EWC Foundation heartfully announces the creation of the Nathan Pieper Memorial Scholarship Fund.

Tuesday, November 14th, 2017 • 3:14 pm

Eastern Wyoming College Foundation has announced the creation of the Nathan Pieper Memorial Scholarship Fund. The endowed scholarship will continue Nathan’s legacy of scholastic achievement and provide help to those majoring in Agriculture.

Nathan, a 2016 graduate from Eastern Wyoming College, tragically lost his life in an auto accident in early 2017. Nathan’s memory will live on in the endowment and continue to help other students. Mary Kay Pieper, Nathan’s mom, encapsulates her son’s qualities as “inspiring, loving, caring, and willing to go out of his way to help others.” This belief in helping others led Nathan to become a tutor in EWC’s Center for Tutoring and Learning. The Director of the center, Court Merrigan, remarked, “Nathan was a constant bright presence in the tutoring center, he made the entire year he worked here, better for everyone.”

Nathan also had a large impact on the instructors at EWC, Rick Vonburg who taught Nathan reflected “Nathan was an exemplary student and role model while he attended EWC. It is a pleasure to be able to assist future EWC students in his name.”

Left to right: Mary Kay Pieper, Dr. Joseph D. Rosen, Jim Pieper, Dr. Robert L. Tobin, Rick Vonburg

Left to right: Mary Kay Pieper, Dr. Joseph D. Rosen, Jim Pieper, Dr. Robert L. Tobin, Rick Vonburg

John Hansen, who was Nathan’s Public Speaking instructor, stated, “Nathan was one of those students who lit up the room, had an infectious smile, and gave a 100%. He was exceptionally bright and talented.” Kaitlyn Steben, Nathan’s Agriculture Instructor, remarked “My first memory of Nathan was during a summer registration. He had taken Calculus in high school and should have gone into Calculus II here at EWC, but he told me, he wanted to re-take Calculus because he wasn’t sure that he remembered everything, that was his philosophy towards all classes.” Steben, continued “He took his learning very seriously, to the point if he got anything less than a 99% on a test, he wasn’t happy with himself.”

The Nathan Pieper Endowed scholarship was started by the doctors and staff at Rocky Mountain Oncology, Mary Kay Pieper has worked for them for the past eight years. With matching funds provided by EWC’s Foundation, the endowment has now accumulated over $21,000. Dr. Robert L. Tobin a Radiation Oncologist with Rocky Mountain Oncology was instrumental in establishing the endowment and remarked that “the other Physician’s and I at Rocky Mountain Oncology, wanted the Pieper Family to know we were deeply saddened by the loss of their son. At the same time, we wanted to help provide a positive Memorial to Nathan’s name and his memory.” The Pieper Family quickly selected Eastern Wyoming College to be the recipient of the Scholarship as the Staff and fellow students there provided a home for their son to grow socially and professionally. Mary Kay continued “The College has a great deal of talented and dedicated Faculty. As Donors, we hope to help ease the financial burden of college education for years to come. We were blessed to have the donation matched by state funds. We also are grateful for the means to give back.”

If you would like to contribute or obtain additional information about the Nathan Pieper Memorial Scholarship Fund, please contact Eastern Wyoming College’s Office of Development at (307) 532-8397 or email john.hansen@ewc.wy.edu

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