recognition for achieving high scholastic grades.

The President’s Honor Roll recognizes students that are full time (12 or more credit hours) and achieve a 4.0 grade point average.  To qualify for the Dean’s Honor Roll, students must also be full time and achieve a grade point average of 3.5, but less than 4.0.  The Associate Dean’s Honor Roll recognizes those students who have at least six credit hours but not more than twelve with a grade point average of 3.5 or higher.

President’s Honor Roll

Torrington, WY- Michael Anderson, Alexandra Chmulikova, Andrew Gomez, Nicholas Gompert,

Jessy Gordon, Cory Honstein, Lucas Kaufman, Megan Kuhnel, Michael Martinez, William Mundy,

Benjamin Nelson, Caleb Posten, Jennyfer Rife, Steffie Sandlian, Stacy Smith, Amber Stitt, Philip Wohl

Casper, WY – Cayl Carpenter, Casey Coates

Cheyenne, WY – Joann Young

Douglas, WY Daryl Barnett, Joshua Coudret, Cady Halverson, Steffany Irish, Sarah Townsend,

Charity Vetter

Evanston, WY- Allen Dern

Lingle, WY Amanda Dykes, Jane Kinberg

Moorcroft, WY- Trevor Gray, Stefan Swaney, Eric Waliezer

Newcastle, WY – Madison Foster, Kaitlyn Umphlett

Pine Haven, WY – Brady Blakeman

Rock Springs, WY James Roosa

Saratoga, WY – Austin Patzer

Wheatland, WY – Amy Welsbacher

Glennallen, AK – Jubilee Sutherland

Julesburg, CO – Jill Lingbloom

Denton, MT – Garrett Bronec

Alliance, NE – Drew Applegarth

Elyria, NE- Abby Welniak

Henry, NE- Kelsey Michael

Mitchell, NE- Rebekah Mertzweiller

Aberdeen, SD – Derek Parks

Dean’s Honor Roll

Torrington, WY – Jerry Ash, Molly Bloodgood, Teal Deen, Jeanette Ellett, Matthew Godin,

Matthew Hickman, Dakota Hiebert, Jane Hommel, Haylee Hornbeck, Clint Johnson, Heather Kilmer,

Jacob Lake, Joseph Lake, Daniel Lira, Dakota McClun, Jamie McKimmey, Waylen Mcknight,

Natawsha Mitchell, Raysha Newell, Luke Newsom, Jeremy Ochsner, Lawrence Rice, Colby Sturgeon,

Abel Escamilla-Tabullo, Melissa Trevino, Dylan Wisroth

Burns, WY – Olivia Sanchez

Casper, WY – Grant Gerharter, Donald Crow, Shayna Shaffer

Cheyenne, WY – Andrew Frye, Tanner Tipsword, Joseph Whitmarsh

Chugwater, WY – Christine Hilger

Cody, WY – Nicholas Roberts

Douglas, WY Tiianna Aikey, Kyle Bagby, Taylor Dick, Tell Dyer, Anna Gray, Morgan Hight,

Tyler Igo, Aaron Jamerman, Samantha Nelson, Leah Steward

Edgerton, WY – Chelsea Jones

Evanston, WY – Wacey Lym

Gillette, WY – Clinton Haver,

Glendo, WY – Amanda Kornegay, Morgan Peden

Green River, WY- Christopher Horne

Guernsey, WY – Brittany Holtz, Allison Martin, Abby Moore

Lander, WY – Donavon Detimore, Jacob Halsmer

Laramie, WY –Joshua Anderson, Brian Sinner

Lingle, WY – Alisa Hill, Joel Kerns

Lusk, WY – Mathew Smith

Moorcroft, WY – Kenneth Schuricht

Newcastle, WY – Megan Gordon, Jason Ramsey, Kurtis Wood

Pinedale, WY – Danielle Cooper

Rock Springs, WY – Keri Kerney

Sheridan, WY – Fielding Phillips

Upton, WY – Karl Paschall

Van Tassell, WY – Samantha Holmes

Wheatland, WY- Christopher Greulich, Sergio Lopez, Tyler Tillman

Worland, WY – Chad Carlton

Wright, WY – Seth Eisenbraun

Lakewood, CO – Brianna Pittman

Kila, MT – Ashly Anderson

Alliance, NE – Kendra Hart, Augustus Wilkinson

Arthur, NE- Weslee Wilson

Bayard, NE – Ashlee Willey

Bridgeport, NE – Caleb Wiggins

Brewster, NE – Mardee Sierks

Gordon, NE – Michael Nelson

Gothenburg, NE – Elizabeth Matthies

Ogallala, NE – Dakota Clough, David Swick

Scottsbluff, NE – Kira Bowhay

Garrison, ND – Kylee Jeffers

Halliday, ND – Sadie Gjermundson

Sentinel Butte, ND – Derek Weinreis

Edgemont, SD – Susan Button

Escalante, UT – Chad Cottam

Panguitch, UT – Jordon Cottam

Tooele, UT – Chase Nash

Associate Dean’s Honor Roll

Torrington, WYMikayla Brower, Sean Chapman, Laura Croswell, Caitlyn Cummings, Sarah Foster,

Joshua Gauze, Ronda Haas, Danielle Hellus, Cherita Hill, Brandie Lujan, Rebecca McFarland,

Dawn Mickle, Peggy Mortensen, Kimberly Russell, Bethany Sanders, Nathan Strong, Donavon Valentine,

