Eastern Wyoming College welcomes organizations and individuals to our campus for meetings, activities, and special events. Use of College facilities by outside parties is governed by EWC Board Policy 6.1 and Administrative Rules 6.1.1 – 6.1.3. If you have any accommodation requests or questions concerning your time here on campus, please contact Dixie Kroenlein, Information Center Senior Administrative Assistant, at 532-8211.

As a friendly reminder we ask that you observe the following guidelines for your comfort and safety and for the comfort and safety of others on campus:

  • The Dolores Kaufman Board Room and the Verl Petsch, Jr. Activities Center Conference Room are for meetings only and will not be scheduled for ongoing classes.
  • The person requesting the use of EWC facilities and equipment shall be familiar with the facilities rules and guidelines established by EWC. This person and his/her designated event sponsors must adequately supervise the participants of the meeting, activity, or special event, and ensure that everyone follows these rules and guidelines.
  • The number of designated event sponsors shall be appropriately balanced to the size of group hosted. All occupied rooms shall have a sponsor present. Hallways and common areas shall be properly monitored by sponsors during breaks.
  • Food and beverages may be consumed in most areas on campus unless specifically prohibited. However, to avoid additional charges by the College, event sponsors are responsible for cleaning up the area afterwards. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on College property.
  • Event sponsors shall provide for adequate control and supervision of the rooms, hallways, and restrooms used during the course of the event, including break times, especially where minors are present.
  • Sponsors and participants should be mindful that classes may be in session and there are others on campus working, studying, and otherwise using our facilities. Noise and disruptive behavior of participants shall be appropriately controlled by sponsors at all times.
  • Smoking within College buildings and vehicles is prohibited unless specifically designated.
  • It is your responsibility to know the location of fire extinguishers, fire exits, and fire alarm activation stations within the vicinity of the room(s) you are occupying.
  • In the event of a fire, an alarm will sound. Please evacuate the buildings in a calm manner, assisting others where necessary. Do not use the elevator during an alarm. When safely away from the building, account for all persons under your supervision. Do not reenter the buildings unless you have been directed to do so by a college official.
  • Note that EWC does not maintain insurance coverage for equipment or personal property brought on campus. The College is not responsible for the replacement or repair of lost, damaged, or stolen equipment that is owned by others.
  • Any printed or written advertising for an activity utilizing college facilities shall contain wording as follows: Sponsored by (Name of Sponsor or Sponsoring Organization)
    • All of the above shall be bold face and larger than any reference to EWC.
    • Any mention of EWC in the advertisement shall refer to location only.

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