Eastern Wyoming College held the 64th annual commencement for candidates on May 10th, 2013 in the Fine Arts Auditorium.  This year’s commencement speaker was Major General Ed Wright.  There were a total of 185 candidates this year.  The candidates for graduation from the Fall 12, Spring 13 and Summer 13 semesters are as follows:

A.A. – Associate of Arts

A.S. – Associate of Science

A.A.S- Associate of Applied Science


Torrington, WY: Wesley Barkell, Certificate, Loren Beadles, Certificate, Molly Bloodgood, A.S., Leo Bloomfield, Certificate, Allison Briggs, A.A., Courtney Bustillos, A.S., Klinton Cahoy, A.A., Curtis Clark, A.A.S., Natalie Cooley, A.A.S., Ashley Cushman, A.S.,

Joseph Dax, Certificate, Teal Deen, A.A., Daniel Deines, A.S., Nathan Dickson, Certificate, Trevor Dunham, Certificate, Patrick Durtsche, Certificate, Jeanette Ellett, A.A., Mark Farnham, Certificate, Mary Feagler, Samantha Garza, A.A., Joshua Gauze, A.S., Jonathan Gordon, A.A.S., Daniel Harris, Certificate, Matthew Hickman, A.A.S., Certificate, Dakota Hiebert, A.A.S., William Hill, Certificate, Clint Johnson, A.A., Donald Kitchell, Certificate, Jacob Lake, A.A.S., Nancy Landers, A.A.S., Eduardo Llamas, Certificate, Devynn Loya, A.A., Mathew Luna, Certificate, Dakota McClun, A.A.S., Certificate, David McGuirk, Certificate, Tyler McKiney, A.A., Waylen McKnight, A.A.S., Anna Merchen, A.A.S., Raysha Newell, A.A., Christopher Nye, Certificate, James Peterson, Certificate, Caleb Posten, A.S., Lesley Prahl, A.A.S., Belen Priest, A.S., Haskell Reed, Certificate, Selina Reichert, A.A., Robin Sanders, Certificate, Kohl Schaneman, Certificate, Stuart Short, A.A., Sarah Sides, A.A.S., Wade Simonton, Certificate, Amber Stitt, A.A., Courtney Swanson, A.S., Melissa Trevino, A.A., Linda Rodriguez-Valenzuela, A.A.S., Timothy Van Litsenborgh, A.A., Tanner Waid, A.A., Richard Wales, Certificate, Bryon Waltz, Certificate, Melinda Weber, A.S.,  Thomas Webster, A.A., Chelsea Wethern, A.A.S.

Burns, WY: Duane Martin, Certificate, Olivia Sanchez, A.A.

Casper, WY: Emily Balfour, A.A.S., Cayl Carpenter, A.S., Erich Lane, Certificate, Shayna Shaffer, A.S.

Cheyenne, WY: Brittiny Hall, A.A.S., Chase Metzler, A.A.S., Certificate, Mason Rose, A.A.S., Braden Woods, Certificate

Douglas, WY: Kyle Bagby, A.A., Kristin Blake, A.A., Joshua Coudret, A.A.S., Tac Dysart, A.A.S., Ty Dysart, A.A.S., Timothy Harris, A.S., Cyrstal Hegglund, A.S., A.A.S., Khyrstyn Jackson, A.A., Jami Jugler, A.A., Chase Kupke, A.A., Melissa Lee, A.A.S., James Marker, A.A.S., Quentin McGuire, A.A.S., Certificate, Jennifer Moore, A.A., Heather Olsen, A.A., Joshua Page, A.A.S., Kelly Petersen, A.A.S.,

Edgerton, WY: Chelsea Jones A.A.

Elk Mountain, WY: Sarah McAtee, A.A.S.

Etna, WY: Kassie Woodie, A.A.

Evanston, WY: Wacey Lym, A.S.

Gillette, WY: Heidi Edwards, A.S., Fayleen Prosenick, A.A., Dillon Wilbanks, Certificate, Heather Winn, A.A.S.

Guernsey, WY: Abby Moore, A.A.

