The Social Science program at EWC is a unique opportunity to earn credits toward a degree in a specific subject or to explore the many exciting specialties within the social science field. Whether you know exactly which career you wish to pursue, or you are still trying to narrow your focus, this program is right for you!
If you are interested in psychology, sociology, history, political science, or a similar field, come learn with us. Some of the benefits of the SOSC program at EWC are:

• The opportunity to learn from highly qualified instructors who have real-world experience within their disciplines
• Small class sizes providing access to instructors and other students with similar majors and interests
• Up-to-date and relevant instruction and technology integrated into the classroom
• Job applicable skills and the academic foundation for transfer to a 4- year institution

Here are some of the exciting course offerings and what present and former students have to say:
Cultural Diversity in America
Abnormal Psychology
Social Problems
World Regional Geography

“Cultural Diversity in America taught us about the changes in our society but it was also a major reality check about what our everyday lives are.”

“This class was really unique because we got to see life through really diverse people and have the opportunity to listen to them tell us about their lives. It helped to hear their perspectives.”

“I am very glad I took World Regional Geography because it created a foundation to better understand and empathize with the other 6.7 billion people in this world.”

Social Problems “I felt that this course absolutely talks about issues that society faces everyday and it could potentially change the way some people think about discrimination, biases, and stereotypes of others. I think this course should be a required class for any major, because it deals with concepts, problems and ideas that everyone will face. It has been one of the best classes I have ever taken.”

The Social Science major is considered a transfer degree, intended to prepare students for further coursework at a four-year institution. Many Social Science majors seek advanced degrees in their fields in order to become Psychologists, Mental Health Counselors, or to conduct research. Others may utilize their social science background to pursue careers in human resources, public relations, market research, or to gain admission to law school.