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Wyoming State Public Health Order


In an effort to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), the Wyoming Department of Health finds it necessary to protect the health of the public by implementing emergency measures to close all restaurants, bars, theaters, gymnasiums, child care facilities, K-12 schools, colleges, universities, and trade schools, in the State of Wyoming, with certain exceptions. This Order is effective immediately, and shall remain in effect until April 3, 2020.


  1. COVID-19 was first detected in Wuhan, China in 2019, and since then has spread to over 60 countries including the United States. There are 18 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Wyoming as of March 18, 2020, as well as the presence of community spread. It is expected that more cases will be
  2. COVID-19 is a respiratory illness, transmitted through person-to-person contact or by contact with surfaces contaminated with the virus. Persons infected with COVID-19 may become symptomatic two to fourteen days after exposure. The symptoms of COVID-19 include fever, cough, and shortness of breath. In some cases, COVID-19 can result in severe disease including hospitalization, admission to an intensive care unit, and death, especially among older adults and persons with serious underlying health
  3. The World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a worldwide pandemic as of March 11,
  4. On March 13, 2020, the President of the United States declared a national emergency concerning the coronavirus, specifically stating that, in “December 2019 a novel (new) coronavirus known as SARS-CoV-2 (“the virus”) was first detected in Wuhan, Hubei Province, People’s Republic of China, causing outbreaks of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that has now spread globally […] The spread of COVID-19 within our Nation’s communities threatens to strain our Nation’s healthcare systems. […] Additional measures […] are needed to successfully contain and combat the virus in the United ”
  5. On March 13, 2020, Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon declared a State of Emergency and Public Health Emergency in the State of Wyoming, stating that on March 11, 2020, an individual within the State of Wyoming tested presumptive positive for COVID-19 and the State of Wyoming is experiencing a public health emergency in response to the evolving COVID-19
  6. Governor Gordon’s Declaration of a State of Emergency and Public Health Emergency directs the Wyoming Department of Health to take all appropriate and necessary actions, and that in the judgment of the Director of the Wyoming Department of Health, any actions necessary should be taken to provide aid to those locations where there is a threat or danger to public health, safety, and
  7. The guidelines issued from the White House on March 16, 2020, specify that with evidence of community transmission within a state, bars, restaurants, food courts, gyms, and other indoor and outdoor venues where groups of people congregate should be
  8. A significant number of Wyoming citizens are at risk of serious health complications, including death, from COVID-19. Although most individuals who contract COVID-19 do not become seriously ill, people with mild symptoms, and even asymptomatic persons with COVID-19, place other vulnerable members of the public at significant
  9. Counties in Wyoming have requested orders of this kind following the White House guidelines, and the best manner of protecting the health of the citizens of Wyoming is through a consistent order spanning the entire
  10. A large number of persons with serious infections has the ability to compromise the ability of healthcare systems in Wyoming to deliver the necessary healthcare to the public.
  11. Wyoming Statute §§ 35-1-240(a)(i) and (iv) provides all the rights and powers for the Wyoming Department of Health, through the State Health Officer, Dr. Alexia Harrist, M.D., PhD, or under her directive through other employees of the Wyoming D888888epartment of Health, to close theaters, schools, and other public places, and forbid public gatherings when necessary to protect the public
  12. In addition to the above findings, stopping the spread of COVID-19 includes washing hands often, practicing social distancing by avoiding close contact with others, staying at least six feet away from someone who is ill or showing signs of illness, avoiding touching your face, eyes, nose and mouth, and covering your cough or sneeze into your elbow or by using a