Hulett, WY: Nicole Oster, A.A.

Huntley, WY: MacKenzee Zimmerer, Certificate

Lander, WY: Christine Curtis, A.A.S.

Laramie, WY: Tyler Christopherson, A.A.S., Certificate

Lusk, WY: Tina Christianson, A.S., Wednesday Escobar, Certificate, Kristine Fischer, Certificate, Lance Hladky, A.A.S.,  Clinton Landon, A.A., Shauna McWilliams, Certificate, Amber Roberts, Certificate

Moorcroft, WY: Jennifer Rathburn, A.A.

Newcastle, WY: Rory Canfield, Certificate, Jan Elliott, A.S., Madison Foster, A.A., Nathaniel Hubbs, Certificate, Harley Kingma, Certificate, George Knoll, Certificate, Robert Nissen, Certificate, Brittany Osborne, A.A., Mykel Owens, A.A., Stephen Palmer, Certificate, Natasha Quickbear, A.A.,

Bailey Roberson, A.A., Aaron Smith, Certificate, Brandon Tighe, Certificate, Jennifer Tysdal, A.A.S., Michael Velos, Certificate

Pine Bluffs, WY: Ginger Sager, A.A.S.

Powell, WY: Mary Hetzel, A.A.S.

Riverton, WY: Cyla Fife, A.A.S.

Rozet, WY: Kayla Corcoran, A.A.

Saratoga, WY: Robert Shipp, A.S.

Sheridan, WY: Gary Maxwell, Certificate

Thermopolis, WY: Alanna Freel, A.A.

Upton, WY: Karl Paschall, A.A.S., Certificate

Veteran, WY: Katie Isbell A.S.

Wheatland, WY: Rene Brindle, A.A., Brinton Douglas, Certificate, Kim Graves, A.A., Pamela Riedesel, A.A.,  Kaitlyn Starkson, A.A.S., Blayn Tamlin, A.A.

Yoder, WY: Julie Buckhaults, A.A., A.S., Brandi Graybill, A.A., Kristen Weglin, A.A.

Cortez, CO: Lauren Bradford, A.A.

Eaton, CO: Matthew Stout, A.A.

Greeley, CO: Austin Tappy, A.A.

Julesburg, CO: Jill Lingbloom, A.S.

Wesley Chapel, FL: Jeileen Mas, A.S.

Geneva, IL: Judy Branson, A.S.

Lakefield, MN: Josephine Bretzman, A.A.

Butte, MT: Marquelle Williams, A.A.S.

Denton, MT: Garrett Bronec, A.S.

Hammond, MT: Chantz Lambert, Certificate

Belfield, ND: Candice Buckman, A.A.S.

Fargo, ND: Whitney Cole, A.A.S.

Sentinel Butte, ND: Derek Weinreis, A.A.S.

Alliance, NE: Sarah Boysen, Kendra Hart, A.A.

Bayard, NE: Ashlee Willey, A.S.

Bertrand, NE: Codi Stover, A.A.S.

Crookston, NE: Dewey Shelbourn, Certificate

Elyria, NE: Abby Welniak, A.A.

Gering, NE: Brady Cross, A.A.S.

Gordon, NE: Michael Nelson, A.A.S., Certificate

Henry, NE: Kelsey Michael, A.A.

Mitchell, NE: Dalli Cross, A.A

Morrill, NE: Curtis Clyncke, A.A.S.

Paxton, NE: Robert Apolius, Certificate

Scottsbluff, NE: Kira Bowhay, A.S., Kaitlin Gillette, A.A.S. Lane Young, Certificate

Whitman, NE: Logan Macomber, A.S.

Maineville, OH: Frank Williams, A.A.

Edgemont, SD: Morgan Stearns, Certificate

Milesville, SD: Trey Fortune, A.A.S.

Red Owl, SD: Troy Wilcox, A.S.

St Onge, SD: Chance Kinghorn, Certificate

Whitewood, SD: Jane Hommel, A.A.S.

Winner, SD: Lane Hall, Certificate

Layton, UT: Ryan Wilson, A.A.