The Eastern Wyoming College courses below are offered online during various semesters.  To obtain a general sense of the instructor’s academic expectations, assignments, and grading systems for these courses, syllabi from recent sections are provided (where available).  Please note that some syllabi have been posted from the instructor’s on-campus section of the course and that expectations, assignments, etc., may differ in the online section.

The archived syllabi listed below are for general information purposes only and do not necessarily reflect the actual syllabus that will be used in a future course offering. If you have questions about a course or syllabus, you should contact the instructor directly.

Accounting (ACCT)

Agriculture Economics (AGEC)

Anthropology (ANTH)

Business Administration (BADM)

Art (ART)

Biology (BIOL)

Business Administration (BADM)

Business Office Technology (BOTK)

Computer Applications (CMAP)

Communications/Mass Media (CO/M)

Computer Science (COSC)

Criminal Justice (CRMJ)

Economics (ECON)

Education: Early Childhood (EDEC)

Education: Elementary (EDEL)

Education: Exceptional Children (EDEX)

Education: Education Foundations (EDFD)

Education (EDUC)

English (ENGL)

Entrepreneurship (ENTR)

Family and Consumer Science (FCSC)

Geography (GEOG)

Geology (GEOL)

Health Education: Physical and Health Education (HLED)

Human Development (HMDV)

Instructional Technology: Education (ITEC)

Library Science (LIBS)

Mathematics (MATH)

Management (MGT)

Marketing (MKT)

Microbiology (MOLB)

Music (MUSC)

PE Activity: Physical and Heath Education (PEAC)

Philosophy (PHIL)

Political Science (POLS)

Psychology (PSYC)

Religion (RELI)

Sociology (SOC)

Social Science (SOSC)

Statistics (STAT)

Technology (TECH)

Women’s Studies (WMST)