Adult Learning Center – Instructional Software

Throughout the EWC service area, enrolled students are provided with access to several computerized learning programs. These software programs include both instructional software (AZTEC, PLATO, GED 1120 and KeyTrain) as well as employment based software (KUDER) to help students prepare for entering or re-entering the workforce. These online technologies are also utilized as a component of our distance learning program.


All ABE centers throughout the EWC service area have this instructional software program available to students. The Aztec software program is an online instructional program designed to help students meet their indiviudal learning needs in specific content areas. Like the other programs listed below, students are given access to this program so that they may access it from an EWC ABE center, from home, or from any other place where internet connections are available.


Our learning centers utilize two versions of this program. The first is a stand alone version that the student can only access from an EWC outreach site. The second, is an online version that the student can access from any computer with internet access. Regardless of version, instructors are able to track and monitor student progress.

Once a student is TABE tested and the instructor identifies areas in which the student needs assistance, a program of study is designed which incorporates the use of PLATO as a means to supplement ‘in-class’ instruction. Students who make active use of this software program are typically more successful.

GED 1120

This software program is an engaging, effective, easy-to-use resource for students who are preparing to take their GED®. The program contains multiple practice questions for each of the five areas of the GED®. All practice questions follow test writing guidelines from the GED® Testing Services. This program allows students to work at their own pace, examining all of the hints and explanations given for each test question item.


This is a comprehensive, easy-to-use curriculum designed to improve the skills associated with the ACT WorkKeys® job skills assessment system. Enrolled students who need academic assistance to improve their WorkKeys® scores are placed on this program of instruction to review topics in each WorkKeys skill subset. Students are presented with problems similar to those seen on the actual WorkKeys assessment. Each course found on KeyTrain is tailored for each level of the WorkKeys test.


This program is designed to help students explore the educational and career opportunities available to them. Even though students may be unsure as to which direction they should pursue in their choice of occupations and/or majors in post-secondary education, the KUDERJOURNEY system will help them determine the right path for them.The career planning process is organized in six steps. Students may use the steps and options presented to them in any order. All students enrolled in one of the Adult Learning Centers throughout the EWC service area are provided with access to this software program and continued access is guaranteed even after the student exits the program.