Haley Yorges

Beulah, WY – Raena Bush

Casper, WY – Cory Brooks

Cheyenne, WY –Allison Anderson, Paige Vance

Chugwater, WY – Melissa Nielson

Cody, WY – Klayten Asay

Douglas, WY Kimberly Anderson, Taylor Gregory-Bayne, Megan Boespflug, James Brown,

Jennifer Buckendorf, Sheri Casey, Kathryn Chase, Shaleigh Clark, Andrew Dameron, Jillian Espeland,

Ty Etchemendy, Rebecca Harris, Alexandra Hewitt, Desirae Hobbs, Tiffany Hodge, Randi Jones,

Celina Leman, Caitlin Marcus, Emily Marlin, Brooke Mason, Sarah Otten, Silje Pedersen,

Melissa Peterman, Yelena Pirtle, Valerie Rich, Robert Ricks, Zane Romanek, Ashley Santillanes,

Tiffany Smith, Carolyn Smylie, Alyson Thorsell, Tammie Tjalma, Brittany Vandeventer, Nicholas White


Gillette, WY – Dane Clemetson, Brandi England

Glendo, WY – Ashton Roggenbuck, Gabrielle Wilhelm

Glenrock, WY – Carol Boies, Samantha Brant, Jessica Grant, Alexis Kidneigh, Caitlyn Kumpula,

Erin Shadrick, Tani Thomas, Shayla Wickett,

Guernsey, WY – Carly Shutt, Sarah Van Natter

Hulett, WY – Mitchell Clark, Kristen Clausen, Ramsey Cummings, Mary Dorsett,

Cooper Letellier, Katherine Pannell, Andrea Thomas

LaGrange, WY – Robin Boyd, Katelin Malm

Lander, WY – Shannon Haag, Aspen Hanks

Lingle, WY – Taylor Wollert

Newcastle, WY – Jodi Barker, Bethany Bateman, Kayla Bergstrom, Laura Christiansen, James Cook,

Payton Crawford, Jan Elliott, Elyzabeth Fligge, Austin Harley, Amy Hawley, Andrew Hayman,

Alexander Hokanson, Carlotta Holland, Debra Hoover, Roberta Larson, Jesse Lax, Michelle Lewis,

Amanda McKenzie, Daniel McMahon, Peyton Messmer, Caleb Munger, Kaylee Pitchford,

Dominic Rainbolt, Joseph Rhoades, Bailey Roberson, Timothy Rysell, Jennifer Tysdal, Susan Wiggins,

Amanda Williams, Brandon Williams,

Moorcroft, WY – Tanner Allison, Aubry Donaldson, Cora Fitzgerald, Riley Fordyce, Justin Jones,

Kortney Lovett, Krystal MacDonald, Dustin Mathews, Lorena Robinson, Jeremiah Rudolph,

Kenny Sisson, Clayton Svalina, Rachelle Verburg, Kelsey Williams

Oshoto, WY – Colter Otwell, Morghan West

Pine Haven, WY – Dawn Blakeman, Siera Richter, Chance Sullivan

Rolling Hills, WY – Britney Bartz, Christine Davis

Sundance, WY – Jeremy Adams, Jesse Fosheim, Shannon Morris, Katie Wagaman

Upton, WY – Danielle Booth, Weston Silbaugh

Wheatland, WY – Allison Boettcher, Cherie Brunner, Rebecca Eaton, Jill Goodrich, Kim Graves,

Caitlin Harris, Pamala Riedesel, Blayn Tamlin

Geneva, IL – Judy Branson

Gering, NE – Cortnie Romey

Mitchell, NE – Elizabeth Mertzweiller

Scottsbluff, NE – Shelly Mullins

Alzada, MT – Jessica Watkins

Forsyth, MT – Emily Quinlan

EWC student-athletes nab academic honors

NJCAA headquarters in Colorado Springs, CO has released the names of the 2011-2012 NJCAA Academic Student-Athlete Awards and All Academic Teams.  Over 1,680 student-athletes met the requirements for individual academic honors.
The requirements for these NJCAA achievement awards are as follows:
Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence for 4.00 GPA on a 4.00 scale.
Superior Academic Achievement for 3.80 to 3.99 on a 4.00 scale.
Exemplary Academic Achievement for 3.60 to 3.79 on a 4.00 scale.
Eastern Wyoming College student-athletes were Jubilee Sutherland, women’s basketball, from Glennallen, Alaska, received the Pinnacle Award for Academic Excellence for having a perfect 4.0 grade point average during her career at EWC. Michael Martinez, golf, from Torrington, WY, received the Exemplary Academic Achievement award.
Academic All-Region recognition was given to volleyball players Amanda Firth, Preston, ID, Abby Welniak, Elyria, NE,  and Chelsea Jones, Edgerton, WY. Women’s basketball players Jubilee Sutherland, Glennallen, AK, Brianna Pittman, Lakewood, CO, Kristine Hilger, Chugwater, WY and Jeileen Mas, Wesley Chapel, FL. Men’s basketball players Wacey Lym, Evanston, WY, Chad Cottam, Escalante, UT and Jordan Dick, Casper, WY. Men’s golf members Michael Martinez, Torrington, WY, Cayl Carpenter, Casper, WY and Dylan Wisroth, Torrington, WY
The women’s basketball, volleyball and men’s golf teams received All-Academic Teams awards.
The 2011-2012 season marks the 29th year the NJCAA has recognized the success of its student-athletes in the classroom. With minimal changes, the NJCAA academic awards program has been in place since 1983.