The Foundation participated in a year-long planning process that describes a 20 year future for the College’s major capital development requirements. This document will guide the College’s discussions with the state legislature and its program planning, and will provide guidance to the places where the Foundation may play a role in long term campus development. The plan described a future of over $100,000,000 in capital needs, including potential repurposing of facilities, new facilities, and relocation of facilities to take advantage of the College’s current campus and north campus footprints. The plan is also designed to create a strong feeling of “campus” to students and visitors alike.

The Foundation has created a special committee to work with College President Tom Armstrong for the purpose of identification of institutional priorities that the Foundation can review for future support, either through unrestricted funds, targeted campaigns or major campaign efforts that stand alone or complement state funding.

The Foundation will play a primary role in raising funds as part of the new Agriculture Technology Education Center. Funds will be raised primarily through major gift solicitations.

The Foundation will actively build and support an ongoing program of unrestricted support through a strong annual appeal.

The Foundation will continue to identify and contact alumni of the college in order to keep them informed on College and Foundation activities and involve them in ongoing foundation. The Lancer Luminaries publication is done through the Development Office, and produced with the assistance of the EWC department of College Relations.

The Foundation will continue to assist individuals and families in concert with their financial planners for the purpose of planned giving that supports long range College strategic goals and student opportunity. Estate planning evenings with selected donors have been initiated.

The Foundation will continue to invest funds responsibly in order to provide a balance between preservation of capital and support of college programs over the long term, in line with their fiduciary responsibility to donors.

The Foundation will continue to provide appropriate recognition for gifts from all sources that support student success at Eastern Wyoming College.

The Foundation will continue to review its procedures and by laws in areas of management, fund raising, and board composition for the purpose of maximizing its level of awareness throughout the College’s six county service area.

The Foundation will continue to act as ambassadors for the College and its programs throughout the College’s service area of eastern Wyoming, and will emphasize creation and maintenance of positive relationships with current and prospective donors.