EWC Fitness Center added new equipment

Wednesday, October 4th, 2017 • 4:15 pm

EWC Fitness Center new equipment

EWC Fitness Center new equipment

The Fitness Center at Eastern Wyoming College in Torrington, recently added new equipment, the second phase (year) of a five-year plan to update the equipment in the Fitness Center.

The first phase equipment was replaced in the fall of 2016 with Matrix Circuit Chest Press, Peck Deck (butterfly machine), a Functional Cable machine, Lat Pull Down and a rower.  The second phase, just replaced, are Leg Press, Leg Extension, Leg Curls, Abduction and Adduction leg machines.

“These machines are bio-medically more realistic to body movement and allow isolation movement to concentrate on one muscle for more balance for the body,” said Neal Sherbeyn, Fitness Center.

For more information about the Fitness Center or available equipment, call Neal Sherbeyn, 307.532.8244 or stop in at 3200 West C Street for a tour of the center

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