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Employee Name Title Number Email
Travis Ackerman Custodian 307.532.8254
Tami Afdahl Director of College Relations 307.532.8206
Steve Akright Grounds Supervisor 307.532.8356
Adriana Aleman Cook 307.532.8241
Joel Alworth Instructor-Welding 307.532.8275
Tom Andersen Instructor & Coach Women’s Basketball 307.532.8330
Tim Anderson Instructor-Welding 307.532.8380
Aaron Bahmer Director of Instructional Technology 307.532.8284
David Banville Instructional Technologist Specialist 307.532.8379
Lynn Bedient Instructor-Welding 307.532.8274
Ed Bittner Instructor- Vet Tech 307.532.8267
Jamie Black Residence Life Coordinator 307.532.8341
Shawn Boisse Custodian 307.532.8254
Holly Branham President’s Office Executive Assistant 307.532.8303
Lori Britton Instructor- Science at Douglas 307.358.5622
Judy Brown Director- GearUP 307.532.8269
Debbie Butorac Custodian 307.532.8254
Donna Charron Instructor- Cosmetology 307.532.8363
Marisol Chavez Senior Administrative Assistant- Admissions 307.532.8230
Curtis Clark Maintenance Facilites 307.532.8254
Jake Clark Instructor & Rodeo Coach 307.532.8337
John Cline Instructor- Art 307.532.8291
Rex Cogdill Vice President for Student Services 307.532.8257
Patricia Colby Technical Clerk, Accounts Recievable 307.532.8205
Craig Corley Douglas Building, Grounds Manager 307.358.5622
Bob Creagar Instructor-Math 307.532.8298
Ellen Creagar Instructor- Social Science/Business 307.532.8345
Larry Curtis Instructor- Criminal Justice 307.532.8297
Muriel de Ganahl Instructor- Early Childhood 307.532.8377
Casey Debus Assistant Director-Library 307.532.8375
Suzey Delger Director of Nursing 307.358.5622
Alexandra DeMers Cook 307.532.8241
Michael DeMers Instructor-Music 307.532.8368
Sondra Dent Graphic Designer 307.532.8318
Melissa Dishman Coordinator 307.532.8365
Ray DeWitt Instructor- Math 307.532.8281
Mike Durfee Associate Vice President for Institutional Outreach 307.532.8346
Heidi Edmunds Instructor- Psych/Sociology 307.532.8296
Pat Eilert Maintenance Technician 307.532.8254
Dixie Elder Cook 307.532.8241
Andy Espinoza Instructor- Workforce computer 307.532.8262
Debbie Eustler Cook 307.532.8241
Linda Evans Graphic Designer 307.532.8282
Amanda Fear Instructor- Cosmetology 307.532.8362
Kellee Gooder Director of Residence Life 307.532.8336
Brandi Graybill GearUP Technician 307.532.8347
Teri Griffin Academic Coordinator, Adult Learning Center 307.358.5622
JR Gutierrez Custodian 307.532.8254
John Hale Custodian 307.532.8254
John Hansen Instructor- Communication 307.532.8367
Rick Harold Cook 307.532.8241
Sandra Harold Administrative Assistant- Instruction 307.532.8260
Terri Hauf Financial Aid Specialist 307.532.8326
Cindy Hiegel Custodian 307.532.8254
Brandy Horejs Technical Clerk, Accounts Payable 307.532.8306
Keith Jarvis Director- Physical Plant 307.532.8255
Casey Jones Instructor & Men’s Basketball Coach 307.532.8246
Kim Jones Senior Administrative Assistant- Marketing/PR 307.532.8217
Jo Ellen Keigley Testing Center 307.532.8288
Chuck Kenyon Information Analyst 307.532.8302
Peggy Knittel Instructor- Biology/Science 307.532.8266
Dixie Kroenlein Senior Administrative Assistant- Information Center 307.532.8211
Ron Laher Vice President for Financial Affairs 307.532.8218
Holly Lara Administrative Assistant- Office of Development 307.532.8397
Jan Lilletvedt Instructor- Physical Education 307.532.8358
Kathy Leinweber Administrative Assistant – Outreach 307.358.5622
Becky Lorenz Assistant Director-Library 307.532.8210
Dee Ludwig Vice President for Learning 307.532.8221
