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EWC highlights upcoming Ladies Welding class

The Community Education office at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington is offering a women’s welding class.

Learn about and use the processes of welding while you are guided in making your very own, take-home welding project. Wear sturdy shoes and long sleeves, loaner welding gloves and helmet will be available.

This class will be held on Saturday, November 10th from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm and cost $40. The instructors for this are the EWC Welding Technology faculty.

To register for this class or others, contact the EWC Community Education office at 307.532.8323 or stop by to visit them at 3200 West C Street in Torrington.

EWC Community Education offers Japanese Cuisine class

The Community Education office at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington is offering Miso Soup Plus class. This class will be held on Tuesday, November 6 from 6-8:00 pm and cost $25.

Miso Soup is a traditional Japanese soup that consist of a stock called “dashi” into which softened miso paste is mixed. Many ingredients are added depending on availability, but often include proteins such as tofu, pork chicken, fish and a variety of vegetables, such as scallions, bok choy, carrots, celery, turnips, potatoes, mushrooms, spinach, bean sprouts, and bell peppers. Additional flavor may be added using such items such as ginger, garlic, or soy sauce. To make the soup heartier rice noodles or cooked rice may be added. Akemi has an additional side dish planned to go along with this delicious Miso Soup.

Please bring a container suitable to take your extra soup home with you.

To register for this class or others, contact the EWC Community Education office at 307.532.8213 or 307.532.8323.


EWC Vet Tech program has new dog run

EWC Vet Tech students utilize the new dog run on campus on a nice fall day in Torrington.

EWC Vet Tech students utilize the new dog run on campus on a nice fall day in Torrington.

Eastern Wyoming College Veterinary Technology program has a new, secure dog run on the campus in Torrington. “We are indeed fortunate to have a large, securely enclosed exercise area in which our dogs can run freely,” shared Dr. Edwin Bittner, Director of the Veterinary Technology program and instructor. “EWC constantly strives to maintain the best facilities for animals housed here which are used for teaching purposes. Student interaction with animals in a variety of settings allows many of these dogs to become socialized and suitable to be adopted as pets.”

To properly maintain the health and safety of the College’s animals, the enclosed animal run will be for College use only. EWC also installed several animal waste dispensers across the campus which may be used by individuals walking their animals on campus.

EWC announces Bob Davis Day

The Eastern Wyoming College men’s basketball team will kick off the 2018-2019 season with the first home game on Saturday, November 3rd at 2:00 pm, when they host the Northern Colorado All-Stars.

As a special highlight to kick off the season, the EWC Lancer Booster club is sponsoring Bob Davis Day. Coach Davis coached the Lancers from 1987 to 2002.  The community is invited to a reception for Coach Davis which will be held on Friday, November 2, 6-8 pm at the Cottonwood Country Club.

Davis will also be recognized during halftime of the game on the 3rd.  Admission to the game is free.

Bob Davis Day

Partnering for Wyoming

A new partnership involving Wyoming community colleges, the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Department of Education has set the stage for an increased level of information sharing aimed at improving the performance of the state’s education system.

A new memorandum of understanding — signed this week by presidents of each of the seven community colleges, the Wyoming Community College Commission (WCCC), the University of Wyoming and the Wyoming Department of Education (WDE) — paves the way for seamless transitions for students from high school to the workforce, while meeting the state’s objectives related to educational attainment and economic diversification.

The agreement establishes a process whereby UW, the Department of Education, the colleges and WCCC will share data elements related to the state’s Hathaway Scholarship Program, student financial aid, recruiting, student success, dual and concurrent enrollment, virtual education and electronic transcripts.

The partnership will support Governor Mead’s Executive Educational Attainment Council established by executive order in August, responsible for coordinating data throughout Wyoming’s education system from primary to secondary education with the ultimate goal of increasing the level of education and training of the State’s workforce.

Under the new agreement, the sharing of information will not begin until the deployment of a data governance structure that assures the security and privacy of student information. The governance structure will include an executive governance board and a data governance committee to make decisions on data needs and approval for reports. As the database system is currently used at the community college level, all data are encrypted in motion and at rest, adhering to all Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) requirements regarding student data and suppressing all Social Security information.

“This agreement allows us to provide information without collecting any additional student data,” Superintendent of Public Instruction Jillian Balow says. “I look forward to carefully crafting a data governance structure that safeguards student data and helping students make seamless transitions from high school.”

UW President Laurie Nichols says the agreement is a major step in efforts by the university and the community colleges to ease the transition for students transferring from the colleges to UW. Those efforts include nearly 200 articulation agreements to help ensure that students earning associate degrees at Wyoming community colleges can transfer to UW and earn their bachelor’s degrees in the same majors in two years.

“We are working diligently to develop a common college transcript system that will make things even easier for students enrolled in the state’s institutions of higher education, and this new agreement moves the process forward,” Nichols says. “All of us involved in this agreement are committed to doing everything we can to meet the state’s educational attainment goals by increasing post-secondary completion and boosting opportunities for Wyoming workers to obtain meaningful workforce credentials. Sharing of information is an essential ingredient to facilitate a seamless transfer.”

The event is the result of many years of work involving departments from the seven community colleges, the University of Wyoming, WDE, and WCCC. It has been a multi-agency effort.

“It was certainly an exciting first step toward achieving our educational attainment goals for the State of Wyoming,” Executive Director of the Wyoming Community College Commission Sandy Caldwell said. “Partnerships that will facilitate sharing data, common course numbering and common college transcripts (HEA 47) will help us increase completion rates and strengthen our education to work pipeline. This will ultimately help us reach one of the main objectives of ENDOW which is a more diversified economy supported by an educated workforce.”