  1. The following places of public accommodation are ordered closed to ingress, egress, use, and occupancy by members of the public:
    1. Restaurants, food courts, cafes, coffeehouses, and other similar places of public accommodation offering food or beverage for on-premises consumption;
    2. Bars, taverns, brew pubs, breweries, microbreweries, distillery pubs, wineries, tasting rooms, special licensees, clubs, and other places of public accommodation offering alcoholic beverages for on-premises consumption;
    3. Cigar bars;
    4. Gymnasiums; and
    5. Movie and performance theaters, opera houses, concert halls, and music
  2. The following conditions apply to places of public accommodation subject to this Order:
    1. Places of public accommodation are encouraged to offer food and beverage using delivery service, window service, walk-up service, drive-through service, or drive-up service, and to use precautions in doing so to mitigate the potential transmission of COVID-19, including social distancing. Online and telephonic credit card transactions are strongly encouraged (e.g. Venmo, Squarecash, Googlepay, Apple Pay and similar payment apps).
    2. Staff who handle cash or credit cards may not be involved in the preparation, handling, or delivery of
    3. In offering food or beverage, a place of public accommodation may permit up to five members of the public at one time in the place of public accommodation for the purpose of picking up their food or beverage orders, so long as those individuals are at least six feet apart from one another while on
    4. For hotel restaurants, food items may only be delivered as room service or as described
    5. Management shall ensure, on a daily basis, that no employee who presents symptoms of illness will be permitted to
  3. For clarity, this Order does not apply to any of the following:
    1. Places of public accommodation that offer food and beverage not for on- premises consumption, including grocery stores, markets, retail stores that offer food, convenience stores, pharmacies, drug stores, and food pantries;
    2. Room service in hotels;
    3. Health care facilities, residential care facilities, congregate care facilities, and juvenile justice facilities;
    4. Crisis shelters or similar institutions;
    5. Airport concessionaires; and
    6. Any emergency facilities necessary for the response to the events surrounding the public health emergency and state of emergency caused by COVID-19.
  4. All child care centers and home daycares are ordered closed, subject to the following:
    1. Child care centers or home daycares that provide care for children of essential personnel may continue to operate to provide child care for children of essential personnel. Essential personnel includes:
        1. Staff and providers of childcare and education services, including custodial and kitchen staff and other support staff, who do not do their work remotely;
        2. Providers of healthcare including, but not limited to, employees of clinics, hospitals, nursing homes, long-term care and post-acute care facilities, respite houses, designated agencies, emergency medical services, as well as necessary custodial, kitchen, administrative, and other support staff;
        3. Criminal justice personnel including those in law enforcement, courts, and correctional services
        4. Public health employees
        5. Firefighters, Wyoming National Guard personnel called to duty for responding to COVID-19, and other first responders;
        6. State employees determined to be essential for response to the COVID- 19 crisis;
        7. Active duty military staff;
        8. Pharmacy staff;
        9. Foster families with children through grade 8;
        10. 2-1-1 and 9-1-1 call center staff; critical infrastructure and utility workers, including electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, water, and wastewater operators, workers, and staff;
        11. State, municipal, and commercial public works and sanitation crews;
        12. Grocery and food supply workers;
        13. Supply chain, postal, and delivery drivers and warehouse workers;
        14. Manufacturers of medical devices, equipment, testing equipment, and supplies;
        15. and fuel distribution workers.
  5. All K-12 schools shall dismiss students until no sooner than April 3, 2020, to the extent any school in Wyoming has not already done so. Administrative staff and teachers may continue to work in school buildings to facilitate distance learning or to complete administrative tasks. Food may still be prepared to be made available to those in need, as directed by school Classes may still be offered online at the discretion of the school.
  6. All colleges, universities, and trade schools shall not hold in person classes until no sooner than April 3, 2020. Administrative staff and teachers may continue to work in facility buildings to facilitate distance learning or to complete administrative tasks. Food may still be prepared to be made available to those in need. Classes may still be offered online at the discretion of the college, university or trade
  7. This Order supersedes all previous individual county orders authorized by the Wyoming State Health Officer under Wyoming Statute § 35-1-240(a)(iv). To the extent the county order is more restrictive, the more restrictive provisions still apply.
  8. Exceptions to the public accommodation sections above (paragraphs 1-3) may be granted, at the discretion of the County Health Officer, under the direction and supervision of the State Health Officer, if the business can demonstrate, in writing, to the County Health Officer that they will limit customers within the business to no more than ten at any given time, that at least 6 feet of space will be maintained between customers at all times, and that effective cleaning will be performed between

As the State Health Officer, I specifically deem this order necessary to protect the public health. See Wyo. Stat. Ann. § 35-1-240(a)(iv). I will reassess the necessity of this order as appropriate to do so and according to accepted epidemiological and medical standards. Any person or legal entity that violates this Order shall be subject to criminal prosecution under Wyo. Stat. Ann. §§ 35-1-105 and -106.

