EWC Foundation Raises over $15,000 to Support EWC Agriculture Program

Thursday, February 1st, 2018 • 9:51 am

At the annual Sagebrush and Roses held recently, over 350 people attended and raised $15,000 to support the EWC Ag program.

Sagebrush and Roses is a team effort and hard work by the Sagebrush and Roses committee: Kaitlyn Steben, Holly Lara, Lynnea Bartlett, Rick Vonburg, Susan Stephenson, Leann Mattis, Georgia Younglove, Debbie Ochsner, Tami Afdahl, and John Hansen.

Suzey and Stephen Delger donated the funds for a Benelli 12 gauge pump shotgun and requested that it be purchased locally from Gary’s Gun Shop.  Suzey is the Director of the EWC Nursing program in Douglas. Those assisting in selling tickets for the shotgun at the event were Suzey and Stephen Delger, Dr. Travers, Todd Peterson, and John Hansen.

The winner of the shotgun raffle was Jeff Marsh and after Mr. McNamee, offered the final four ticket holders the opportunity at a 50 /50 live auction, an additional $635 was raised. Tim Nichols (UW President Laurie Nichols husband, donated back his proceeds from the 50/50 live auction) and the total amount raised was $2715.

Crown Royal QuitA quilt, which was expertly crafted by Dr. Lesley Travers raised an additional $1,100.

Dr. Lesley Travers President of EWC said “Sagebrush and Roses was a fabulous affair that the Goshen County residents have come to enjoy and look forward to.  It is one of the jazziest events of the year and the locals have come to enjoy the fine dining and dancing at a reasonable cost for a great cause.”

Todd Peterson President of EWC Foundation added “the event was highly-successful and I appreciate the efforts of the ag department, the students, and instructors; it was one of the most successful in our history in attendance and funds raised”

Sagebrush and Roses - Chancey Williams and the Younger Brothers Band“Sagebrush and Roses brings out the best in us as a College and will help grow scholarships and support our efforts in completing the Agricultural Technology Education Center,” said John Hansen, Director of Institutional Development. “As I reflect on the 2018 Sagebrush and Roses, I am in awe of the generosity of our community. It is inspiring to see 350 guests having such a great time all while supporting the EWC Agriculture Department and Livestock Judging team,” continued Kaitlyn Steben, Ag instructor.

Sagebrush and Roses - DinnerRick Vonburg, EWC instructor Emeritus finished with “We appreciate everybody coming out and supporting the event “the live auctions were a major success and we appreciate the investment in our ag program. “Congratulations to the committee for another job well-done.”


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