1. Definition of Distance Learning

Distance education is a learning process whereby students and teachers are separated by space, time, or both for the majority of the instructional period.  Distance learning materials are in a variety of media including print, audio recording, videotape, broadcasts computer software, web-based programs and other online technology. Teachers support distance learners through communication via mail, telephone, e-mail or online technologies and software.

2. Criteria for an College and Career Readiness  student to apply for Distance Education

-Students must complete a minimum of 12 hours of in-seat instruction before they may request the distance education component.

-Students must demonstrate to the instructor a commitment to study time and effort.

-Students must exhibit competency with the computer and ability to access the assigned software program.

3. Approval Process

-Student must have a clear understanding of Distance Education requirements and expectations.

-All Distance Education students must complete an application form and the application must be approved by the on-site ABE instructor.

4. How the Program Works

Students must agree to work on the assigned program for a set number of agreed upon hours.

-Student must agree to be in weekly contact with the instructor. Contact can be through email correspondence, face to face contact, or by telephone. Students will be required to maintain a student tracker timesheet accounting for all time spent on distance learning components.

Students must demonstrate ability to log in to the State Approved distance learning platforms.

-Student will commit to contacting the instructor a minimum of one time per week by phone or email.

-Students will make an appointment to come into the Center for one face-to-face counseling meeting per month with the assigned instructor.

5. Assessments for the Distance Learner

Formal assessments (TABE tests and Official Practice Tests) are not permitted to be done as part of Distance Education. Students will be required to come to the Center for any pre/post testing and Practice Tests. The schedule for assessments will be set when the student has their monthly face-to-face meeting with the assigned instructor.

6. Distance Learning Curricula

The distance education program at EWC will incorporate the web-based computer software programs approved by the State.

7. Criteria to remain active in the program

Students who fail to make weekly contact with the assigned instructor will be removed from the Distant Learning program after two weeks of non-contact. At that point, access to the assigned software will be terminated.

-Students who fail to make their monthly face-to-face meeting with the assigned instructor will be removed from the Distant Learning program and access to the software will be terminated.

-Students who show insufficient progress on the assigned software will be referred back to the local College and Career Readiness Center for placement into classes.

The State of Wyoming Distance Education Policy will be the final determination for all policies and procedures.