First Year Second Year
Tool Box (Should not exceed 9” x 14”x 22”) Half Round Bastard File
Leather, Hard Sole Industrial Work Boots File Handle
Slip Joint Pliers 16 oz. Ballpeen Hammer
Diagonal Pliers Flashlight
Combination Square Wedges
10” Adjustable Wrench Cold Chisel
Locking Pliers Hand Wire Brush
Screwdriver Knee Pads
*Angle Protractor TIG Gloves
Tape Measure Center Punch
12” Mill File 4 ½” Grinder
File Handle Chipping Hammer
Lock and Key 1 Root Bead Brush for Grinder
*Safety Glasses (with side shields) 4-1/2 x 1/8 Grinding Wheels
*Cutting-Welding Goggles
*Welding Gloves
*Tip Cleaner
Welder’s Cap
*Cap-Sleeve-Bib (Leather)
* 6” Steel Rule
Welding Helmet (Cannot be auto-darkening)
5 Clear Plastic Cover Plates