EWC Board of Trustees vote to implement RIF policy

Thursday, May 19th, 2016 • 10:01 am

In a special meeting held by the Eastern Wyoming College Board of Trustees the following motion was proposed and passed unanimously:  Due to the directive of the State of Wyoming that EWC substantially reduce its expenditures, I move to instruct the administration to recommend to the Board any further efficiencies within the operation of the College; and furthermore to implement the EWC RIF (reduction in force) process and procedure as outlined in policy and administrative rule.

According to the policy, Dr. Patterson, EWC President, will now appoint a committee of one administrator, a faculty representative, staff representative and a representative from Student Services.  The committee will begin the work as outlined in the policy which can be found on the EWC website at ewc.wy.edu.  The Board will take action on the work of the committee at their next regular board meeting, as dictated by the policy.

The Trustees will hold a special meeting on May 31.  The next regular meeting is June 14.

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