Shirley DeMerritt

Shirley DeMerritt

Title: Instructor

Kim Conzelman

Title: Newcastle Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 307.746.3603
Address: 116 Casper Avenue
Newcastle, WY 82701

Students interested in enrolling in one of our courses in Newcastle may contact any of the above individuals.

Community Services

Newcastle Police                                                        746-4486

Medical Services
Northern Wy. Medical Health Center                     746-4456
Weston County School District #1                         746-4571
Weston County Health Services                            746-4491
Cedar Hills Clinic                                                        746-3582
Hospital Emergency Room                                     746-4491
Erickson’s Dental                                                      746-4600
Black Hills Dental                                                      746-4772
Pamida Pharmacy                                                     746-2741
Newcastle Vision Clinic                                           746-2371

Social Services
Focus (Domestic Violence)                                     746-3630
Dept. of Family Services                                          746-4657
Probation & Parole                                                    746-4604
Dept. of Workforce Services                                   746-9690
Vocational Rehabilitation                                         746-4592
BREAD (Help with food)                                           746-3542

Educational Services
Newcastle High School                                            746-2713
Newcastle Middle School                                         746-8746
Newcastle Grade School                                          746-2269
Newcastle Public Library                                          746-2206
Weston County Children’s Center                         746-4560