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This program offers many of the education courses required for business education majors as well as office and computer skills necessary for employment in a business office. The program is designed for the student wishing to transfer after two years to complete a teaching degree in business education at a four-year institution. Education programs vary greatly at four-year institutions, so students should consult the catalog of the college or university of their choice for information on the specific requirements of that institution.

Notice of background check: All education students are subject to background checks for selected educational coursework involving student contact and future employment as professionals in education and related fields. Student financial aid may be used to cover the cost.

Students planning to transfer to the University of Wyoming should take EDFD 2450 Lifespan Human Development.

Students must complete all program requirements, including approved electives, with a “C” or better.

Freshman Year – Fall Semester

Class Credit Hours
ECON 1010 – Macroeconomics 3
EDFD 2020 – Foundations of Education 3
ENGL 1010 – English I: Composition 3
MATH 1400 – Pre-Calculus Algebra 4
PSYC 1000 – General Psychology 3
Freshman Foundations 1
Total Credit Hours: 17

Freshman Year – Spring Semester

Class Credit Hours
EDFD 2100 – Educational Psychology 3
EDUC 2100 – Practicum in Teaching 2-3
ITEC 2360 – Teaching with Technology 3
MGT 2100 – Principles of Management 3
Arts & Humanities 3
Physical Education Activity 1
Total Credit Hours: 15-16

Sophomore Year – Fall Semester

Class Credit Hours
ACCT 1010 – Principles of Accounting I 3
MKT 2100 – Principles of Marketing 3
Constitutional Requirements 3
Lab Science I 4
*Approved Electives 4
Total Credit Hours: 17

Sophomore Year – Spring Semester

Class Credit Hours
ACCT 1020 – Principles of Accounting II 3
BADM 2010 – Business Law I 3
ENGL 2020 – Introduction to Literature 3
HLED 1221 – Standard First Aid & Safety 2
*Approved Electives 3
Outcomes Assessment:
HMDV 2411 – Assessment Requirement 0
Total Credit Hours: 14
*Approved Electives: Any course at the 1000 or above level.