Eastern Wyoming College’s Vice President for Academic Services added the following, “We are excited about the new partnership and memorandum of understanding with the University of Wyoming, the other Wyoming community colleges, and the Wyoming Department of Education. It will provide Eastern Wyoming College an opportunity to share information across K-12 and high education that is focused on improving performance of the State’s education system.”

EWC places employees on leave to conduct investigation

Due to serious allegations in Student Services, two employees have been placed on administrative leave for 10 days to allow the College to conduct investigations into the allegations.

EWC to offer CPR/First Aid/AED/BLS

The Community Education and Workforce Development office at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington is offering a CPR/First Aid/AED/BLS class for initial or renewal on Thursday, November 8 from 5:00-9:00 pm. This class will be held in CTEC room 208 on the main campus in Torrington and will cost $60 for the CPR/First Aid/AED class and $55 for the Basic Life Support.

To register for this class, contact Donna White at the EWC Community Education/Workforce Development office at 307.532.8323.


EWC announces upcoming Basic Self-Defense for kids’ class

The Community Education Department at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington has announced a Basic Self-Defense class for kids. This class will be on held Tuesday, November 6, from 6-7:00 pm, with a cost of $10.

In this day and age we all need to be able to protect ourselves when we are out and about, even kids.  Parents you’ve talked to your children about “stranger danger,” but it may be time for them to develop some basic self-defense skills and this class is that beginning. Class size is limited to 10 and pre-registration is required, additional class sessions can be scheduled depending on interest.

To register for this class or other classes, contact the EWC Community Education office at 307.532.8323 or stop by to visit them in the new CTEC building at 3200 West C Street in Torrington.


Eastern Wyoming College announces Meet the Lancers, Golf team and Women’s Volleyball team on Friday, October 26. The Lancers Golf Team will sign posters prior to the Lady Lancers volleyball game which will begin at 7:00 pm. The Lady Lancers will host Sheridan College in the Petsch Center Gymnasium and will sign posters after their game. Please come and support your Lancers and get an autographed poster of both teams.

Saturday, October 27th will be Sophomore Night. Please come and support you Lancers as they host Northwest Community College at 2:00 pm.

Eastern Wyoming College Alumni Invest $25,000 in ATEC

Mr. and Mrs. David Briggs recently spent time on the EWC campus in Torrington, WY where they were happy to share their generous donation for the Agricultural Technology Education Center with faculty members from the EWC Agriculture Department and other college officials.
Pictured left to right: Dr. Don Appiarius, Vice President for Student Services; Mr. Todd Peterson, President of EWC Foundation Directors; Mr. and Mrs. David and Gina Briggs; Mr. John Hansen, Director of Institutional Development; Ms. Kaitlyn Steben, faculty; Dr. Monte Stokes, faculty and department head; and Dr. Georgia Younglove, faculty

EWC alumni Mr. and Mrs. David & Gina Briggs are investing $25,000 in EWC’s Agricultural Technology Education Center (ATEC).  Their investment will help construct a $7.9M state-of-the-art facility offering new and enhanced courses in agronomy and precision agriculture.  Mrs. Briggs clarifies the purpose for their investment “David and I have chosen to invest in ATEC so that students can receive an excellent education in the agricultural field and equip them with the skills of tomorrow.” Mr. Briggs, who is the Chief Executive Officer of WESTCO continues “Ag is the core of the Wyo-Braska economy, and educating students in our main industry is key to a successful future for our region of the United States.”

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs have a long standing relationship with EWC, both played basketball for the Lancers in the early 80’s and in 2013, he was recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus.  Mr. Briggs graduated in 1983 with an Associate’s Degree in Business and was active in student senate and with the basketball team.  One of his favorite memories was sledding with teammates on the family farm and having roommates from New Jersey and Brazil.  While Mrs. Briggs graduated in 1984 earning a degree in Computer Science and was a leading scorer for the Lancers.  She scored 32 points in her second college game and that was before the addition of the three-point-line. One of her fondest memories was playing college basketball with Ms. Robin Lippincott Schainost, her high school teammate and friend.

Mrs. Briggs also recalls the amazing donuts from the EWC cafeteria and the caring and skilled EWC faculty members Mr. John Wilhelm, math and Mr. Verle Punke, biology.  Mr. Briggs likewise, has fond memories of faculty members Mr. Rick Vonburg, agriculture & economics, Mr. Don Hill, accounting, as well as Mr. Punke, each impacted their lives mightily.  Even after 34-years Mr. Punke and Mr. Vonburg remember the Briggs family and shared their recollections.  Mr. Punke stated “I have a real fondness for both of them, they excelled as students, especially in field work and carried themselves with a sense of achievement.”  Mr. Vonburg, likewise remembers the couple fondly, and remembers instructing Mr. Briggs in economics “In my career, I’ve run across a few students who are destined for success and I had a real sense that if the right things happened, he would achieve great things.”

Lastly, Mr. Todd Peterson, President of the Eastern Wyoming College Foundation stated “We are grateful for David and Gina’s investment, it reflects their belief and bond to this community and Eastern Wyoming College.”  Mr. Briggs, shared parting words to inspire other alumni “We benefited from an education that others provided and we have an obligation to assist in educating future generations.”

To join the ATEC campaign please call 307.532.8304 or email directly