Estate and Planned Giving           

Estate and planned gift can allow you to make a significant gift to the EWC Foundation either during your lifetime or at your death.  Planned gifts such as wills, life income gifts and life insurance provide opportunities for donors to contribute in ways that can be extremely powerful, and in ways that may not be possible for your current situation. 

A properly designed estate plan, with the assistance of qualified legal and financial counsel, can not only allow you to provide for your family as you wish, and to support charitable organizations that you wish to support. It can also provide significant current and long term tax advantages

The EWC Foundation encourages you to make this type of philanthropic decision in consultation with your family and with your professional financial consultants and advisors, as well as with the office of development at Eastern Wyoming College.  Wills and bequests, charitable trusts, including charitable remainder trusts and charitable gift annuities, living trusts, and life insurance are frequently used as vehicles for your charitable interests through estate planning.  

The EWC Foundation understands that a decision involving an estate plan must first involve what you wish to do for your family and heirs at a future date.  While your charitable intentions should always be included within your estate planning, we urge you to work with your family and your financial and legal advisors in making these decisions.