EWC Nursing Program – Licensure Rate of Graduates (Projected)

Graduating Class NLCEX-RN 1st time pass-rate EWC 3 year Mean National 3 Year Mean Wyoming Pass Rate 3 Year Mean
2016-2018 Cohort 81.82%-goal 80% 80% 80%
2018-2020 Cohort 50% To Be Announced 77%
2020-2022 Cohort To Be Announced To Be Announced

Wyoming State Board of Nursing Report of NCLEX-RN Pass Rates for Eastern Wyoming College First Timers

  2018 2020-COVID 2021-COVID National Average
Total Delivered 11 16 85% – 2018
Total Passed 9 8
Total Failed 2 8
Total on Hold 0 0
Total Pass Rate 81.82% 50% 46.15% 77% – 2020


While information can be published for 12 students and cannot for cohorts of 10 or less, our institution would prefer not to publish this data as it is still identifiable. Please contact the Nursing Director at 307-624-7000 for a review of this data.

Graduation Rate/Completion Rate: Class of 2018

The first nursing class admitted in the fall of 2016 had a completion rate of 85.7% (14 admitted, 12 graduating). The goal was to have 80% graduate within the 150% of maximum program completion.

Graduation Rate/Completion Rate: Class of 2020

The second nursing class admitted the fall of 2018 had a completion rate of 94% (16 admitted, 16 graduating with a replacement student second year). The goal was to have 80% graduate within the 150% of maximum program completion.

Employment Rate: Class of 2018: 90%

All students passing their NCLEX-RN exam (n=10) had multiple job offers and are gainfully employed except one who is proceeding full-time in education to obtain a Doctorate in Nursing Practice/Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

Employment Rate: Class of 2020:  94%

All students were offered jobs as graduate nurses prior to taking the NCLEX-RN exam. Only one student did not accept a job offer out of 16 total.

EWC has not made a determination as to whether its program’s curriculum meets any other State’s educational requirements for licensure or certification.

EWC Nursing Student Handbook Changes (3-1-2021)

The following changes have been made:

Page i: ACEN Address Change
Page 7: ZOOM Guidelines
Page 9: Smoking and Smokeless Tobacco, E-Cigs, & Vaping
Page 12: Transfer Policy from another Wyoming C.C.
Page 20: COVID Vaccine
Page 21: Technology Requirements for NurseTim & ExamSoft
Page 22: Graduation Requirements
Page 24: Estimated Expenses

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