DATED THIS          DAY OF                               , 2020.

Alexia Harrist

Wyoming State Health Officer

Message from Residence Life

Dear EWC Housing Residents,

We know this has been a difficult and confusing time. We appreciate your patience and positivity as we have developed a plan for the remainder of the semester.

The residence halls are closing for the remainder of the semester. All students must move out by 5pm on Monday, March 30. At this time, we are able to provide staffing on March 25-30 (Wednesday-Monday), from 8am-5pm daily, to facilitate the check-out process. You will be receiving an email with a link to sign up for a specific time to arrive so that we can space out groups and practice safe social distancing. This email will also include additional information about the express check-out process which includes removing all items from your room and turning in your keys. We will not ask you to do any cleaning. Housing deposits will be processed at the end of the semester.

We are hopeful to reopen our residence halls to a limited group of students on April 13 from 8am-2pm. The students approved to return will be notified in a separate email and must be in a program requiring contact hours on campus. Please note that the college is closely watching state and national guidelines in relation to COVID-19 and this plan could change based on their recommendations. For those allowed to return, you will be placed in a private room with a private bathroom for the remainder of the semester. Limited meals will be served in the cafeteria. There will be guidelines in place regarding guests, kitchen use, social distancing in common spaces, etc.

If you do not meet the criteria for returning to campus but believe you have a compelling reason for continued housing, please contact me directly. The Vice President for Student Services and I will consider non-CTE student accommodations on a case-by-case basis and as space allows.

Please know that our highest priority is student and staff safety during this unprecedented time. We welcome any questions you may have. Thank you and stay healthy!


Shannon Jolley

Residence Life Director
Eastern Wyoming College
3200 West C Street
Torrington, WY 82240

Message from the President

Dear Lancer Family,

This has been a busy week of making sure our students are safe and continuing their classes. Thank you for all that you have done during this trying time to accommodate our students.  Now that we have more definitive plans for our students, it’s time to address the safety of our employees. Please work with your supervisor to make all necessary arrangements to work from home beginning today. This will take some coordination and planning on your part with the help of your supervisor. We are still open for business and still need to provide our usual outstanding services.  If circumstances allow, we will return to campus, open with full operations, beginning April 6th. During this time of closure, please do not return to campus or your office without the permission and knowledge of your direct supervisor. Take this time to work from home and do your best to stay healthy.

A few logistical items:

  • We are unable to forward phone calls to our cell phones so please leave the following message, or something very similar, on your office voicemail: You have reached _________________ (Your name and title) at Eastern Wyoming College. The College is currently closed until April 6th and all employees are working from home. Please feel free to call me on my cell phone at _____________________ (your number). Thank you.
  • You can remotely access your office voicemail to check your messages by calling 307.532.8392 and following the prompts. Please check your messages on a regular basis.
  • Please place an out of office message on your email stating something similar to this: Eastern Wyoming College is currently closed and will reopen on April 6th. Employees are working from home. Your message is very important to me and I will get back to you at my earliest convenience. You can also reach me on my cell phone at _______________ (your number) if you need immediate assistance. All Campus Updates and Alerts can be found at the following link:
  • Cody sent out some very helpful instructions on Tuesday regarding accessing files from a distance. I have included the procedures as attachments in this email.
  • College Relations has thumb drives available if you need them for files that you want to take home with you.
  • All meetings should continue as necessary utilizing Zoom, Google Meet or phone conferencing.

Please make plans to return to campus on April 6th if circumstances allow. We will continue to monitor the situation and recommendations from the President of the United States, Governor of Wyoming, and the CDC. Please share your questions and concerns with your direct supervisor or with me.  Thank you for all you do for EWC.

Lesley Travers, Ph.D.

