Jayce Munoz – Making His Dreams a Reality

Jayce impresses everyone he meets. He returned to Torrington and came to the EWC HiSET program to be a better role model for his brothers. After 7 years of being out of school and working, he not only earned his High School Equivalency in just a few months, but he also enrolled in the Barbering Program at EWC and intends to own his own barber shop someday very soon.

Amber Petersheim’s Success Spotlight

Amber Petersheim has an amazing story of her journey to earn her HiSET credentials.  She has overcome a multitude of challenges to reach the day when her HiSET diploma was in her hands!

In reflecting on Amber’s success story, Instructor Janet Cole Lake commented that “Amber’s persistence in attaining this goal is nothing short of incredible.  There were many times of disappointment and frustration, but she pushed through them all.  Her determination is very admirable.  While I’m thrilled with ALL students who complete their HiSET, Amber’s success is one of the biggest highlights of my teaching career!”

Moriah Fowler’s Success Spotlight

Moriah is an exceptional student who earned her HiSEC in November 2020 after dazzling us with her hidden talent: mathematics! Moriah started working towards her HiSEC this spring, when she was home with her children after the local school closed due to COVID-19.  She wanted to get the most out of her time at home, so she started her HiSEC program remotely.  Moriah’s ultimate goal was to broaden her employment prospects.  “I’ve always worked the same two types of jobs my whole life,” she says.  “I was tired of it and wanted more, but I knew I’d get nowhere without this degree.”

Nora Villegas’s Success Spotlight

Nora Gallegos Villegas, adult ed student at the EWC College and Career Readiness Center in Sundance, was recently inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society. Janet Lake, EWC Coordinator/Instructor, presented Nora with a frameable certificate, a membership pin, and letters of recommendation.

Jessica Frye’s Success Spotlight

The EWC College and Career Readiness Center is proud to spotlight Jessica Frye, an exceptional student who earned her High School Equivalency and was inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society in 2020.

Jessica’s journey started four years ago when she decided to earn her High School Equivalency. She knew the road would be strenuous, but she had no idea just how challenging the next four years would be.

Hongxia Boulden’s Success Spotlight

The College and Career Readiness Center Program at Eastern Wyoming College would like to share Hongxia Boulden’s great success story. Hongxia was one of our best former ESL students. She first enrolled in the AE Program at Eastern Wyoming College in September 2011; she started at the high beginning level and exited the program in June 2013 as an Advanced ESL student. While taking ESL classes, Hongxia enrolled at Eastern Wyoming College as a full-time student.

When she decided to pursue post-secondary education, she was a little bit worried that her English language abilities would prevent her from being placed into mainstream college-level classes. So she spent many hours with her ESL instructor, Gabriela Banville, also preparing for the COMPASS test as well as improving her English language communication abilities. She took her COMPASS test and earned a near-perfect score in writing. She finished her first year here at EWC with a very high GPA.

Mikaela Piaseck’s Success Stoplight

Learning to live with a disability has not been without its challenges, but Mikaela Piasecki has learned to overcome these challenges and has earned her high school equivalency from EWC. Mikaela’s story appeared in the Douglas-Budget newspaper in February 2016.

Mikaela is now pursuing post-secondary education and dreams of becoming a massage therapist. Now that she has completed her high school equivalency she is a volunteer tutor at the College and Career Readiness Center in Glenrock. She is also actively involved in a special project with another College and Career Readiness Center student from Lusk where the two students hope to write and publish a musical version of a literary piece of work! The College and Career Readiness Center instructors at EWC are very proud of Mikaela’s accomplishments and of her goals!