On October 31, 2011, the Adult Basic Education program at Eastern Wyoming College became charter members of the National Adult Education Honor Society. (NAEHS). All ABE/GED/ESL students enrolled at an ABE center through the EWC service area are eligible for this award. Teacher nominations are based upon the following three criteria as outlined by NAEHS:

1. Attendance

-Student must arrive on time and be consistently present

2. Cooperation

-Student must work harmoniously with teachers and fellow students

-Student respects other's ideas and value.

-Student speaks n turn and actively participates in classroom/lab activities.

-Student demonstrates patience.

3. Self-reliance

-Student demonstrates personal initiative while performing education related tasks.

-Student comes to class prepared and completes homework.

-Student sets goals and follows through.

-Student listens with understanding.

-Student asks questions and seeks help when needed.

-Student takes responsibility for own learning.

In March of each year, teachers submit their nomination forms to the Torrington Office. The Torrington Office will evaluate all nominations and submit the names to NAEHS for induction.

The ABE program at EWC will hold two induction ceremonies; one in Douglas and one in Torrington. These ceremonies will be held in conjunction with our GED graduation ceremonies. Inducted students will receive NAEHS pins, certificates, and letters of recommendations. Students who are graduating and have been inducted into NAEHS will also receive gold cords and gold tassels to wear in graduation.

Pinning of Inductees

The ABE program at EWC recognizes the achievements of all inductees and wishes to grant them the highest honor. Therefore, we plan to invite community, state, and/or national leaders to our NAEHS induction ceremonies and ask that they do the pinning of inductees.

Responsibility of Nominees

Nominees are asked to sign the teacher nomination form, provide a 2 inch color photo (prefer digital photos), and sign an EWC consent form so that we can use their picture on ourwebsite to publicize their achievement.

Nominees must also be willing to become an advocate for adult education and the local adult education provider by sharing with family and friends what the program has meant to him/her.

There are no student fees associated with NAEHS.