Eastern Wyoming College shares election information

Friday, August 10th, 2018 • 10:03 am

Eastern Wyoming College invites interested Goshen County community members to consider running for a seat on the EWC Board of Trustees.   There are five Trustee terms expiring in 2018. Expiring terms include a representative for Area 1 – LaGrange, Iowa Center, Hawk Springs; Area 2 – Huntley, Veteran, Yoder; Area 3 – Lingle, Fort Laramie, Moore Springs; Area 4 – Torrington, Prairie Center; and an at-large position.

The Trustees representing Area 1 and Area 2, Dr. Judith Bartmann and Mr. Robert Baumgartner, were recently appointed to fill vacant seats and will be running for election this fall.  John Patrick, representing Area 3, will be filing for re-election and currently serves as the Chairman of the EWC Board.   Mr. George Nash, at-large member, has indicated a desire to retire from the Board.

Interested parties should contact the Goshen County Clerk to file for placement on the ballot. Filing dates are August 8 – 28 with the election being held on November 6th.

Persons interested in learning more about serving as a Board of Trustee member should contact the College at 307.532.8303 or visit with any current EWC trustee.


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