Dr. Sandy Cooper


Title: Instructor
Email: coopersh@gmail.com

Jeff  Wilhelm


Title: Instructor
Email: jwilhelm1950@outlook.com

Kathy Garton

Kathy Garton - Wheatland Outreach Coordinator

Title: Wheatland Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 307.322.2433
Email: kathy.garton@ewc.wy.edu
Address: 1350 Oak Street
1150 Pine Street (Physical Address)
Wheatland, WY 82201

Testing at the Eastern Wyoming College (EWC) Outreach Center is scheduled for every Monday from 9 a.m. until 12:00 p.m., or by appointment.  Orientation will be at the completion of testing.  Please contact the Glenda Eckerle to schedule a time to begin your program of study at the Adult Learning Center in Wheatland.

The Community Education Coordinator may give the test at the request of the instructor or program director.

AE/GED instruction takes place in classrooms at the former Junior High Building, 1150 Pine Street, in Wheatland.  Students are scheduled, by appointment, on Mondays and Wednesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

English as a Second Language classes are offered Monday through Thursday evening. Students interested in studying ESL should contact the outreach coordinator or one of the ESL instructors to schedule a time to begin testing and orientation into the program.

Community Resources

Platte County School District #1                        322-3175/5480
Wheatland High School Counselors                322-2075
Libby Elementary                                                   322-3836
West Elementary                                                    322-4180
Wheatland Middle School                                    322-1518
Platte County Library                                            322-2689

Law Enforcement
Probation Office                                                     322-3790
WY Highway Patrol                                                777-4321
Platte County Sheriff                                             322-2331
Wheatland Police                                                   322-2141
Platte County Attorney                              322-3554

Wyoming Workforce Development                   322-4741
Vocational Rehabilitation                                     532-4431

Senior Services
Platte Co. Home Care                               322-5891
Forget-Me-Not Adult Day Care                 322-3372
Services for Seniors                                 322-3424

Mental Health/Counseling
Lifenet                                                      322-3361

Family Services
Dept. of Family Services                          322-3790
Meth Initiative                                          322-1597
Tobacco Prevention                                 322-3894
Project Safe                                             322-4794
WIC                                                          322-3732
Wyo Independent Living Rehab.             322-9210

Childcare Services
Wheatland Early Childhood                               322-3385

Emergency Assistance
Food Pantry                                                         322-5064

Peak Wellness                                                     322-3190
Platte County Public Health                               322-2540
Platte Co. Memorial Hospital                              322-3636
Wheatland Medical Clinic                                    322-3861
Platte County Tobacco Prevention                    322-3894
Wyo LT Care Embudsman                                  322-5553

KYCN Radio Station                                              322-5926
WY Independent Services                                    322-9210
Lion’s Club                                                             322-5551
Platte Co. Chamber of Commerce                       322-2322
Platte County Economic Development               322-4232
Salvation Army                                                      322-4320