Eastern Wyoming College responds to USDA Inspection

Friday, January 24th, 2014 • 7:15 am

Eastern Wyoming College strives to provide a safe, productive and fair employment environment in which all employees and students are treated well. This safe environment extends to the treatment of animals. EWC is proud of its reputation for providing excellent animal care and training for decades. Any time someone feels that this standard has not been met, we take those concerns very seriously and exercise all due diligence in attempting to investigate and resolve such matters.

On December 11, 2013 there was a USDA inspection of the Veterinary Technology facility. This was a routine inspection. EWC received a preliminary report of findings on December 17, 2013. The College is working collaboratively with the USDA on the findings and through the USDA process; the report will not be final until March of 2014.

The preliminary report indicated findings which led the College to conduct an internal review, which is still on-going. Most of the findings in the report were addressed immediately. Protocols are being reviewed and proactive steps will be taken to ensure animal safety.

“We failed to ensure the best care and we did lose three animals. We are disturbed by these occurrences and will do our utmost to maintain the public confidence which we have worked so hard to establish. I speak for all those at the college and certainly those who had the animals in their care,” shared EWC President Dr. Tom Armstrong.

The findings on the preliminary inspection review are related to the death of two dogs, one pig, the injury of another dog, and sanitation issues.

Dr. Dee Ludwig, Vice President for Learning shared the following, “We are committed to taking professional care of the animals we use in all of our programs and to providing students with a quality education.”

Resolutions from the USDA will not be available until the report is finalized in March of 2014. EWC has already taken measures to correct all sanitation and safety issues and continues to review, modify, and enforce procedures as necessary regarding animal care.

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