EWC’s Business Office is dedicated to helping students and their families understand the costs and payment options associated with their educational investment. Please see below for information on costs and payment options, or contact our office.  

Karen Parriott

Karen Parriott
Title: Director - Business Office
Phone: 307.532.8264
Email: karen.parriott@ewc.wy.edu

Lisa Briggs

Lisa Briggs

Title: Accounts Payable Technician
Phone:  307.532.8306
Email: lisa.briggs@ewc.wy.edu

Patricia Colby

Title: Accounts Receivable Technician
Phone: 307.532.8205
Email: patricia.colby@ewc.wy.edu

Business Office Information

All tuition and fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each semester and before the student attends class.

Payment can be made in person, by phone, by mail, or through LancerNet.

Methods of Payment Accepted:

Payment Mailing Address:

Eastern Wyoming College
Business Office
3200 West C Street
Torrington WY 82240

Payment plans are available for the fall and spring semesters. Please contact the Business Office for more information at 307.532.8205.

Residence Hall Refunds

If an on-campus resident withdraws from college or moves out of college housing before the start of the semester or within the first 8 calendar days of the start of the semester, he/she shall forfeit 25% of the semester room and board charges assessed and 100% of the housing security deposit. Students moving out of college housing after 8 calendar days from the beginning of the semester shall forfeit 100% of the room and board charge assessment and 100% of the housing security deposit paid (i.e. NO REFUNDS after 8 days). If, before midterm, there are circumstances clearly beyond the student’s control, an appeal regarding a refund may be made by submitting a written statement to the Director of Residence Life explaining why an exception should be made. No refunds will be made to students who do not officially withdraw or whose misconduct results in suspension/dismissal from on-campus housing and/or suspension/dismissal from the College.

Tuition/Fee Refunds

*Tuition is refunded on a course-by-course basis and is determined by the length of the course and the first meeting day of the course. For courses which meet the full semester, Tuition, and Activity and Use Fees are refunded in full for 8 calendar days beginning with the first day of the class. Thereafter, the tuition refund is 25% through 29 calendar days beginning with the first day of the class with no refund for Activity and Use/Technology Fees. For courses which are offered for less than a full semester, Tuition, Activity and Use/Technology Fees will be refunded according to a proration of the full semester refund schedule. *For students with federal financial aid please refer to Withdrawals and Return of Title IV Aid in the Financial Aid section.

All tuition and fees must be paid in full at the beginning of each semester and before the student attends classes. All checks must be made payable to Eastern Wyoming College. Tuition rates are subject to change without notice upon approval of the Wyoming Community College Commission. The EWC Board of Trustees reserves the right to change fees at any time.
2015-16 Activity & Use Fees Tuition

Credit Hours On-Campus Activity & Use Fees Outreach Activity & Use Fees Tech Fee In-State Tuition WUE* Tuition Out-of-State Tuition
1 $16 $8 $8 $83 $124 $249
2 32 16 16 166 248 498
3 48 24 24 249 372 747
4 64 32 32 332 496 996
5 80 40 40 415 620 1245
6 96 48 48 498 744 1494
7 112 56 56 581 868 1743
8 128 64 64 664 992 1992
9 144 72 72 747 1116 2241
10 160 80 80 830 1240 2490
11 176 88 88 913 1364 2739
12 192 96 96 996 1488 2988
13 208 104 104 996 1488 2988
14 224 112 112 996 1488 2988
15 240 120 120 996 1488 2998
16+ 256 128 128 996 1488 2988

NOTE: Students pay either on-campus or Outreach use fees depending upon their primary home location, but not both.

*The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) tuition rate is calculated at approximately 1 1/2 times the resident tuition rates. To qualify for the WUE rate, a student must be a resident of Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaii, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, South Dakota, Utah, Washington, Pacific Island U.S. territories (American Samoa, Northern Marianas, and Guam) and free-standing states (Marshall Islands, Federated States of Micronesia, and Palau). Nebraska residents also qualify for WUE tuition rates.

Additional Note:  Additional course fees may apply.  Please see page 17 of the College Catalog for a list of special fees.


Standard Room–Eastern Hall (Option 1)
Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
$3,068 $3,068 $6,136
Private Standard–Room Eastern Hall (Option 2)
Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
$3,476 $3,476 $6,952
Suite–Eastern Hall (Option 3)
Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
$3,257 $3,257 $6,514
Private Suite–Eastern Hall (Option 4)
Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
$3,663 $3,663 $7,326
Semi-Private Suite–Lancer Hall (Option 5)
Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
$3,344 $3,344 $6,688
Summer 2015: $108 per week (Room only)
Private Suite–Lancer Hall (Option 6)
Fall Semester Spring Semester Total
$3,776 $3,776 $7,552
Summer 2015: $146 per week (Room only)

Fees include: Room, Board, Local Telephone Service, Basic TV Service, and Internet Service.
The above listed fees are subject to revision each year. In addition, there is a refundable housing security deposit of $150 required with each housing application. The housing security deposit is refundable if there is no room damage and the student complies with all check-out procedures. Please contact the Director of Residence Life for more information at 307.532.8336.
(Updated for 2015-2016)

2015-2016 Meal Plan Cost: $1,422
17 Meal Plan: Seventeen meals per week
14 Meal Plan: Any fourteen meals per week plus $135 Munch Money
10 Meal Plan: Any ten meals per week plus $315 Munch Money

The above listed fees are subject to revision each year.
(Updated for 2015-2016)

Student Account Information Privacy Notice: The Federal Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) prohibit an educational institution from releasing confidential, non-directory information about a student without his/her consent. Students can waive this right for a third-party, including a parent or guardian, to have access to this information by completing a release form. These forms are available from Student Services or by clicking here.

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