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Living with Intention

(0) October 16, 2018 Lesley Travers

It sounds simple, but it really isn’t.  Trying to figure out your vision and what you want to do and who you to be is the one thing that will anchor everything else you do.  Once you obtain this vision; …


An Irish Blessing

(0) October 15, 2018 Lesley Travers

I am in Ireland this week and wanted to leave you with an Irish Blessing:

May those that love us, love us

May those that don’t love us,

May God turn their hearts, and if he can’t turn their hearts,

May he turn their …


ATEC Building

(0) October 11, 2018 Lesley Travers

A few people are asking about ATEC and how it is coming along.  Here is what I can tell everyone:  We met with the  with architects, state engineers, etc. on Thursday, October 4 and it will go out for bid …


Lancer Volleyball team

(0) September 14, 2018 Lesley Travers

The Lancer Volleyball team is playing at the Northeastern JC Tourney this week-end.  We wish them lots of wins and success.


Lancer Golf

(0) September 14, 2018 Lesley Travers

Go out and cheer on the Lancer Golf team right here in Torrington at the Cottonwood Country Club.  Rumors have it that they are doing pretty darn good!  I saw a few basketball girls out there yesterday afternoon.  They seemed …