Eastern Wyoming College
3200 West C Street
Torrington, WY 82240

EWC Campus Update, March 19, 2020

Eastern Wyoming College has announced that beginning today, the College will officially close and reopen on April 6th. Employees will still be available to students during this time and will be working from home. Please continue to email or call EWC employees if you have questions or need assistance. Daily updates and alerts will still be distributed and posted at the following link:

Additional Updates:

  • The Black and Gold Bash scheduled for April 18th has been postponed to a later date.
  • Residence Hall students will be receiving EWC emails from Shannon and Rebekah regarding plans for moving out of the Residence Halls. If you do not receive an email by Friday, March 20th, please contact them directly.
  • College officials will evaluate prorated refunds of room and board charges on a case-by-case basis based on the individual student’s financial aid package.
  • Classes will still resume on Monday, March 23rd in an online or otherwise modified format. Students will receive communication from their instructors at their EWC email account or through Canvas.
  • For those students who need to make payments, all payments can be made online through their MyEWC student portal.  If you have questions, please leave a message at 307-532-8205.  The business office will access those messages periodically and respond accordingly.

From the EWC Bookstore: In order to facilitate the learning process and make your eLearning experience more dynamic, our campus store is offering three options to supplement and support your efforts.

  1. FREE Online Shipping Offer: Visit the campus store website for Free Shipping on all items with no minimum purchase. This includes various formats of course materials, supplies, apparel, technology and more.
  2. Access to eBooks AT NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE: Visit the campus store website to gain access to eBooks at no additional charge with your .edu email address. You can access up to 7 eBooks for the designated period free of charge.
  3. FREE Access to Lumen Learning OER Courseware: Lumen Learning, our OER partner, is offering FREE access to courseware to help supplement content, and offer additional resources to faculty, click here for the Lumen offer.
  4. Free Shipping on Rental Returns & Deadline Extensions: The campus store is offering free shipping return labels and is also extending the non-return period without penalty to assist with increased returns by mail. Click the COVID-19 message on the home page of the campus store website

EWC President Dr. Lesley Travers added the following, “I am committed to keeping our students and employees safe during this uncertain time and am dedicated to doing all we can to complete the semester.”

EWC Campus Update, March 18, 2020

Eastern Wyoming College continues to strive to provide the best service to students during this unsettling time and is working out details of continued operations during this partial closure.

Just a reminder, spring break was extended for students. Classes will resume on Monday, March 23rd in an online or otherwise modified format. Students will receive communication from their instructors at their EWC email account or through Canvas. The Torrington and Douglas Campus are both open for operations but closed to the public through April 5th.

Updates for March 18, 2020, include the following:

  • Many students who live in the Residence Halls have questions. We hear you and are trying to develop a definitive plan in regard to housing through the end of the semester.
  • Concurrent and Dual enrollment students can expect to receive a phone call from an EWC official or the Outreach Coordinator in your area to touch base with you on your needs in relation to the completion of your class or classes.

All alerts and updates will continue to be posted at the following link:

Please feel free to contact Tami Afdahl, Director of College Relations with any questions or concerns, 307.575.0829,

Wyoming launches COVID-19 webpage

Having trouble viewing this email? View it as a Web page.


March 18, 2020

CONTACT: Michael Pearlman, Communications Director

307.777.7437 |

CHEYENNE, Wyo. – Governor Mark Gordon announced the launch of a state government webpage that will provide resources and information on the COVID-19 outbreak.

The webpage may be viewed at

“We want to offer a single location to share information and resources from multiple state agencies as we respond to this pandemic,” Governor Gordon said.

The page includes links to resources and information from the Wyoming Department of Health, the Wyoming Office of Homeland Security, the Wyoming Department of Education, the University of Wyoming and the state’s community colleges. It also offers information to assist impacted businesses and workers, as well as a link to updates from the CDC

The page will be updated regularly with further resources and new information as it becomes available.

EWC Campus Update – March 17, 2020

Eastern Wyoming College has the following updates to share with students, employees, and the public.

