Eastern Wyoming College Announces Graduates

Thursday, June 29th, 2017

Eastern Wyoming College held the 68th annual commencement for candidates on May 12, 2017 in the Fine Arts Auditorium.  There were 179 graduates. The graduates from the Fall 2016, Spring 2017 and Summer 2017 semesters are as follows:

From Torrington, WY:  Joshua Baker, Wyatt Bergeson, Shalon Brooks, Amanda Brown, Ambrosio Chavez,

Vanesa Chavez, Christine Chesser, Alex Colson, Joshua Frescas, Jesse Fretter, Dylan Gamel, Nakisha Garner,

Sierra Gladson, Jerome Goggles, David Gray, Jacob Green, Patrick Groethe, Jamal Hans, Gage Harper, BreEnna Heil, Joseph Hemme, Alyssa Hunter, Benjamin Loya, Danell Marcus, Caleb Massie, Michael McCrossin, Andrew McKinley, Kylah Meyer, Ali Moore, Elizabeth Moore, Katherine Norton, Justin Palmer, Jeffrey Peterson, Matthew Reichert, Brandon Sala, Danna Schamel, Ramon Slater, Daphne Slagowski, Thomas Trout, William White, Jr.

From Albin, WY: Jessica Sowards, Shelby Wright

From Alva, WY: Jodi Gantz

From Bar Nunn, WY: Tylar Anderson 

From Basin, WY: Justin Roussan

From Casper, WY: Teighlor Fleenor, Jennifer Sorenson

From Cheyenne, WY:  Colton Borm, Jackson Brower, Bethany Burkart, Emily Evans, Lauren Hasings, Gracie Hoem, Noble Hoover, John Skarohlid

From Douglas, WY:  Ashlee Christensen, Brennin Clark, Daniel Evins, Vance Kunz, Sawyer, Layher, John McGuire, Linda McGuire, Alexa Porter, Matthew Rodriguez, Krystyn Ryan, Jordan Smart, Grace Soske, Dale Wilkens

From Evansville, WY: Lacey Washut

From Ft. Laramie, WY: Suzanne Sibai

From Gillette, WY: Eliza Mathwig, Nicole Posten

From Glendo, WY: Peyton Stoneking

Green River, WY: Kailee Koltiska

From Guernsey, WY:  Kelda Lee, Wes Reyher

From Hartville, WY: Jessica Rotz

From Hawk Springs, WY: Drew Buckhaults

From Keeline, WY: Kylee Gaukel

From Lingle, WY:  Clay Limmer, Dustin Morisette, Meagan Trimble

From Lusk, WY: Sandie Akers, Chelsea Baars, Kylee Gaukel, Mariah Flowers, Amber Garcia, Tristan Graham, Kyle Litzel, Terri Payseno, Joanna Plants, Julia Scott, Caitlyn Tolliver

From Manville, WY: Frank Falcon

From Mills, WY: Austin Arteta

From Moorcroft, WY: Darbi Buckmiller, Brandon Clonch, Darin Fuller

From Newcastle, WY:  Shay Bruce, Becky Checketts, Ricky Gibson II, Megan Kenney, Heather Michaelis, Paul Mordahl, Colby Paschal, Lyra Qualheim, James Rhoades, Marshall Rhoades, David Sanders, Jacob Sayler, Taylor Spain, Monica Vaughn, Savannah Williams

From Pine Haven, WY: Aspen Harris

From Riverton, WY: KaylaRae Lawrence

From Rozet, WY: Tracy Austin

From Sheridan, WY: Rebecca Gilbert

From Thermopolis, WY: Shayna Cox

From Upton, WY: Madison Kline

From Veteran, WY: Austin Johnson, Cody Johnson

From Wheatland, WY: Trae Bitterman, Lori Britton, Ashley Johnson, Marissa Meyer    

From Worland, WY:  Jessica Campbell, Kenneth Rayburn

From Yoder, WY: James Schock, Kurtis Shannon, Jamie Thompson, Blaine Wilker

From Flagler, CO: Kyle Leoffler

From Greeley, CO: Eric Lovell

From Kersey, CO: Zachary Barker, Riley Chesnut

From Loveland, CO: Tayler Hallums

From Merino, CO: Bryce Funk

From Phippsburg, CO: Jessica Rossi

From Pueblo, CO: Trevor Schnaufer

From Windsor, CO: Kyle Nicolls

From Yuma, CO: Madison Powell

From Bozeman, MT: Danielle Long

From Forsyth, MT: Elizabeth McRae, Hannah Patterson

From Jordan, MT: Bobbi Sinks

From Judith Gap, MT: Allison Hajenga

From Orvando, MT:  Ali Bard

From Plentywood, MT: Cheyenne Kisler

From Richey, MT: Trey Switzer

From Bayard, NE: Tessa Douglas

From Crawford, NE: Joelle VonForell

From Gering, NE: Dean Gorsuch, Leah Newman, Grant Olsson, Brooklyn Perez, Anna Walker

From Harrisburg, NE: Sara Taggart

From Hay Springs, NE: Wrangler Youe

From Lyman, NE: Cody Peachey

From Mitchell, NE: Emily Garl, Garrett Sterkel

From Ogallala, NE:  Sophia Arensdorf

From Scottsbluff, NE: Bryant Gilbert, Jarrett Ratliff, Lindsey Steyer, Joslyn Wickard

From Tyron, NE: Ruth Licking

From Valentine, NE: Tylar Osterman

From Whitman, NE: Ashlee Nollette

From Black Hawk, SD: Tosha Wilburn

From Martin, SD: Tagg Petrak

From Newell, SD:  Emma Rogers

From Sturgis, SD: Caden Packer

From Horsens, Denmark: Sarah Bersang

From Belgrade, Serbia: Petar Skoknic

From Subotica, Serbia: Carna Prokic

From Canet de Mar, Spain:  Anna Perez

From Lugo, Spain: Carmen Carvajal

From Madrid, Spain:  Adrian Torres

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