EWC Employee and Trustee Receive Awards at Wyoming Community College Conference

Wednesday, February 24th, 2016 • 10:24 am

Mai Lee Olsen, winner of the Professional Employee of the Year with EWC President Dr. Rick Patterson

Eastern Wyoming College would like to announce the recognition of employee Mai Lee Olsen, who won the Professional Employee of the Year Award and John Patrick, EWC Trustee who won the Trustee Leadership award at the Wyoming Community College Conference held in Cheyenne, WY on February 18, 2016. Olsen and Patrick were nominated by their peers for the Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees Award.

Achievement awards were given for Student of the Year, Classified Employee, Faculty Member, Professional Employee, Trustee Leadership Award, and Foundation Volunteer Leadership Award.  Nomination packets included examples on how the nominee has had a positive impact on their community college, leadership roles and involvement in the community.

Mai Lee Olsen WACCT Professional winner 2016

Mai Lee Olsen, winner of the Professional Employee of the Year with EWC President Dr. Rick Patterson

Mai Lee Olsen is an outstanding EWC employee and has an excellent rapport with all of the students’ whether they are on campus, distance or in the application phase of their education. She relates well with Administration, Faculty and other staff members as her people skills are outstanding! Mai Lee is always willing to help out a fellow colleague with any endeavor and her humor and positive attitude are welcomed by all.

John Patrick WACCT Trustee winner

John Patrick, winner of the Trustee Leadership Award with EWC President Dr. Rick Patterson

Mr. Patrick has served over seventeen years on the Board of EWC, during two separate time periods. He has held every position including serving as the Chair for five years. Throughout that time he has consistently displayed strong leadership and a clear vision in setting the course for the college.

Other Eastern Wyoming College nominees included Kyle Sabourin, Student; John Nesbitt, Faculty; Elaine Rush, Classified Staff; and Dr. Donna Beth Downer for Foundation Volunteer Leadership Award.

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