EWC Students

Please contact your advisor via email for guidance on how to plan and register for Fall 2020 classes. Your advisor is prepared to meet with you virtually and use MyEWC Services to assist you in creating your schedule and registering for classes.

If you do not know who your advisor is or need assistance, please contact Academic.Services@ewc.wy.edu.

Registration for Fall 2020 opens on April 9, 2020.

All student holds (business, library, and athletics) are being suspended for Spring 2020 enrolled students registering for the Fall 2020 semester. All existing accounts must be reconciled by Monday, May 4, 2020 at 4:00pm in order to start Fall 2020 classes. Please contact the EWC Administrative Services Office at 307-532-8205 for more information. This is not applicable to students who have academic holds. Please contact your advisor or the Registrar’s Office at 307-532-8207 for more information.

Financial Aid

We know these are interesting and difficult times, but the Financial Aid Office staff are still here for you! Some points to note:

  • If you still have an outstanding balance from Spring, please contact our office to see if there are any more aid options for you.
  • The last day to submit loan applications for the term is April 24. Check with us to see if you have more loan eligibility. Loan apps are available here: https://ewc.wy.edu/future-students/financial-aid/financial-aid-forms/
  • You can submit that loan app and any other documentation to our office quickly, safely, and securely via EWC’s Secure Email!
  • Enrolling in summer classes? Be sure your EWC Scholarship application is updated through your MyEWC account to include Summer 2020 as one of the terms you’d like to be considered for institutional awards.

If you haven’t already completed your aid applications for 2020-2021, now is the time to get them done (YES, you have to apply EVERY year! ).

  • Complete the 2020-2021 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at StudentAid.gov.

The FAFSA is required for Hathaway Need awards, Wyoming Works grants and the majority of institutional and Foundation scholarships!!

  • Completed the FAFSA but haven’t heard about your aid for fall yet? Check out what you may be missing through your MyEWC account in the MyEWC Services tab! You can also view and print your award letter through your Self-Service account.
  • Don’t forget to complete EWC’s scholarship application through the Scholarship App button when you first log into your MyEWC account.
  • Look for outside scholarships available here: https://ewc.wy.edu/scholarship-list/

Most importantly, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us via phone or email. If you are having difficulty with applications, we can also schedule a time to have a conference call or Zoom meeting to walk you through the app. We may be remote, but we are available! Feel free to contact our main office at 307.532.8224 or financialaid@ewc.wy.edu, or contact us individually for specific areas:

  • Holly West (general questions, VA benefits, Work Study): 307.532.8224 or Holly.West@ewc.wy.edu
  • Terri Hauf (scholarship questions, federal verification/documentation questions): 307.532.8326 or Terri.Hauf@ewc.wy.edu
  • Shanna Vargas (Hathaway questions, federal verification/documentation questions):
    307.532.8327 or Shanna.Vargas@ewc.wy.edu
  • Susan Stephenson (questions on impact to aid from withdrawing, appeal questions):
    307.532.8325 or Susan.Stephenson@ewc.wy.edu

Take care and stay healthy! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

     Your EWC Financial Aid Team