This degree will prepare students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university. The courses have been designed to transfer to the University of Wyoming College of Agriculture. Other colleges or universities may have other requirements and students should work with their EWC advisors to plan for other college requirements. This degree presents the student with four options: a General Agriculture option for those that are not sure in what specific area in agriculture they would like to major, an Agricultural Business option, an Agroecology/Agronomy option, and an Animal Science option.

Students must complete all program requirements, including approved electives, with a ā€œCā€ or better.

Freshman Year – Fall Semester

Class Credit Hours
ENGL 1010 – English I: Composition 3
MATH 1400 – Pre-Calculus Algebra 4
AGRI 1000 – Issue in Agriculture 1
AECL 1000 – Agroecology 4
AGRI 1010 – Computers in Agriculture 3
Total Credit Hours: 15

Freshman Year – Spring Semester

Class Credit Hours
BIOL 1010 – General Biology I 4
Communication 2 3
Physical Education Activity 1
*Approved Electives 7
Total Credit Hours: 15

Sophmore Year – Fall Semester

Class Credit Hours
AGEC 1010 – Agricultural Economics 3
Constitutional Requirements 3
*Approved Electives 9
Total Credit Hours: 15

Sophmore Year – Spring Semester

Class Credit Hours
AGEC 2395 – Ag Capstone Project 2
STAT 2050 – Fundamentals of Statistics 4
Arts & Humanities 3
*Approved Electives 6
Total Credit Hours: 15

Students pursuing the Animal Science option must take the following courses as electives:

Class Credit Hours
ANSC 1010 – Livestock Production I 4
CHEM 1000 – Introductory Chemistry 4
Total Credit Hours: 8

Students must take an additional 14 credit hours of approved Ag electives. Encouraged are electives with the following prefixes: AGEC, AGRI, AGTK, ANSC, CROP, ELTR, EQST, MCHT, REWM, and WELD. This option is designed for students interested in career opportunities in agriculture that involve livestock, such as feed and supplement dealers, veterinarians, livestock feeding operations, and ranches.

Additional requirements/electives for Animal Science majors choosing the Production Option at the University of Wyoming

Class Credit Hours
AGEC 2020 – Farm-Ranch Business Management 3
ANSC 2030 – Principles of Livestock Feeding 4
BIOL 2020 – General Biology II 4
ECON 1020 – Microeconomics 3
REWM 2000 – Principles of Range Management 3