In 2004 the State Legislature and Governor passed and signed a special one time program for creation and enhancement of endowments at the colleges.  The Wyoming Community College Endowment Challenge provided each college with an opportunity to match state funds up to $5 million on a dollar for dollar basis –specifically to create new or expand existing endowments.  As Eastern Wyoming College celebrated its 60th anniversary of service to the citizens of the State, this is a wonderful opportunity for people to be reminded of the impact the College has had on thousands of students, and to join with the College in this unique and important program.

The priorities of the College’s endowment effort are taken directly from the College planning process which identified these priorities, and have been affirmed by the completion of the College’s strategic planning process.  These priorities include endowments for scholarship and instructional materials, technology acquisition related to academic and occupational programs, creation and promotion of college and community cultural and speakers programs, and for faculty and staff development and innovative program needs.  All of the areas listed below for endowment support focus on raising and maintaining the level of quality in instruction, on student success, and on providing the highest possible level of service to the College’s communities, its businesses and its citizens.

Contact the Eastern Wyoming College Office of Development for additional details on this program.