  • Update from the Library: All online resources are still available 24/7 for faculty and students.  All checkouts have been extended to May 5th.  Patrons that have items to return may do so by using the exterior book drop.
  • For student employees funded either through the Federal Work-Study program or institutional student employment, EWC will continue to pay wages for hours the student was scheduled to work or would normally have worked for as long as the college is closed or for students whose classes are transitioned online.  Students need to work closely with their supervisor(s) to record and approve time online as usual. Students are NOT expected to be on campus to fulfill any student employment obligations. Please contact Holly West at 307.532.8224 or with questions.
  • The Lancer Livestock Sale scheduled for April 5th has been canceled as an in-person sale but work is being done to transition to an online format through the Agriculture department’s Facebook page. Please watch for additional details.
  • Students will hear from instructors by Friday morning, March 20, 2020, about the status of classes. Instructors will contact students through Canvas or at the student’s EWC email account.
  • All classes will resume Monday, March 23rd in an online or otherwise modified format.
  • The Follett bookstore is working on specific announcements regarding textbook issues. Please watch for more specific details as they become available.
  • EWC employees are contacting all students directly to assess student needs. Please expect a phone call or message. If you do not receive a direct call, please contact the Student Services office at 307.532.8230.
  • Here is a list of resources for reference:

Residence Life, Shannon Jolley – 307.575.0312,
Student Services, Roger Humphrey – 307.575.1387 or 307.532.8257,
Academic Services, Heidi Edmunds – 307.575.0078,
Dean of Faculty/Students, Debbie Ochsner – 307.575.1121,
Douglas Campus/Concurrent Enrollment, Margaret Farley – 307.359.0587,

Please continue to regularly check your EWC email account for updated information or watch the EWC website for updates at the following link:

NJCAA announces cancellation of spring sports season

The National Junior College Athletic Association has released the following statement in regard to spring sports:

March 16, 2020

NJCAA COVID-19 Update Homepage

Following the recent recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the NJCAA has made the difficult decision to cancel all upcoming basketball championships as well as spring competition, effective immediately.

“In light of the progressive evolvement of the COVID-19 situation, the NJCAA has decided to end all competition for the remainder of the academic year,” stated Dr. Christopher Parker, NJCAA President & CEO. “As an association, the NJCAA exhausted all possible avenues to potentially postpone competition for both upcoming basketball championships and spring sport competition. We believe following the recommendations of the CDC is in the best interest of our member colleges and our student-athletes.”

Spring competition includes all practices, regular season, postseason, and national championship play.

Regarding eligibility for spring sports, no spring sport student-athlete who was enrolled at a member college in 2020 will be charged a year of participation.

Along with the cancellation of competition, all on and off-campus recruiting for all sports will be halted until April 15 with further evaluation to be assessed at that point in time.

The NJCAA will explore the opportunity to expand allowable Letters of Intent for spring sports for both the 2020-21 and 2021-22 academic years under the recommendation of the NJCAA Eligibility Committee.

The NJCAA will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as more information becomes available.

This release was taken from the NJCAA website at the following link:

This announcement cancels the Lancer Golf team spring season and will impact the practices and recruiting for other Lancer sports. Additional questions can be directed to EWC Athletic Director Tom Andersen at 307.532.8321 or


Campus Update – 3/16/20, afternoon update

Contact: Tami Afdahl, Director of College Relations, 307.575.0829,

Eastern Wyoming College officials and employees worked diligently today to address student needs and concerns. General questions can still be sent to Tami Afdahl at 307.575.0829 or More specific questions should be directed as follows:

Classes will resume online or otherwise modified beginning Monday, March 23rd. Students, please check your EWC email account. Faculty members are beginning to reach out to their students and will continue to do so over the next few days. All alerts and notices will also be posted here:


EWC open for business but closed to public

Eastern Wyoming College will follow the Governor’s recommendation and will have a modified schedule through April 6th. The College will be open for business with essential personnel reporting. The College is currently closed to the public during this time.

The Academic Services office and faculty are currently working on the delivery of classes for the remainder of the semester with hopes of releasing a full plan by Wednesday, March 18th. Classes will resume in an online or otherwise modified form on Monday, March 23rd. Students need to monitor their EWC email for updates.

Students who live in the residence halls should not return to campus until further notice. Residence halls will remain open for select students who have no alternate housing.

The College will post daily updates to the following page: and to EWC email accounts.

Questions and concerns should be directed to Tami Afdahl, Director of College Relations, 307.575.0829 or