ATEC Building

Thursday, October 11th, 2018 • 1:14 pm

A few people are asking about ATEC and how it is coming along.  Here is what I can tell everyone:  We met with the  with architects, state engineers, etc. on Thursday, October 4 and it will go out for bid on October 17th

    • EDA :  Approved our changes
    • Square footage went from 26,000 to 24, 090 square foot
    • Lecture and Multiple use hall: 175 seating to 168 seats
    • We will need a variance not to do paving on sides and back parking lots
    • Building will have PEMB (pre-engineering metal building construction)
    • The cupola over the main building will remain intact
    • Exterior brick that is decorative will match what is used on the campus currently
    • Base bid on the building is $6.8 million with $7.1 alternates that includes lean to, paving, greenhouse, cooler
    • This does not include Furniture ($400K and Architectural fees $600K)

And probably the biggest news….. we only need around $400,000 more to have costs covered.  That is awesome to realize how lucky we are at EWC.  Our support has been tremendous!


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