Diane McQueen

Diane McQueen - Director of AE/GED/ESL

Title: Director of Adult Education
Phone: 307.532.8399
Email: diane.mcqueen@ewc.wy.edu


“Empowering families and individuals to increase education, career  readiness, and life skills so they can overcome barriers and successfully embark upon a clear career pathway.”

Mission Statement

In an effort to address community workforce needs, the Wyoming Departments of Workforce Service, Family Literacy, Vocational Rehabilitation, and the Adult Education at Eastern Wyoming College have partnered together to provide core services to include: career counseling and career readiness, parent enrichment, life skills training, early childhood education, adult education, career pathways explorations and trainings, post secondary concurrent enrollments, screenings and referrals.

Integrated Education and Trainings (IET) Programs of Study

Start Smart

 All students must complete a multi-step orientation process. Each of the core partnering agencies have worked hard to establish orientation processes which eliminate any duplication of services. Despite this there are mandated procedures that must be completed at each of the individualized agencies. Through Adult Education, students complete a Start Smart course which includes the following:

  • assessments using TABE, BEST PLUS, BEST Literacy, and/or TABE Clas-E to evaluate existing skill levels
  • career assessments and career research
  • career counseling
  • PowerPath screenings for Visual Stress Syndrome, Attention Challenges, Vision & Hearing, Phonological Skills, and Culturally & Linguistically Differences. Students will also select strategies to help them learn how to address any challenges identified by these screenings.
  • Cognitive learning
  • Learning Style Inventory
  • Smarter Plans and Integrated Learning maps which establish short and long term student goals.

Retention Plan

Retention begins with the Start Smart course. Students are familiarized with our programs, how they work and what is expected of them. It is our belief that if every part of the instructional process is clarified for the learner, then the learner will most likely be retained in the program of study. In addition,  students are empowered through the creation of individual Smarter plans, aligned to career goals, coupled with the use of strategies that they can use both in academic settings as well in the workforce.

Showing Progress

Because adult learners can be hard on themselves and question their actual educational progress, it is important to ensure that all students are aware of any achievements they may make. Various approaches are used to assist students in understanding their to-date accomplishments. (eg. reviewing homework with the student, post-testing, teacher-student consultations, etc.)


Student absences are dealt with in a professional, yet caring manner. After the initial absence, instructors make informal contact with the student through the telephone and encourage the student to return to class as soon as possible. After a period of 60 days of continual non-attendance, Eastern Wyoming College follows up with a written communiqué encouraging their return to class. After 90 days of non-attendance, students are classified on the database as ‘inactive’ and are withdrawn from the program.

Integrated Services

The Adult Education program at Eastern Wyoming College offers a wide variety of courses to help students achieve their career goals. These include Adult Education and Career Pathways programs of study.

Qualified Adult Education students are eligible to concurrently enroll in Career Pathways Explorations and Trainings (CPET), Career and Technical Education (CTE), and Transitions to College courses while enrolled in other Adult Education classes.

Through the integration of services provided by the core partners, students will also be offered the opportunity to partake in short workshops on such topics as:

  • financial literacy
  • planning for college and beyond
  • health
  • interviewing skills

Tuition Waivers for Post-Secondary Education at Eastern Wyoming College

Adult Education students who enroll concurrently in courses at EWC may qualify for a tuition waiver. The tuition waiver entitles recipients to enroll in two classes at EWC; College Studies and a free elective of the students choice.

The Adult Education program is available to learners in the six counties covered by the EWC service area: Crook, Weston, Converse, Niobrara, Goshen, and Platte.