Students, parents, new friends. Be ready to make yourself at home. You’ll enjoy the support of faculty, staff, and other students.

  • Quality education.
  • Strong sense of community.
  • A place to expand your opportunities.

We rely on the strengths of our past; continue to forge new futures. Our President’s Cabinet at EWC invites you to discover all the possibilities.

Tami Afdahl

Tami Afdahl - Director of College Relations

Title: Director of College Relations
Phone: 307.532.8206

Sally Watson

Title: Executive Asst. to the President
Phone: 307.532.8303

 Heidi Edmunds

Heidi Edmunds - Vice President for Academic Services

Title: Vice President of Academic Services
Phone: 307.532.8261

John A. Hansen

John A. Hansen - Director of Institutional Development

Title: Director of Institutional Development
Phone: 307.532.8304

Roger Humphrey

Roger Humphrey - Vice President for Student Services

Title: Vice President for Student Services
Phone: 307.532.8257

Holly Lara

Holly Lara - Director of Human Resources

Title: Director of Human Resources
Phone: 307.532.8330

Kwin Wilkes

Kwin Wilkes - Vice President of Adminstrative Services

Title: Vice President of Administrative Services
Phone: 307.532.8218

Margaret Farley

Margaret Farley - Vice PResident of Douglas Campus

Title: Vice President of Douglas Campus
Phone: 307.624.7010