Frequently Asked Questions

What is the High School Equivalency Test? Is it the same as the GED?

There are two ways to earn your High School Equivalency Certificate: By taking the GED (General Education Development) Test, or by taking the HiSET (High School Equivalency Test). Regardless of the test taken, the end result is the same: students earn a High School Equivalency Certificate. This certificate and a high school diploma are technically the same, which means they can both be used for employment and for entry into post-secondary education/training programs and the military.

At the CCRC, we prepare you for and offer the HiSET.

What will the program cost me?

All of our services to our students are free. You don’t pay anything to come to the College and Career Readiness Center, for your materials, or to take the tests we need to give you in class.

When you’re ready to take the HiSET, there are fees involved:

$10.75 per section (there are 5 sections)
$15 one time test fee

Don’t let cost deter you, though. We have programs and scholarships to help with those costs, and if you are under 25, we partner with DWS to help you get paid for your study time and for each test you pass.

How long will it take me to earn my High School Equivalency?

That is much more dependent on you than on us. Students who attend class daily and make it a top priority complete the program faster and easier than students who are inconsistent with their attendance.