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Policies and Administrative Rules


Adopted 10/14/97
Revised 11/8/05, 2/11/14, 6/14/16

Eastern Wyoming College encourages the use of its Torrington and Douglas facilities for meetings and events in their six county service area to the fullest extent possible by organizations and individuals outside of college daily activities. However, recognizing the responsibility to the taxpayers that these facilities are intended primarily for educational purposes, and to insure that the facilities are used and enjoyed in such a manner as to prolong the life of college property, this policy will be administered according to the associated administrative rules.

Administrative Rule 6.1.1: USE OF COLLEGE FACILITIES

Adopted 01/25/00
Revised 2/11/14, 6/6/16

The following procedures are intended for the smoothest and most efficient operation possible of Eastern Wyoming College’s facilities. Community use of the facilities is authorized on a “space-available” basis. EWC also publishes facilities use guidelines for distribution to event sponsors requesting College meeting facilities, and these guidelines are intended to outline College expectations with regard to supervision, control, and safety of participants by event sponsors.


    1. Facility reservations are made through the Information Center for either the Torrington or Douglas Campus. All individuals and/or organizations making reservations will sign a contract, agreeing to the rules and charges applicable for the use of Eastern Wyoming College facilities, and provide proof of liability insurance in the required format. The College has two types of charges: administrative fees (for the facility) and use fees (for utilities and required support personnel). Special reservation guidelines are used with the gymnasium.
    2. Alcoholic beverages are prohibited on Eastern Wyoming College property. Also, see Smoking Rule 6.1.2 as it pertains to EWC buildings.
    3. Any and all damages will be repaired by the College at the expense of the user.
    4. Commercial organizations will be assessed an administrative fee at the current rate for use of college facilities. Commercial organizations include nonprofit organizations which charge fees or collect donations for the sponsored activity.
    5. Appropriate utilities, custodial, security, technical, and/or other use fees will be charged.
    6. Use fees will be assessed by the hour for the space and required support personnel. The custodial fee for example, may need to be assessed for the entire time of the event as well as the time required for set up and clean up.
    7. All use fees will be applied to utilities and part-time custodial or maintenance salaries, facilities repairs, and replacement of associated equipment. Technical support fees will be used to reimburse the appropriate budget.
    8. The administrative fee will be waived for affiliated, but appropriate use fees may be charged (utilities fees, custodial, etc.):
      • Goshen or Converse County Public Schools and city and county governmental entities
      • Goshen or Converse County businesses and nonprofit organizations (as long as no fees or donations are involved for the proposed event)
      • University of Wyoming and Wyoming Community Colleges
      • Goshen Community Theatre
    9. Goshen and Converse County affiliated organizations are encouraged to use the College facilities for their regular meetings on a “space-available” basis. Such groups will not be charged the administrative fee for use of the facilities, but may be charged appropriate utilities, custodial, security, technical, and/or other use fees, for all necessary services according to the scope and magnitude of the event, in the opinion of the College.
    10. Administrative and use fees will be charged to all groups for specialty areas such as computer labs.
    11. When the Vice President determines that extenuating circumstances exist, the Vice President may waive all or part of the fees and/or insurance or license requirements.
    12. Gymnasium use guidelines are as follows:

Priorities to determine gymnasium usage:

        1. Academic classes
        2. Reserved functions
          • Intercollegiate athletic practice and/or contests
          • Interscholastic athletic practice and/or contests
          • Community and/or public events
        3. Intramural activities
        4. Open gymnasium use
        5. Reservations by individuals and/or groups.

Reservations must be made through the Information Center, with the approval of the Athletic Director.

Except for when the gymnasium is being used for college activities, it is available for other authorized uses. Times and days will vary during college closure days and summer. A schedule of gymnasium hours is posted outside of the gymnasium and is available at the Athletic Director’s office and the college reception office.

Open gymnasium activities, which have EWC staff supervision in the immediate area, may be scheduled through the Information Center with the approval of the Athletic Director.

Individuals and/or groups may use the gymnasium during other times and days. Advance approval and reservations are required. Direct staff supervision in the immediate area at all times is required.

EWC reserves the right to close the gymnasium any time for repairs and maintenance.

      1. EWC requires commercial food service providers to be licensed in Wyoming and provide proof at time of the reservation.


  1. College owned equipment, including computers, audiovisual, and sound and lighting controls are to be operated only by properly trained personnel who are authorized by the College. Event sponsors requiring the use of college equipment shall request these services when reserving the facilities. If available, an EWC authorized person will accommodate the requester and appropriate charges will be made for services rendered. If an authorized person is unavailable, the use of this equipment will be denied.
  2. All college equipment is intended for official use only and is not to be loaned to or used by individuals for personal use. Exceptions to the “no loan” policy may be made for nonprofit organizations, but only with approval of the College President.
  3. Charges for equipment use will be based upon the extent of use and nature of activity for which equipment is being used.
    Any and all damages will be repaired or replaced by the College at the expense of the event sponsor.
  4. Any and all damages will be repaired or replaced by the College at the expense of the event sponsor.


In keeping with the College’s stated goal of providing services to the community, the College bus may be available to community groups and organizations, public institutions, and other agencies for use in college coordinated activities. Scheduling procedures apply to reservation of the bus, which give priority to athletics, instructional programs, and the community education activities of the College.

Use of the bus will be scheduled through the office of the Athletic Director under the supervision of the Vice President for Student Services. In determining priority, consideration will be given to the number of participants, distance to be traveled, time away from campus, driver availability, and comparative costs of the respective trips.

The Director of Human Resources will establish a list of approved drivers.

Charges for the use of the bus will be determined by the Vice President for Services through a normal review/approval process and will be based upon the nature and the scope of the activity. Charges will be based upon operation, maintenance, and depreciation costs.

Administrative Rule 6.1.2: SMOKING RULE

Adopted 7/21/04
Revised 11/8/05, 2/11/14, 5/13/14

Smoking, including electronic-cigarettes (e-cigs or e-cigarettes), personal vaporizers (PV) or electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS), is not allowed within buildings located on the campuses in Torrington and Douglas, Wyoming, including classrooms, lobbies, hallways, cafeterias, recreation areas, restrooms, residence halls, or living facilities. Smoking is not allowed within college vehicles.

Administrative Rule 6.1.3: ATHLETIC CONTEST ADMISSION

Adopted 5/10/05
Revised 11/8/05, 2/11/14, 6/6/16

The following procedure will be used for admission to all athletic contests:

                      1. Free admission to or passes are for all regular session contests and are provided to:
                        • EWC Board of Trustees, and spouses and family
                        • EWC benefitted faculty, benefitted staff, and spouses and family
                        • EWC athletes’ parents
                        • EWC Emeritus Faculty and spouse
                        • EWC Honored Retiree and spouse
                        • EWC students currently enrolled are admitted with a valid student I.D.
                        • Goshen County Schools Superintendent (four passes to distribute)
                        • Goshen County Schools Head Coaches (in sport only)
                      2. Adult Booster Passes. Two adult passes within the same family will admit an entire family to all regular season contests.
                      3. General admission prices will be posted at the gate. Adequate records of admission ticket sales shall be maintained at all events in order to facilitate state sales tax reporting.

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