Student Success Spotlight

The EWC College and Career Readiness Center are proud to spotlight Jessica Frye, an exceptional student who earned her High School Equivalency and was inducted into the National Adult Education Honor Society in 2020.

Jessica’s journey started four years ago when she decided to earn her High School Equivalency. She knew the road would be strenuous, but she had no idea just how challenging the next four years would be.

Jessica FryJessica is raising six children, some of whom struggle with mental health problems. The everyday stress of running her home, plus her own health battles, made coming to class and doing homework very difficult.

With the help of her instructor, Margylou, Jessica persevered not only through the coursework but also through her own battle with shame and embarrassment over not graduating from high school.

Jessica FryShe says, “I felt a darkness of shame coming over me, and I always felt that I had to explain myself and tell people why.  It had knocked my self-esteem down into the dirt.  BUT NO MORE!!!

It may have taken me till I was 40; It may have taken me four years, but let me tell you this:

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you!

What matters is how driven you are and how hard you want to work for your goal.

Nothing is going to be handed to you unless you work for it.”

On June 2, 2020, Jessica took her final test and earned her High School Equivalency Certificate.

Not only is she proud of her accomplishment, but she realizes that this was a battle she needed to fight for herself. And she fought hard, and she won.

Margylou presented Jessica with her Certificate and inducted her into the National Adult Education Honor Society, a distinction given to only a few Adult Education students. Jessica was nominated and inducted based on her dependable attendance, cooperative attitude, and excellent work ethic.

Jessica is a reminder to all that it’s always the right time to set a goal and chase it, and the struggles you have accomplishing your goals can be overcome with hard work and perseverance.

Or as Jessica says, “Remember, if you want it then work for it!”