Greg Martin Information Tech Specialist 307.532.8236
Rebecca McAllister Financial Aid Specialist 307.532.8327
Sue McBride Director- Douglas Campus 307.358.5622
Josh McDaniel Instructor- Math 307.532.8256
Diane McQueen Director- ABE/GED/ESL 307.532.8399
Court Merrigan Coordinator of the Center for Tutoring and Learning 307.532.8378
Jamie Michael Instructor- Vet Tech 307.532.8376
Tom Milstead Administrative Coordinator 307.532.8357
Jennifer Minks Instructor- Business 307.532.8285
Colleen Mitchell Instructor – Veterinary Technology 307.532.8360
Lori Moore Manager, Payroll 307.532.8307
Laurie Mueller Food Service Manager 307.532.8342
Stuart Nelson Director-Human Resources 307.532.8330
John Nesbitt Instructor- English & spanish 307.532.8292
Stan Nicolls Welding Lab Coordinator and Instructor 307.532.8370
Kate Norton Veterinary Technician 307.532.8333
Michele Ogburn Director of Counseling Services 307.532.8238
Mai Lee Olsen Admissions Coordinator 307.532.8237
Debbie Oschner Instructor- Social Science 307.532.8384
Karen Parriott Director- Business Office 307.532.8264
Richard Patterson President 307.532.8202
Lorna Pehl Instructor- Chemistry 307.532.8287
Lance Petsch Coordinator- Intramurals and Activties 307.532.8338
Karen Posten Senior Administrative Assistant- Outreach 307.532.8349
Henry Prado Supervisor, Evening Custodian 307.532.8254
Patricia Pulliam Instructor- Business Computer Applications 307.532.8372
Tracy Rodgers Custodian 307.532.8254
Elaine Rush Assistant Manager Food Service 307.532.8314
Kim Russell Director of Institutional Research 307.532.8251
Susan Schaefer Senior Administrative Assistant- Community Education 307.532.8213
Robert Schmalzried Instructor- Math 307.532.8295
Sue Schmidt Administrative Assistant- Registration & Records 307.532.8207
Marcella Schwietzer Cook 307.532.8241
Cristi Semmler Instructor- Vet Tech 307.532.8331
Julie Sherbeyn Instructor & Head Volleyball Coach 307.532.8248
Amy Smith Senior Administrative Assistant- Records 307.532.8334
Keith Smith Webmaster 307.532.8231
Zach Smith Director of Enrollment Management & Head Golf Coach 307.532.8232
Don Snyder Grounds Assistant 307.532.8356
Vonda Soester Clerk, Copy Center 307.532.8212
Kaitlyn Steben Instructor- Agriculture 307.532.8271
Catherine Steinbock Instructor- Early Childhood 307.532.8339
Susan Stepheson Director of Financial Aid 307.532.8325
Monte Stokes Instructor- Agriculture 307.532.8273
Kelly Strampe Instructor – English 307.532.8373
Jamie Sullivan Administrative Assistant- Douglas 307.358.5622
Oliver Sundby Director of Institutional Development 307.532.8304
Chris Urbanek Information Tech Specialist 307.532.8259
Tyler Vasko Software Specialist 307.532.8235
Antonio Velásquez Bus Driver/Custodian 307.532.8254
Patsy Velázquez Senior Administrative Assistant- Athletics 307.532.8245
Rick Vonburg Instructor- Agriculture, Economics & Statistics 307.532.8299
David Vondy Fitness Center and Athletic Director 307.532.8244
Susan Walker Instructor- Vet Tech 307.532.8279
Lynn Wambolt Administrative Assistant- Institutional Effectiveness 307.532.8220
Sherri Warren Instructor- Math at Douglas 307.358.5622
Chris Wenzel Instructor- Biology 307.532.8293
Holly West Technical Clerk, Financial Aid 307.532.8224
Donna White Community Education Coordinator 307.532.8323
Susan Winn Community Education Coordinator – Douglas 307.358.5622
Vickie Winney Instructor – Health Tech 307.358.5622
Clyde Woods Purchasing Coordinator 307.532.8359
Georgia Younglove Instructor- Agriculture & Livestock Judging Coach 307.532.8374
Gwendolyn Yung Instructor- Health Tech 307.532.8247