Eastern Wyoming College Alumni Invest $25,000 in ATEC

Thursday, October 18th, 2018 • 4:34 pm

Mr. and Mrs. David Briggs recently spent time on the EWC campus in Torrington, WY where they were happy to share their generous donation for the Agricultural Technology Education Center with faculty members from the EWC Agriculture Department and other college officials.
Pictured left to right: Dr. Don Appiarius, Vice President for Student Services; Mr. Todd Peterson, President of EWC Foundation Directors; Mr. and Mrs. David and Gina Briggs; Mr. John Hansen, Director of Institutional Development; Ms. Kaitlyn Steben, faculty; Dr. Monte Stokes, faculty and department head; and Dr. Georgia Younglove, faculty

EWC alumni Mr. and Mrs. David & Gina Briggs are investing $25,000 in EWC’s Agricultural Technology Education Center (ATEC).  Their investment will help construct a $7.9M state-of-the-art facility offering new and enhanced courses in agronomy and precision agriculture.  Mrs. Briggs clarifies the purpose for their investment “David and I have chosen to invest in ATEC so that students can receive an excellent education in the agricultural field and equip them with the skills of tomorrow.” Mr. Briggs, who is the Chief Executive Officer of WESTCO continues “Ag is the core of the Wyo-Braska economy, and educating students in our main industry is key to a successful future for our region of the United States.”

Mr. and Mrs. Briggs have a long standing relationship with EWC, both played basketball for the Lancers in the early 80’s and in 2013, he was recognized as a Distinguished Alumnus.  Mr. Briggs graduated in 1983 with an Associate’s Degree in Business and was active in student senate and with the basketball team.  One of his favorite memories was sledding with teammates on the family farm and having roommates from New Jersey and Brazil.  While Mrs. Briggs graduated in 1984 earning a degree in Computer Science and was a leading scorer for the Lancers.  She scored 32 points in her second college game and that was before the addition of the three-point-line. One of her fondest memories was playing college basketball with Ms. Robin Lippincott Schainost, her high school teammate and friend.

Mrs. Briggs also recalls the amazing donuts from the EWC cafeteria and the caring and skilled EWC faculty members Mr. John Wilhelm, math and Mr. Verle Punke, biology.  Mr. Briggs likewise, has fond memories of faculty members Mr. Rick Vonburg, agriculture & economics, Mr. Don Hill, accounting, as well as Mr. Punke, each impacted their lives mightily.  Even after 34-years Mr. Punke and Mr. Vonburg remember the Briggs family and shared their recollections.  Mr. Punke stated “I have a real fondness for both of them, they excelled as students, especially in field work and carried themselves with a sense of achievement.”  Mr. Vonburg, likewise remembers the couple fondly, and remembers instructing Mr. Briggs in economics “In my career, I’ve run across a few students who are destined for success and I had a real sense that if the right things happened, he would achieve great things.”

Lastly, Mr. Todd Peterson, President of the Eastern Wyoming College Foundation stated “We are grateful for David and Gina’s investment, it reflects their belief and bond to this community and Eastern Wyoming College.”  Mr. Briggs, shared parting words to inspire other alumni “We benefited from an education that others provided and we have an obligation to assist in educating future generations.”

To join the ATEC campaign please call 307.532.8304 or email directly john.hansen@ewc.wy.edu.

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